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At first I thought that the input could have been a little pause from the usual wasd input and would also allow me to only use mouse for input. I wanted a "hard" game so timed puzzles seemed nice, dying here is supposed to happen. Thank you for your feedback!

I agree that the boxes should have been harder to push, but since I wasn't using rigidbody for movement I haven't had any idea on how to resolve that. Thank you for your feedback!

There are a total of 12 levels(tutorial included) once you beat the 6th level a lever will appear next to the bridge, allowing you to go to the next levels. Thank you for your feedback.

I really liked this game, very fun to play, but something that I would change is enemy projectiles being destroyed on contact and not float away, they got pretty annoying. Also I really liked the music! Good job!

Game looks very nice. Fortunately I am running a high-end rig and didn't suffer of framedrops others tell about, so everything was smooth.

Attacking felt a bit weird, you have 3 swords but it feels like you just have one(does this even make sense?), if an enemy is too close you can't kill it and sometimes it felt like it wouldn't go where I wanted it to go, a crosshair I think would have fixed that.

This looks like a cute game, it felt like music wasn't very suited for it, it felt like serious while game looked happy and cute, but it was good.

Also jumping, you jumped just enough to be able to go on another block, jumping just a little more above the other block would have done it.

Enemies could spawn on top or near enough to kill you.

Game overall was pretty nice, it fits the theme perfectly.

Hey, you can't go forward or left, hope you can fix it before deadline!

Weed, there are 19 days until you can submit your game! That is a lot of time to make a game!

You don't have to make something extraordinary, something simple is enough! You can use only simple shapes and make some simple scripts.

What about Unity's post processing pack? Since it isn't "default" and you have to download it?