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Thank you so much! I wasn't sure if it would work out but I'm pretty pleased with the results. Glad you liked it!

Ahh, love you too!

Thanks, I thought it was a fun idea and I'm glad it seems to have worked out.

Thank you so much for the kind words. I'm honored that I could help get others into making games and I hope you are enjoying it!

Thank you! Oh, no I hadn't run into that bug. I'll take a look at it. Thanks for the heads up.

Thank you so much. I do try to make jam games easier than I think they should be due to the variety of players that will try. I did hope to add a hard more but ran out of time. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you so much! Making farting noises into the mic FTW :)

Thank you! Glad the sound design felt graceful, it felt less than that while I was making farting noises into the mic LOL. 

Thank you so much! I always try to error on the side of making a jam game too easy as opposed to too hard. I had hoped to make a hard mode with more limited health but ran out of time. I'm glad you still enjoyed it!

Loved it! Took me a bit to get used to the scoring but once I did I really dug it. Great work!

Super cute! I love the explosion effects. The binary option were and interesting addition, it felt like they allow you to adjust the difficulty which was neat. 

Neat idea! I'm not a huge fan of the gravity shifting mechanic because in those instances I felt like I was just playing a bit of Tetris while my player character hung out on the sides. But that my just be a personal feeling about it. 

Great work! I love the swerve animation on the car, super cute. I really enjoyed it.

Super cute and great retro feel. It's a little punishing that if you miss anything they keep shooting at you from the side which is hard if not impossible to dodge. The level does get a bit busy and it can be hard to tell everything apart due to the one bit art. I think you did a great job with it but some color might be a big help to make things more identifiable. 

Very cute art! The attack seemed to have issues when on a slope and most if not all enemies were at the top of slopes so I really struggled to make progress. With some tweaks to the attack reliability this could be a super cute game. Good luck on moving forward with it. 

Great work! You've already commented about the lack of space so I wont belabor that point. But the game is really cute and has an awesome retro NES vibe.

Great work! Love the concept. The puzzles were not too difficult to understand but still tricky in some places. I do wish we had the ability to hold the move button and not have to press for each space but that is a minor issue. 

Love the concept and enjoyed maxing out all the modifiers. Nice work!

Thanks! The enemies spawning so fast appears to be a bug that wasn't happening when I first uploaded and tested the game. The second wave is appearing way too soon.

Super cute! One thing to note, the game was moving too fast for me to play until I realized that it is not frame rate locked. So playing above 60 fps increases the speed of the game. Something to keep an eye out for in the future. Nice work overall!

Nice atmosphere. The catching did  get a little repetitive but not too bad. I did find it really difficult to read the fish descriptions though. 

Super cute. Mini game got a little old after so many fish but the art and feel art awesome!

Thanks! That's an interesting bug. I'll have to look into that.

Totally agree. I wanted to add it but ran out of time. Not sure if I'll do a post jam version but if I do I will add that.

Neat idea, but I fell off a bit with the waiting. Art is great!

Cute concept but a bit too tough for me. 

Super cute! 

Really cute. The bottom fish can be really tricky to get. Nice work!

I'm afraid that is a bug I didn't discover until after the jam ended. Really sorry about that. Adding a note to the description so other know.  I'm glad you still enjoyed it though. Thank you for the kind words!

Super cute. I wish that there was some indicator of where the stronger enemies were going to come from because you don't make a lot of money each round and the cost to defend all 4 sides is really high. I lost several times by having to guess which side to add the one thing I could buy to and then multiple stronger enemies came from the other. Really like the concept.

Cute idea. Would have loved to see more things/level to explore the mechanic more. Nice work.

Nice work. At the start it was hard sometimes to tell what was spotting me. While I like that you could mouse over an element to see where it would spot, it becomes tough with multiple cams and guards. Not sure if having the vision cones be visible all the time would be the answer but highlighting the one that caught you would be helpful. Over all super cute and I enjoyed the play though. Well done.

Nice work! I did find the isometric movement to be a bit tough but the puzzles were fun and intuitive. 

Love the idea of the guns only shooting in the direction that they are picked up. Added a new element to picking up weapons because now you have fight your way into the correct direction. Although as you get further in it can become too difficult to pick up resources before they despawn making it really difficult to power up past a certain point.  But that may just be a skill issue on my part ;P Great work!


Fun concept but like other have said, it's just tough to have another player for a jam game. Also, I'd love to see two people try a game like this on the actual phone at the same time lol. 

I was able to play with my child and we enjoyed it! Nice work!

Fun concept! I like the almost timing puzzle like combat. The eye enemies could be a little clearer on when their attack needs to be blocked as that was a challenge to figure out. Would love some more sound effects in there as well but I know you've mentioned that was a time issue which is totally understandable. Nice work!

Very cute. Turns out, cars like me :)

Great work! Love the ending when you aren't big enough, it's super cute. I do wish there was  a better way to telegraph the floor spikes though. I found myself ultimately just ignoring them and accepting they will hit me or not because it was too hard to see them most of the time.