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The Mighty GolemView game page

Submitted by KoalaPanda54 — 9 hours, 49 seconds before the deadline
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Really neat puzzle game. I actually kinda like that you have to rush for the first half and then you get to stop and think.

There were a couple issues I had. First is that the shrinking animation takes too long. You just sit there and watch it for a while, and it feels a little overdone. 

Second, you can very easily just drop the box off the edge and have to restart the puzzle. It would be a lot nicer if the box respawned at its original location on death. You could even use that in some puzzles if you establish it as a mechanic.

And finally, I noticed you said there are 12 levels, but I was only able to do up to 8. After I beat 8, none of the other levels opened.


My only complaint is the lack of sound and how the movement sometimes feels clunky.

Other than that the game is awesome, entretaining and the idea behind it is inspired. Also I really dig the art. Good job!

My 1st impression, was WOW! This looks good! But then the lack of sounds ruined it. Good work, though. Would be nice if there was more than one way to beat the level. 


This was addictive. I kept going on to the next level. Unfortunately I beat one level and while there were more portals, none activated. Were there only 8 levels, or more?

Either way, it was fun. The puzzles were enjoyable once I got the hang of it.

I agree with previous comments that the controls could be different, but it wasn't gamebreaking.


There are a total of 12 levels(tutorial included) once you beat the 6th level a lever will appear next to the bridge, allowing you to go to the next levels. Thank you for your feedback.


nice visual style, nice pacing. maybe the main hub world could spawn you outside the level you just came from, so you don't have to walk as far to get to the next level. maybe since boxes are heavier than the player, they should be harder to push.


I agree that the boxes should have been harder to push, but since I wasn't using rigidbody for movement I haven't had any idea on how to resolve that. Thank you for your feedback!


The game looks very good, however puzzles with timers are not particularly enjoyable.   I would suggest using path-finding for point and click player movement, otherwise just use directional input. Overall it's a nice puzzle game with numerous levels, but because of the time pressure and unresponsive controls it's not very enjoyable. 


At first I thought that the input could have been a little pause from the usual wasd input and would also allow me to only use mouse for input. I wanted a "hard" game so timed puzzles seemed nice, dying here is supposed to happen. Thank you for your feedback!

This looks really cool, love the environment style.