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Very fun!

Ahh, I see. I had never considered the game was, "stating an absence of identity." It's an interesting idea that the game is highlighting that absence by clarifying you are transgender but not that you are nonbinary. I could see how telling the player explicitly that they are nonbinary might give the impression that their player character has their identity pinned down, and that would go against the definition you gave for nonbinary.

That being said, maybe there are better ways this idea could be presented. For instance, maybe the game could begin to type "You are nonbi-", but then the screen glitches, and you are presented the first choice. I dunno, something for the developer to decide.

Thanks for giving me such good explanation for nonbinary. It gave me more perspective on this topic.

You're right that most games don't have the burden of introducing a cis-gender character as such; it wouldn't be a relevant trait to discuss unless it might change over the course of the story or cause conflict. Some games give you complete control of your identity, so there's no reason for the game to introduce a character you just made.In this case, gender identity will cause conflict and you don't have any control over it, so its definitely necessary to tell the player about this character trait.

You're also right that the game already takes measures to tell the player they are playing as a transgender and non-binary person. But they still need to do a bit more, but definitely not a "complete introductory paragraph" :) I think just adding one more line after "You are transgender." saying "You are non-binary." would clear up all confusion. It's not tucked away in the "about" section. The player doesn't have to infer it from the title. Every player will see it.

Thank you for your feedback, especially for taking the time to record and upload a walkthrough. I noticed there wasn't any audio in your recording; was there a glitch or do you have a preference for no audio?

Sorry for the short length. I hope to make longer experiences in the future!

I notice you have custom CSS on your game page. It looks great! However, when I added your game to a collection, I found that your animation was affecting the text from the prompt that is opened when you add a game to a collection. It also affects the text from the prompt for rating a game. It's not a huge deal, but I thought I'd let you know!

I really like this premise. Using public restrooms comfortably is a privilege many of us take for granted, and this is a very important issue to tackle.

I was confused who I was playing as. I knew I was a transgender teenager, but what was my specific identity? Going into either bathroom gave the message, "this is not your identity." If neither is my identity, then what is? Is the idea that if I enter the woman's bathroom my character is biologically female but identifies as male, but if I enter the men's bathroom my character is biologically male but identifies as female?

I think it would've been nice to know where the restroom was located too. The pictures are surprisingly not helpful! The bathrooms look like they could be at the safe warehouse my Dad works at just as much as they could be at a subway or ballpark stadium! If it was in a place that I thought was safe and the protagonist was familiar with, I would probably have chosen the bathroom that they would have preferred.

I realize after reading some comments that you say the character is non-binary, and that this was expressed in the "about" section. That would explain what was meant by ",this is not your identity." I think this should have been included as exposition before you begin the game.

You did a great job with this game! Even though some bits were confusing, the fear and anxiety of the protagonist came across very clearly.

This was a really fun  variation of Minesweeper! And the control scheme is really clever; I like how I can drag my mouse to flag multiple tiles.

I had to stop playing after 10 minutes because I was getting a headache. I think it was mostly due to a couple graphical glitches, like how certain objects weren't affected by my zoom, how the glass shard clipped into the walls if stood to close, and the janky transitions from place to place. But when a transition worked it really worked! My favorite part was when I was below the telephone booth, and I walked around on of the arches and was on the second floor! Also I was not getting a breakfast vibe at all; maybe that comes later but I feel betrayed!

This is a good puzzle game. It's so satisfying to watch the tiles fall into oblivion! I love the cube changing color effect! I think the difficulty curve is perfect. It takes me a few tries to beat each level, yet it's not too ridiculously hard! One criticism I have is how you can't move while your color is changing. It interrupts the flow of solving the puzzle super swiftly. I have the same complaint about not being able to step on the exit until the animation is done.  I think the easiest solution to the problem is to make the animations much quicker. Also a step back button would be nice.

Good work, you should be proud!

This was cute! I like how the money squeaks! One little nit pick I have is how it gets difficult to pick up a money bag when the camera zooms out super far. Other than that, I think this game is cool!

I really enjoyed your game! I liked the explosions and sound effects when you hit bad guys! The screen shake was a bit excessive in my opinion; I think it should have been reserved just for when you kill a bad guy. I also thought the ship's acceleration was too slow. When I saw a projectile heading my way, I'd try to move out of the way. Even though it felt like I reacted by pressing the key in time, I actually wasn't out of the way. Maybe I needed to move sooner so I could accelerate to full speed, but I think it'd be cool if the ship accelerated faster so I could play chicken with the projectiles being shot at me! I also wish there was a way to fire bullets in different directions, whether it be a temporary power up or a permanent upgrade you get before you reach the boss. But none the less, the game was still very fun, and I had a good time!

My favorite feature were the power ups, since they were both humorous and extremely useful. The music and sound effects were good, I especially liked the sound picking up coins made. Although the art looks good, I certain elements of the foreground didn't register to me as obstacles. I eventually got used to it, but I would have had an easier time if the distinction between background and fore ground was clearer. Thanks for the fun experience and I wish you and your game the best of luck!