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Love the mechanic. Great game.

Great work so far. Made it to the credits (v0.0.37) and can't wait for more. I got stuck for a bit without enough keys before realizing how to find them (no spoiler), it was a good "OOOH, now I get it!" moment. 

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Fun platformer. Made it all the way through and I think I only missed one or two boxes. One for sure because I didn't realize I needed to use the orange cat. I enjoyed looking for boxes once I realized the skull blocks counted as well. The meat I did eventually stop going out of my way for, there is so much. 

Level Feedback: 

Level 14 - the first drop you encounter (end of the level is visible) there is ground tiles at the bottom of the screen that look like a platform but the player falls through and dies. On the other side of the pit you can see a box at the bottom of the screen. When you drop on it, you break it and then die from falling off screen. After dying on each of these sections a few times I continued on, but going down the intended path to the right you are able to see that there are more blocks and ground under box at the bottom of the pit. So I went back and tried it again. Still died. This feels cheap because a few levels earlier there is a sign saying to look for hidden boxes. Also in Level 15 you are required to make a blind jump that drops further to get some hidden boxes. Anyways, this is a long reasoning to say, I think you should just move that area a little so it's not visible from the starting platform area.

Possible Bugs:

  • I couldn't get my x-box controller to register. I confirmed it working with another in browser game made with Construct 3 on itch. Might want to double check the setting  for controller.  (I used JoyToKey to simulate the keyboard with the controller so I got to play it with the controller at least).
  • On Level 13 I got 14/10 boxes. Wasn't sure if there were extra when getting hidden boxes but I didn't notice it on any other level. 
  • When I uses the drop down to jump to a level, it loads with the mobile controls overlay and I can't move the player with keyboard or controller. 

That's all I have for my first play through. Great work and look forward to seeing more.  Hope the feedback helps.

Took a few minutes to get used to the placement technique but once I got it the game was super fun. Great work!

Really fun! Feels like The Little Mermaid combined with Shovel Knight. I very much enjoyed it and would love to see more if you  continue with it. Super impressive for a month of work, great job.

So true and so good. Great work!

Really glad you like it. Thanks for playing!

Thank you so much!

That was great! I don't think I could have a bigger smile on my face than I did while watching that. Thank you for playing and I'm glad you like it.