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Wonderful game! I did get a little confused about the use of the string. I did not figure out immediately that it could be aimed upwards, and so I ended up wandering in a loop, looking for other exits. The game is very polished; I appreciate the amount of effort that was put into the animations for all the characters.

I like the new music!

Not bad! I wish that buttons I pressed would change color or make a different sound because I can't keep track of which ones I already pressed. The monster looks cool!

Awesome! I’m hoping to join as well.

I happened to play your game again this morning, and I'm dismayed that it's been nearly three years since you made this game for me and I have not properly thanked you for making it!

I'm really impressed by the animations of the cards, and the giant book too! I love how the animals blink; they sometimes blink once or they blink twice in quick succession and that's a really nice detail!

I deeply appreciate all the effort you put into the project, and I wish that all your creative and professional endeavors succeed!

Thank you so much!

I enjoyed your game! Good work.

This is really cool! I liked how there's such a short time limit; it makes it very tense!

You're welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Very well done! I like the soundtrack. It's a challenging game, and the design is top notch!

Great narrative game! I liked the way it flipped randomly to different tones and stories.

So simple, yet so much fun. Best game I've played during the jam!

The sprites don't seem to be sorted correctly. I also dislike slicing enemies that are too close, since they don't seem to get hit.

Excellent presentation!

I'm afraid I can't even tell if it's working! I appeared to roll a five, but it didn't open the door.

Very cute! The scaling of the graphics was a little weird tho.

Your presentation was impeccable! I am a big fan of the die rolling in front of the screen as a transition.

I liked the power on side four! It always either screwed me up terribly or it helped me a lot! Unfortunately, my movement broke on multiple occasions, and I had to restart to get it to work again.

I wasn't sure what my goal was. I assume it was to stay alive. The framerate seemed "choppy" but I think that was just how the obstacles were programmed to move!

Thanks for the feedback! I'm happy to hear you made good use of the double jump; I definitely intended for people to use it to give themself more time to change their bet.

As for your suggestion: I actually want to add an "investor" mode where you have to trade stock using that line! Hopfully that will spice up the gameplay a little more!

Thanks for the feedback. Dan really out did himself! It's a shame the tells were not that helpful; they were sort of a pain to add and verify they followed my rules!

Very fun! It's kinda tricky to do the tall levels, and the mouse stays captured when I hit escape to bring up option to go to main menu while in play mode. Your character controller feels really good to control!

Movement and animations were pretty sweet!

The sound effects are very nice!

The money making seals are so cute!

Thanks for playing! I can verify that the line is technically working; it even has a small forgiveness value! I'm also certain you understand the instructions right; the feedback for making a wrong bet just simply doesn't exist! The forgivness value was probably much too small. Also, the instructions imply that the game checks height at the feet, when really it checks it a little bit higher than that.

Thank you!

Super fun! I really liked the addition of slow mo!

I like how it's not immediately obvious how to wield your weapon. It took a few tries before I figured out I could swing it in a circle by strafing.

Checkpoints would be highly appreciated!

The character movement is really well polished!

I liked the dialogue. It was very funny!

That was really cool! I loved the lighting.

I wonder what's going on with the sensitivity? I thought I programmed the reticle to just go to the cursor! That buzzing is the sound of the lights ( made to sound like fluorescent lights). I put it there to make the gallery a little more creepy!

You got a unique interpretation for the theme, but unfortunately I didn't get past level 2. I wish enemies would appear more rapidly so I could pass levels faster. Your effects were really nice!

I couldn't get the Ult to fire a second time for some reason. Otherwise, I think would have gotten really hooked on your game! It's very fun.

Thanks for your feedback! I deliberately set the UI to render that way, for reasons I have totally forgotten now! Ammo was refilled automatically throughout the game. Reloading is hard-coded right now to happen at certain points in the round sequence. Some players fire all their shots rapidly, whereas others were more conservative with their ammo; so it's difficult to find a balance where players can be challenged but also not be bored because they can't shoot. I do want to rethink the ammo system, especially there are certain points the player can soft lock the game by firing all their shots and not hit the specific target the game is waiting for them to hit!

Nice voice acting. Some of your level design was really clever, I liked the part with the Medusa heads, and how there was a path that you could take to always be under them. I wish the controls were more responsive; The wind up for taking shot is pretty long for instance.

That was fun! It would be nice to see an indicator or play a sound when I hit the reload button, just to confirm that I'm really reloading!

Funnily enough, I only noticed the lighting first time I played! I didn't really acknowledge that the reflections were not physically accurate. None the the less, the mirrors served their purpose, and your game looks super fancy!