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The one on CoolMathGames is an updated version. I haven't updated this post so it's still the original jam version. 

Thanks. All the sound effects are made by Kenney as well so I felt I was in the spirit :)

That's amazing! I wouldn't have thought anyone would have been able to keep it going at that size. 

High Score 15!

Super hard but I love it!

Nice work. Very intense and fast paced.  I think a scoring system to help keep track of progress would be great.

Really fun. I enjoyed it a lot!

Super cute! Great idea.

Well done. Looks great! 

Very cute and very fun!

Really fun and well done!

Nice work. Holding shift and using the mouse was a little strange for me. I think instead of shift if you used the mouse button that would fit better. 

Nice work! I think some more variations in levels would be helpful to really emphasis the difference in the physics. 

Congrats on you first launch and thanks for checking out the stream. Feel free to post the link if you have it. :)

Really great concept and a fantastic execution. I loved it!

Cute game but the constant clicking was a bit much so couldn't play for long.  Nice work!

Love it!

Fun idea. Really tough.

Super cute and fun idea. I topped out at 14. Tear for level 4 

Really fun. I'm terrible at typing games but was still able to do well for a while.

Wow, good find. I have to say I never tested that situation. 

Super cute. Best I could do was 31 sec lol 

Nice work!

Nice work. After a while the moving becomes a bit much for me but it was fun to play!

Super cute. When hitting an enemy you can sometimes be sent back really far if you didn't hit a lamp before. Great work!

Really great feel!

Really fun and cute game. I wish the goat was a little less floaty but overall super adorable!

I love it!

Great concept. I really enjoyed it.

Thanks for the heads up. Still had some time left so I think I removed some of the cheese. 

Nice work. I tended to lose most of my skulls early and it became more of a dodging game, still fun. But I think a way to get skulls without needed them first could help create longer more exciting runs. Well done.

Nice work It's fun. Level 5 really ramps up. Would love to play this with music and sound effects. 

Really fun and great replay-ability. Well done!

I took me a could rounds to get the hang of it. But once I did it was a lot of fun. 

Neat idea. Had some crashing issues but it was fun to fly grow the murder. 

Great work. That was a lot of fun to play!

I was able to land on an asteroid, I hit space and shot up. I didn't find many more places to land. I could see them on the minimap but they were hard to find in game. It's a neat idea. 

Neat idea. I didn't notice the counter right away and picked up all the cakes on the first day so there were none on the second day. Retried and after the second day it repeated with no cakes to collect. I wasn't sure what changed the taste. I made the host vomit once and I'm not sure how. The art was super cute, I love the walk cycle. 

That was a really cool experience. The effect is great and the whole thing fit together really nicely. The choices added that little bit extra. Well done!