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Thank you!

Super fun! I really liked the addition of slow mo!

I like how it's not immediately obvious how to wield your weapon. It took a few tries before I figured out I could swing it in a circle by strafing.

Checkpoints would be highly appreciated!

The character movement is really well polished!

I liked the dialogue. It was very funny!

That was really cool! I loved the lighting.

I wonder what's going on with the sensitivity? I thought I programmed the reticle to just go to the cursor! That buzzing is the sound of the lights ( made to sound like fluorescent lights). I put it there to make the gallery a little more creepy!

You got a unique interpretation for the theme, but unfortunately I didn't get past level 2. I wish enemies would appear more rapidly so I could pass levels faster. Your effects were really nice!

I couldn't get the Ult to fire a second time for some reason. Otherwise, I think would have gotten really hooked on your game! It's very fun.

Thanks for your feedback! I deliberately set the UI to render that way, for reasons I have totally forgotten now! Ammo was refilled automatically throughout the game. Reloading is hard-coded right now to happen at certain points in the round sequence. Some players fire all their shots rapidly, whereas others were more conservative with their ammo; so it's difficult to find a balance where players can be challenged but also not be bored because they can't shoot. I do want to rethink the ammo system, especially there are certain points the player can soft lock the game by firing all their shots and not hit the specific target the game is waiting for them to hit!

Nice voice acting. Some of your level design was really clever, I liked the part with the Medusa heads, and how there was a path that you could take to always be under them. I wish the controls were more responsive; The wind up for taking shot is pretty long for instance.

That was fun! It would be nice to see an indicator or play a sound when I hit the reload button, just to confirm that I'm really reloading!

Funnily enough, I only noticed the lighting first time I played! I didn't really acknowledge that the reflections were not physically accurate. None the the less, the mirrors served their purpose, and your game looks super fancy!

That was nice! The player movement felt smooth. The player projectiles moved kind of slow for my taste.

Thank you so much!

Sure! I watched the whole intro cutscene the first time I played, then I used all my undos (counter said zero) before I died. I started over, and skipped the intro cutscene, but still had zero undos left.

I liked the environment, but the combat progresses too slow. Also could use some checkpoints.

Undos were not resetting for me unfortunately.

That was really fun. I would have preferred if the magnifying glass button had to be held rather than having to toggle on and off. It would also be nice if dollars came onto the screen with an animation, because sometimes I would get the same type of dollar two times in a row, and I felt confused whether or not the game was progressing.

Checkpoints would be appreciated!

The animations are really cute! I assume the fight at the end was prolonged since it was the only fight in the game, but if there were more fights to do, I'd suggest making them shorter. The simple game play was really fun, and has many potential ways to ramp up the challenge of future battles.

Phenomenal! These puzzles were super satisfying to solve. I wish the mirrors were better lit somehow.

The smiley faces scared the hell out of me! Great work!

I accidentally closed the window by pressing Ctrl + W; I was trying to crouch beneath a pallete.

I liked the music. It reminded me of Anodyne.

I really love the whole presentation of the game! The AI is so cool! I love how they run away from you. It could use some sort of ambient track.

I really loved this! Unfortunately, I got stuck trying to figure out how many "butterflies" were behind me.

I experience something of a lag spike when I try to move left. It would also be nice if the main character had smoother movement.

I liked how you did the outline effect for the cat!

Audio seemed a little quiet. Might just be a problem on my end though.

Outstanding! I couldn't beat level 48 though. The timing was too tight for me. I skipped it and beat the other levels though. I appreciated the unlock all levels button, as well as saving how many levels were beaten! I also liked how you could jump over the pills at the end; it just kind of funny how you can decide not to take them after all the trouble you went through to get them!

For godot, you ought to zip the exe and the .pck so users don't have to download both files (the game won't run without the .pck) I liked the game but it could use some checkpoints. I also thought the little bad guys were really funny!

Nice! The jump felt a little unresponsive though.

Nice game! The music's good. I like how it keeps track of how many bullets I dodged. The movement is a little fast for keyboard controls; it might be better if the spaceship accelerated slower.

That was really fun! It took a couple tries, but I learned new information each time I played. Once I realized I only needed one friend to win, I was less reluctant to sacrifice them when I wanted to preserve my health. I also really liked the theme; some of your card concepts were very clever! Great job.

Awesome! It's a very fun bullet hell.

The black dithering makes it kind of hard to see what's going on. It would also be nice to know how many flies I'm supposed to eat at the beginning of the level rather than when I reach the exit.

This was neat. It would be cool if all the games had the same resolution as the arcade cabinet, like the snake game. I wish the ball bounced off the paddle less randomly for pong and breakout; I can't really aim the ball like I can in other pong/breakout clones.

You’re welcome! It means a lot to me to hear that you like it.