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Created a new topic Just a few criticisms

I really enjoyed your game! I liked the explosions and sound effects when you hit bad guys! The screen shake was a bit excessive in my opinion; I think it should have been reserved just for when you kill a bad guy. I also thought the ship's acceleration was too slow. When I saw a projectile heading my way, I'd try to move out of the way. Even though it felt like I reacted by pressing the key in time, I actually wasn't out of the way. Maybe I needed to move sooner so I could accelerate to full speed, but I think it'd be cool if the ship accelerated faster so I could play chicken with the projectiles being shot at me! I also wish there was a way to fire bullets in different directions, whether it be a temporary power up or a permanent upgrade you get before you reach the boss. But none the less, the game was still very fun, and I had a good time!

My favorite feature were the power ups, since they were both humorous and extremely useful. The music and sound effects were good, I especially liked the sound picking up coins made. Although the art looks good, I certain elements of the foreground didn't register to me as obstacles. I eventually got used to it, but I would have had an easier time if the distinction between background and fore ground was clearer. Thanks for the fun experience and I wish you and your game the best of luck!