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Fun concept but like other have said, it's just tough to have another player for a jam game. Also, I'd love to see two people try a game like this on the actual phone at the same time lol. 

I was able to play with my child and we enjoyed it! Nice work!

Fun concept! I like the almost timing puzzle like combat. The eye enemies could be a little clearer on when their attack needs to be blocked as that was a challenge to figure out. Would love some more sound effects in there as well but I know you've mentioned that was a time issue which is totally understandable. Nice work!

Very cute. Turns out, cars like me :)

Great work! Love the ending when you aren't big enough, it's super cute. I do wish there was  a better way to telegraph the floor spikes though. I found myself ultimately just ignoring them and accepting they will hit me or not because it was too hard to see them most of the time. 

Love the combat mechanics! Really enjoyed it. 

I loved Chip's Challenge!

Great work! Super cute visuals and sound. 

Nice work! Simple and engaging tracking the different speeds of obstacles and objectives. Really enjoyed it.

Fun mechanic with great execution. Really enjoyed it!

Super cute! Great concept and fun to play. Nice work.

Love the cut scene work and the story telling but got frustrated with the one life issue. I'm fine with a game being difficult but the opening section looses it's enjoyment when seen multiple times and just feels long. It hurts the story because you don't get to continue it and have to keep going through the same parts over and over.  A few checkpoints would be awesome. 

Nice job! I game my feedback on stream but I think having the player discard their hand at the end of turn would help from getting stuck with a bunch of dice that don't help in that fight. Also would be nice to see some indicator for what the enemy's dice will be so we can make an informed decision about what to.

Great job! 

Fantastic work all around!

Awesome presentation all around! Really enjoyed it!

Great all all around presentation! The visuals and sound are great and fit together really well. I like the concept with all the different dice flying in and that they can spawn in different orders depending on how long they roll for. Only thing I'm not a huge fan of is the bullets firing from just off center which means you need to aim slightly off as well. Overall fantastic work!

Super cute! 

Fun take on Yahtzee! Great job!

I really enjoyed it. Great work!

I would have loved a bit more clarity. But the overall aesthetic is fantastic!

I like the game and it has a great presentation. I just wish the move key was in the game for easier refence. Great work!

I like the variation in each wave but with them all spawning from the same places it somewhat lessens the difficulty. 

Great presentation. As you said on stream the enemy ai could use some work but overall good job. 

Nice work. I wasn't a fan of the scrolling and would love it as key controls or some way to move it a little smoother. Great visuals and audio.

Really fun and great presentation! Great work!

Those 3s are evil. Neat idea but I think the explosion radius is a bit too big. Nice work!

Nice work. I think this could benefit from being more vertical to give the player a bit more time to react. 

Super cute! The hitboxes on the spikes seemed a bit high but still a lot of fun. Great work!

Love the combination of manipulating the dice as well as the numbers on them. Great work!

Took me a minute to get the concept but once it clicked it was great. Nice work!

Loved this! Some effects can become a bit too much but there is so much "too real" humor it's amazing.

Great presentation and a fun take on a block pushing puzzle platformer. Nice work!

I love the swapping of the dice faces. My twitch chat took it upon themselves to go for high scores so I'd say it's compelling. Really enjoyed it!

Loved the concept and just wanted to keep playing and see what the next piece would take to be defeated. Fantastic work!

Love the animation and art style. The movement is a bit hard to keep up with because there just isn't much time to see the obstacles before they are on top of you. Also, with the slow down breaking the spawn it becomes disadvantageous because it just makes your score gain slower.  Having the track be involved in some way would be great also. 

Love the different characters. I do wish they swapped mid gameplay or something though because if you do well with one character you don't get to really see the variety and it's a bit of a standard play experience. 

The combining of the "rage game" like movement with and endless runner is really neat. Being able to skip the opening dialogue would be really nice. Great work!

Really enjoyed this. Love the light cycle type game play on  a hex grid!

Neat idea. I think it takes a bit long to  get to positions where you are stuck. I think having seed obstacles from the start would help.