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Nice work! The concept was humorous and I appreciate the effort you put into the tutorial section of your game. Unfortunately, the gameplay was a bit too grindy and I didn't feel motivated to finish. Even if the character controller was working 100%, I'm not confident hitting every obstacle one by one can be enjoyable. Perhaps if you could somehow hit multiple obstacles in one life, then the game might flow better?

Nicely done. Its very addicting.

Thanks for playing! Unfortunately, I'm not in possesion of the original project so I can't offer any fixes. Even if I did, I'm not sure I have the courage to confront the eldritch horror that is our source code!

I like that the control mappings are consistent with the light colors. That was a good touch. I wish there were more levels though.

Absolutely flawless. I love it!

Your concept is awesome. I like the arena style combat and the way you spawn monsters over time rather than all at once. I think the demon form could use some work, because he's too difficult to aim with. I'll come back and play your post jam release to slay Osme!

I am blown away by your graphics and sound design! I especially like how the music gets more intense as you collect more squares. 

I'm not to keen on the game play unfortunately. The dash does not feel right. It doesn't cancel the player's downward momentum, so the length of the dash is shorter if you fall from a high point. What feels worse is how the player drops like rock after they finish the dash.

This was addicting but I got too frustrated to keep playing. My key presses would not register when the controls were just about to change (or maybe it was after they changed), which prevented me from making tight saves. I'm more certain this behavior was an intended feature rather than a glitch, and thus I admire your attempt to prevent players from making a move they didn't intend, but I wish you did it in a way that didn't disable movement all together. After all, my response to a key appearing not to work is to press it again, which would result in the same consequence had my input not been disabled.

the game was otherwise super tightly designed and hard to put down. Great job!

Thanks for the feedback. I'll try speeding up the character for the post jam release.

I'm glad my passion for murdering by myself didn't faze my date!

This was a super humorous game! I wish the rhythmical element was more prominent, because it seemed to just be an invisible timer. Everything else was really awesome.

Also thanks for including an ini with all the dialogue. It's fun to mess with it!

This game was a bit too hard for me, so I couldn't finish unfortunately.

The control binding system may need some more refinement. Remapping controls was too cumbersome, so I often just stood in place until my keys re-enabled since the time penalty wasn't so severe. I think I waste more time if I try to fiddle with the controls than I do if I just stand in place and wait for the key to re-enable.

I was hoping I could use my keys more efficiently by connecting them to two actions. I was disappointed when I found out that drained the key twice as fast. I feel this could have added more depth to your game play.

I really liked your artwork. You used a nice color palette and all your assets look super clean. Good job!

Thank you! It was definitely exciting. My favorite part was getting roasted by the audience for my programmer art!

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I really like your presentation. Even though you didn't make the art, I appreciate that you took the time to find cohesive assets and build beautiful looking levels.

I was confused by the movement for awhile until I visualized a hamster running in a wheel like you described on your Itch page. Controlling the character was not so awkward after awhile but I could never really get the hang of it. My major issue was that the further away you were from the center of rotation, the more extreme the level would rotate. If I were running in a hamster wheel in reality, being further away from the center of rotation would not make the wheel turn faster or slower (assuming the character runs at the same speed).

None the less, I enjoyed the fluid platforming controls. It was satisfying to build up momentum and dart across the level!

It was a nice game overall, but wrangling the rotation issue under your control will make this an even better platformer. Great job!

I like your bunny puns. Destroying the garden was a lot of fun.

The steering is a little too sensitive for me, but I'm guessing that was intentional for the jam theme.

You did some awesome artwork! I love the color palette and the design of the wolf.

When the scene changes, I can't tell if I'm winning or losing. It'd be nice to add some laurels after reaching the wolf. Maybe some dialogue with the wolf?

You designed some real nice puzzles! I like that each one required the exact number of moves you provided. I liked how you introduced new obstacles every 5 levels, because it made your game more exciting.

I would have liked to have seen more fanfare for completing a level. It feels weird to get booted instantly to the level select screen.

This is a hilarious spectacle! I'm not sure if this was a glitch, but the screws didn't change after I screwed them. Were they supposed to drill into the wall?

I see. That was a nice compromise!

I wish the goal of each level was more advanced than just "reach the grey square." It's fun to pop the orange triangles, but the game doesn't seem to reward or even track how many the player takes out.

I liked your clean, geometric art style. I just wish everything was bigger!

I enjoyed both your mini games, but Space Control was my favorite. I liked how the player had multiple strategies to deal with enemies.

Although it was ambitious to create two mini games, I wish you chose to make only one .  That way you could put more content into one game.

Thank you! I knew the mechanics were going to be complex to program, and that I'd sacrifice some polish. I am disappointed that I didn't have time to implement a single sound effect or piece of music. Next year, I'll hopefully not be working alone, so my next jam game should be more polished.

This is such a funny game! I loved the city's slow descent into Armageddon. The amount of detail in your environments, characters, and sounds are even more impressive given that you completed all this in just 72 hours!

I liked how you kept the game going after the seventh trashcan by refilling random trashcans. I got to day 8, and was powerful enough to kill the Trashman.

I don't really have any issues with your design. Everything felt fantastic, and I didn't encounter any glitches. I'm glad you and your team took their time to perfect this small but wonderful game. Good job!

Thanks for pointing that out! I got farther thanks to your advice.

That was some GOOD atmosphere! I liked the dreary lighting, and the all ambiance. The TV in particular was really well done. I liked that it kept changing colors and playing different audio clips.

I liked your writing. I'm glad you made the extra effort to write multiple pieces of text for each item. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do in 2021 with part 2!

I had a hard time figuring out your controls. It took me awhile to figure out that the character moves automatically, and I couldn't use WASD.  You may want to consider posting some instructions on your page.

Including head bobbing is a good detail, but it is too exaggerated in your game. It's exaggerated to the point that it hampers immersion rather than increase it, and it also disorients the player. 

I liked the environments you've done. They're simple but very beautiful.

I liked the random generation. Each map was sufficiently decorated, and the cities were all just the right size for desecrating! It was a nice touch to make the roads connect to each other. I really loved the atmosphere change when I tore through a city. 

I like the inertia based control scheme paired with the dash ability. It was satisfying to build up speed and avoid obstacles. The joy of moving in this game made it particularly frustrating to lose momentum by running into fortresses or missiles.

An excellent game overall. Good job!

Thanks for your feedback! I wish I was less restrictive with the combat in retrospect. Firing in multiple directions would have felt totally bad ass!

You had some great visual effects. It was really satisfying to mow down large groups of enemies with the flamethrower! The screen shake effect was a little too extreme and tended to disorient me though.

The level of polish is impressive. I'm not a big fan of the blackout mechanic, because I can't really prepare for it. I'd like it more if it were easier to reposition my towers.

I like how chaotic your game is. It's so satisfying to watch enemies get obliterated as they go through choke points!

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I liked the design of this a lot. I liked watching the sister's finger travel to the button I asked her to press because it made it easier to understand the timing of the controls. It was clever to include the yelling mechanic, because it saves players who believe they got their timing off and allows them to continue playing.

My only issue was that the collision between the player and the bees felt awkward. It seems that only the front of the bees are harmful and not the insides. It made it more difficult to time jumps.

I liked all your artwork too. The cartoon characters looked really silly.

Overall, it was a real great game!

This is designed really well. I couldn't put it down! Great job.

I had trouble clicking on people as well. I would have preferred that the cursor stayed visible when hovering over a person. I wish there was a goal to the game, because it gets kinda boring after awhile.

I really liked the hopping animation that played every time you clicked on someone. It was cute to watch!

Nice game. It was a clever idea to base it on Conway's game of life. Cellular automata typically grows out of control!

The game is presented really well. I liked how you made three different ship controls. Their dashboards were so convoluted, that I laughed when I saw them! I loved the one that had separate sliders for steering left and right! Your artwork is nice too. Everything fits together nicely.

I had a hard time steering using the mouse, because it was hard to look both at where I was going and click the control that would steer me where I wanted to go.

Excellent job!

Your welcome!

Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad to hear that it was puzzling. Hopefully enjoyably so!

The character moves kinda fast. I tend to overshoot gaps that I meant to go through.

I like that the pulse slowly moves, to make it more difficult to track. It's fun to chase it down.

It's a fun little shooter. Good job!

This is a cool game.

I wish it got more difficult over time because I was able to keep the aliens at bay by just spamming attack. When I did lose my controls, I usually lost moments later. It almost feels too easy when your in control but too hard when you lose it.

My game is coincidentally very similar to yours (keys can be dropped into slots to control the character) I didn't like the possibility of being totally immobile, so I compromised by giving the player a set of controls (using the mouse) that were reliable but were less powerful than using the keys.

Great concept and execution! The music was awesome too!