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Thx for the amazing feedback! Yes indeed there are a lot more possibilities but I prefer  polish over quantity and I didn't have that much time to make the game. Still contemplating about if  I am gonna develop this game further. I think the time limit gave a really tense feeling to the game tough. Maybe a longer time limit? Might be able too put some story into it as well if the time limit is longer.

Great idea and implementation! Amazing graphics and I really like the sound when the gates open. A stop recording button would have been really nice also a bit hard to get all the things to match up right!

Cool aesthetics! controls could use a little more fine tuning maybe you would profit from a more grid based movement. Really unforgiving tough and a bit confusing at first! still had fun! GJ

Game was fun! the amount of assets that you made is insane. Yet the levels were pretty big for being only 30 seconds which led to me just speed running past all the enemies to make sure I got to the end on time. Cool menu's tough!

That's good to hear. I'll try to find a way of letting the player know how to open the doors! thx for playing :D

I totally forgot about a level reset haha thx for mentioning! Jeh the shadow wasn't too good but I felt it worked really well for the aesthetic so I kept it in. Thx for playing and the feedback!

controls were a bit finicky but was fun none the less maybe put no timer on level 1. moving in mid air with the grapple felt slow

Really like the start with the code and stuff and the bluescreen when you fail. Was weird that you could run on the blackness I was expecting I was gonna fall down. Fun tough!

just quits the application when you fail. didn't work with mouse/keyboard sadly

The movement of the character was locked when you swung the sword which was weird when I tried swinging really fast. Art was nice altough the shadows were kinda weird. Music was epic tough. Really like the timer pickup to get more time!

Cool art style and innovative mechanic! Didn't get it from the start tough but fun :D

was really confused at the start and having to spam the sword was a bit unintuitive! fun none the less

Thx for playing! Will see how I can make the platforms more visible

Thx for playing! These are great ideas!

Thank your playing! For the green square being 1 block I really liked it so that you could perfectly fit into the level. For the player movement I could tweak it indeed too make it a little more fluent. Thx for the feedback!

Thank you for playing! I actually did the art on the last day and didn't have time to redo the level blocks thx for the feedback!

Maybe a slow motion effect could have worked. Might tinker with it a bit!

Thank you! Any things that could have been better?

A fun 2D platformer with the twist of sacrificing lives in order to advance trough the levels.

To play unrar the folder called "RightOnTime" in this folder there is a RightOnTime.exe double click to launch! Have fun!

I suggest figuring out the controls and the mechanics of  the game just from trying the levels! I made the levels so that if you have played 2D platformers before it should be very intuitive! So if you want this experience don't read the controls right below.

Controls: intuitive controls 'a' & 'd' to move, space to jump, 'E' to respawn

Thank you! Any feedback on what could have been better?

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Thx for playing! Jeh gonna have to rework the camera a bit

Thx for playing! Been able to recreate the bug? haven't seen that one :D

Thx for playing! And jeh the UI was something I had to rush since I only had about a week and ui was the last thing didn't have time to properly make it :D but at least it's functioning

Thx! What about the controls felt weird? Asking so I can maybe change it :D thx for playing

Thx! The 4 fixed camera perspective might be a good idea. How would you wanna control the camera then? I would use the q and e keys then