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Thank you very much. I'm glad you liked it.

Nice work. I wasn't sure if I was getting a score at first. Some score indicators on killing the enemies I think would help with the user experience. The art is super fun and I love the edge of the map dropping off.

Nice work. I think the dash is a bit buggy. Sometimes it moves me sometimes it will kill all the enemies it touches. Neat idea and pretty fun. I think it could be really good with some tightening up. 

Very nice. A really cool and different experience. Game got a bit buggy at the combat and I just kept getting hit over and over. Audio production is really good. 

Nice work. I agree with the comments Pale left below. I think the main problem is UI readability. The quit out on a button the player can be pressing as they die should probably be avoided as well.

One more small thing, on the menu, having the instructions flashing is tough to read. 

But over all, I like the idea and I got in a few grooves that felt good.

Like others have said. The ice cubes didn't have a purpose. Not sure if there is supposed to be a different type of enemy for that that doesn't spawn. That would improve the game play for sure.

Great work. The art is really nice and the parallaxing background looks fantastic. I think overall it just need another element that ups the difficulty after a a certain score maybe. I hit a score of about 5000 before I started running into things for fun. 

Nice work. Its fun but does get a bit repetitive. I think another element like a different enemy, a power, or something to shake it up a bit. Overall great job, I enjoyed it.

Holly crap that was hard. Everything is just too fast which makes it really hard to get jumps consistently on the tiny platforms. I would also for this type of game have the player on the left of the screen so you can see more of what is coming up. In the last section I only made it because if I was in 3rd gear hitting the horizontal spikes, I just bounced me off like a wall. I had to fall on them for me to kill me. Not sure if I would have beat it without that though. Overall I like the concept but the level design and speed make it really hard.

Nice job. I really like the title screen and the overall aesthetic. Not sure why but when I pass the half way point the bat begins to move extremely slow and there is not enough bug to eat to survive. Replayed several times and had the same issue. 

Nice job. Took me a bit to get how to dodge. I made it to what I think is the final boss (no spoiler) with the piano and had to stop. I was never able to do any damage to him. He fired a consistent string of notes that didn't seem to end. I was able to block/take damage until he shot 35 notes in a row and at no point could I do any damage. After several more tries with the same results I had to call it. If that's intended, I'd say it is way too hard if you need to dodge over 30 shots in a row before you can hurt him. If it's not then, hope that helps as an issue I experienced. 

Thanks, it was my first time trying to add in a story and luckily it fit really well.

Great work. Everything feels very polished and I love that 80 Tron-like aesthetic. Really fun, but it does start to get a little repetitive. I think it needs one more element like speeding up over time, or other obstacles, or something to give you an extra thing to think about. Well done.

Really nice. Can't wait for more levels.

Cool concept. The changing direction and food made it tough. With the 2 button limitation I would wonder if the food cart could just auto fire while one button changes direction and the other changes food. Good job.

Nice work. From the comments it looks like you know about the getting stuck on blocks. Other than that the game is super cute and pretty fun when you can get in a flow. Highest score I got was 153. I like the art style a lot. 

Great job. The art is really good and I love the tongue grabbing the items. Great way to use the 2 buttons.

Great work! I got a score of 453. I really enjoyed the game. 

Nice job. Got a score around 246,000. I don't think the power ups spawn quite enough, Played a few times and only got one once. 

Thanks for the link. I haven't seen that one yet.

Great job! Thank you very much.

Nice work. Took a minute to grasp that the brackets where the hit ranges but once I did it felt really good. Almost had a rhythm game feel. 

Really cool concept and I love the art. Watching both sides is tough, not sure I could play a whole game of it though. Got a slight headache from trying so hard to look in 2 directions. I had far too many fails but I got that final high five. Nice work.

Very nice. Cool look and easy to understand. As others have said, not letting the sign change while people are walking in is really the only issue I had. Well done.

Cool idea. Some variation in the ghost spawning would be nice after a while they come in a set pattern and it doesn't really change or have them spawn faster. Got a score of 50. 

The look is cool. But I had the same issue of others. I turned a corner, saw the bad guy, the words "Shoot the bad guy" appeared on the screen and then the level restarted and I moved super slow. 

Over all really nice. The randomness is a bit much, maybe only allow 1 symbol on screen at a time and make sure that each number is spawned every so often. Just to avoid the dodging everything for too long. Neat concept and the controls worked quite well.

Nice work. I think moving up and down needs to be a bit faster.

Nice work and loved the art. Driving feels good, it reminds me of being a kid playing racing games. I would full throttle the whole way. Would love to see this with more content and levels.

Cool concept and fun to play around with. With more time this could be really fun.

Nice work. I got a score of 111. The one thing I think would help is an indicator of what direction each axis is in. That way if you have been going left and right for a while you have quick reference if the claw will be going up or down. 

Small world, I am also a graphic designer that uses Construct. 

Hey, another Construct user! Nice job in a day. It's a satisfying jumper, I like the power ups. With more time and some more content like enemies, it could be really cool.

Great work! It all feels very polished and I really like the restart. As it's been said, bottom row is a bit low, but all around awesome. The music speeding up really drives that sense of urgency at low life.

Great work and Amazing visual style. Can be a little disorienting at time. I really enjoyed solving the movement puzzles and man was that last level a doozy. Not sure how many tries it took but I finally got. Well done.

Nice job. Highest score I could get was 403. As it speeds up I would love it if the camera pulled back a little allowing for more visibility. But that's because I wanted to get farther than I did :)

Nice job. I went with a similar character always moving approach and bouncing off walls. Instead of shooting I had a turn around button. After making my game it took me a minute to get used to the fact that I can't turn around. The style is great and the game play is fun. I did fall in a pit and soft lock(had to reset) so you may want to check the death trigger. It was in the room with the potion. I did make it to the end as well. Great work.

Looks like you had a bug after the dialog. Sorry about that. I was interested in where it was going and your menus looked cool. Look forward to checking it out when you can upload a fix.

Really cool idea and I love the movement. The shooting was really inconsistent for me. I think I'm lining up a shot and instead I fling myself into the enemy. 

Nice work. Art is fun and I like the blood meter to keep you from spamming. I wish you moved a bit faster. I killed an enemy on one side, then another spawned on the opposite side, and I had no way of getting over there before losing 2 tombstone.