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Unconventional problem-solving platformer
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Ranked from 518 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

How does your game fit the theme?
The player is forced to adapt to the stage randomly transforming. The game thematically incorperates dice as well.

Did your team create the vast majority of the art during the 48 hours?


We created the vast majority of the art during the game jam

Did your team create the vast majority of the music during the 48 hours?


We created the vast majority of the music during the game jam

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Nice game.

This is such a well made game. I'm surprised it's free! A game of this quality is usually $2-$20.

how was this not the top 20 games?


Amazing finish, fun design, cute art style, and good music. I really regert not playing your work sooner.


just wow.


What an incredible amount of content! This is super cute, and the mechanics are really great! Some levels are quite challenging, I wasn't able to make it to the end (I think my last level was 2-8?). Some enemies are notably hard to avoid, especially the boat and their non-linear movement. I felt that I beat some levels only by luck. But globally the puzzle were interesting and very satisfying to solve! Really this is a quite solid game, I had a lot of fun playing it. Impressive work!

Submitted (1 edit)

What a game. The art looks great, sound effects are good and wow there is a lot of content for a game jam game! The weakest part I feel is matching the theme 'roll the dice'. The randomness that the levels do have kind of hurts it, as if I see I start with a certain floor, its easier to just reset right away for a better start.

Anyways, solid game. Played through almost all of it in one go but must sleep, will finish it in the morning~

Edit: finished it. one of my favorite games this event, though RNG was annoying sometimes.


Absolutely amazing and astonishing art.

Easily one of the best games in this jam.

The visual is nice, dice are rolling and you have pretty solid nice gameplay for a mobile games. I also feel like it missing something original. I already played a lot of such games on the mobile from the market, and it's good compared with them. But compared with other games from this jam, I would give it a 3 for creativity. The visuals and enjoyment - yes, solid 5 and 5


i like the design, art and sound.

It's a really cool game i ever play.


Very well done! I like the soundtrack. It's a challenging game, and the design is top notch!


This game got everything right: art, music, gameplay 😲

The interpretation of the theme feels a bit gimmicky; it’s frustrating to get stuck with the gluey tiles without any other strategy than to restart.


Now this was truly amazing! Gorgeous game, guys. I saw myself playing "just one more level" for a while, even if that style of game isn't my jam. Only thing I'd point is that the dying/restart animation seemed to take too long, maybe a shorter one allowing a quick restart would be better?
Anyway, congratulations!


so is this what a team bugulon game is? very nice indeed...


Such a polished game, well done! I really like the art style and the mechanics are fun.
One small thing is that the randomness sometimes makes the levels incompletable but the reset is quick enough that it's not too much of an issue :)


Super polished with so much content! A great and creative way of approaching the theme!


Great presentation, adorable graphics. Excellent game overall!!


This is an adorable puzzle platformer and with the "randomness" when retrying a room keeping the subsequent attempts from being tedious you've got a great core loop. Highly polished and beautifully animated, easily a top contender


The overall mood is very cute. I really love the characters and how the mechanics work. Amazing!!


Fantastic work all around!

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