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Thank you very much!

This game is one of the better of this kind! Sometimes the flashlight doesn't shoot, but it's alright.

Interesting visuals. The scan-lines shader on the mech is quite intriguing. 

Nice work! 


Well, it depends. Firstly, I would suggest you fix the movement and camera look, get rid of the energy thingy because it just gets in the way. Next improve the shooting mechanic. The bow is quite inaccurate at the moment, maybe you can find a better solution. Lastly, take a look at enemy AI.

Very funny game, found some easter eggs but no additional ammo, sadly. The movement should be faster by default and after the gun runs out of ammo there is not much to do besides waiting for the hp to regenerate. Also just because every point light can cast shadows it doesn't mean it should. I get the spooky atmosphere but it becomes annoying when 8 torches keep flickering all around the room. 

The game looks very good, and the atmosphere is on point, however the game suffers from a lot of technical problems. The game starts on full screen at a low resolution and it look very blurry, the menus are quite buggy and the movement feels very wrong. I would really love to see a retro inspired space shooter.

Nice roguelike. The controls are unusual but that is ok. Initially I thought that the rooms are somewhat connected but they are all random it seems. Sometimes it's impossible to get the first booze, but after a while it get's trivial.

The game seemed quite fun at first, however the character movement kinda breaks it.

Looks very good, but the gameplay needs improvement. Also please lock the cursor inside the game window. 

That's pretty good, the concept has has a lot of potential, the game doesn't restart after game over but that's ok.

That's one of the manliest way to jump in a videogame.

Thank you! I think the game you are referring to is an old flash game called "Dodge", however it plays much more differently as it's focused on evading the enemy missiles rather than destroying enemies, whereas in this one there is not much penalty in getting hit as long as the targets are destroyed fast enough. 

Thank you very much for feedback! I understand it's lacking a bit in gameplay, I'll try to improve on that.

<Game Description>

Trapped on an obnoxiously colorful planet,  gather materials and find to your friends to escape. Beware of the hostile lifeforms that inhabit the glowing caverns.

[W, A, S, D] - move

 [W/Space] - jump

 [S] - crouch

 [L Mouse/ Ctrl] - shoot

[Esc] - Pause Menu

Thank you! I need that a lot.

Unity most likely

Hoard it!

Nick Holland / Graphic Designer

You’re a weapon collector who's fed up of paying high prices for new stuff, so you decide to go to the source - randomly generated dungeons! You aren't great wielding them, but why would you want to damage your new collector’s items? Get in, fill up your inventory as much as you can, and get out!

Seems simple enough. I think I'll give it a shot. If anyone wants to take part in it feel free to leave a comment.

Thank you very much for feedback. The idea was that the player should feel more like completing an actual quest rather than just a time trial. I will keep working on it as much as I can.

Thank you very much. Your feedback is appreciated.

Alright, I'm looking forward to it.

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it.

Sure. Firstly, the player doesn't seem to accelerate unless it's touching the ground. That makes the character almost uncontrollable after leaving the ground.  Also that makes jumping on higher platforms very tricky because there is not enough velocity to make the jump. Secondly, the jump height is too small. I understand there is a double jump, but even the first obstacle in the game is frustrating to overcome. Also, I am not sure if this was intended, but it's possible to wall climb, making some platforming sections meaningless (like the the small platforms on level 9).

I would suggest some improvements: make the player accelerate faster both on ground and air, increase the gravity and make the character jump higher. That way the player should navigate quicker and with confidence through the level. Maybe add some dust particles when the player touches the ground. 

As I stated before, It's a nice game, and I hope you can find this feedback useful in some way.

Well, the artwork looks really good, but the rooms are a bit stale. Try adding some variety like suspended platforms, hidden passages, stairs, pits and so on.

Desigur, oricum super jocul.

Cool game. Nice work on music and splatter effects. Sometimes the enemies clog on the top of the level and form a death squad. Not very challenging but enjoyable game.

Nice game, it started very promising with cool music and colorful menu. However, the tutorial feels a bit out of place, as it's unnecessarily difficult and it's not like the rest of the game. Otherwise, it's all  pretty good, with some creative levels. 

Thank you for feedback, I am glad you liked it.

The game looks really nice, however since you went with isometric view there is no real depth perception, and that's quite a problem for a dive exploration game. 

Awesome game. A leaderboard would be nice.

Nice game. You should've given some kind of feedback when the player jumps, also the camera feels a bit too close to the ground and some platforms are not immediately visible. Also I liked the second level way more than the first one.

The concept is good, but the level design needs a bit more work. Let the ball keep moving a bit more before changing direction, for example. Also you can make the ball jump a bit higher with a bit more air control. 

Really cool concept. I only wish there was also a stop recording button

There's not much to see, but the multiplayer part works, which is kinda cool.