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Super cute game. The purple tentacle things are pretty tough to dodge in a few places. Fun puzzles and level design. 

I'm playing this a bit late from release but it is super cute. Great moments of discovery as the mechanics shift slightly, making you view the puzzles in a different way. I really enjoyed it. 

Thank you for playing and recording! I'm glad you liked the game!

No worries. I completely understand how that happens. It was a fun puzzle game and I'll check it out when the fix is up. 

Great work! It is fun, simple and still really tough. Best I could do was 820 but I tried way more than I meant to to beat that.  

Really cool visual effect. Took me a bit to get used to the camera, it's a neat solution for the first person perspective controlled with a d-pad. Fell from the last 2 jumps far too many times lol. But I got the orb in 123.03. Nice work. 

[inset funny 1 linner here]

Neat idea.

Super cute Mario clone. Everything felt pretty good. Even a couple kaizo elements. Good work.

Very cool. I like the risk and reward of trying to clump up as many birds as you can before the odd ones get knocked off. I do with it was clear where the edge of the screen is and the birds will die. Great work, best I got was 1192. 

Well done working with the full limitations of the Game Boy. The way the screen wraps got me a little tripped up but I was able to find the end. Having the choice at the end it really neat as well. Great work. 

Super cute. The art was great and I love the little details like dust from the run. The hit box on the falling spikes seem a bit too large. Great work.

Love your art work and what you were able to create with such a limited palette. The story is neat and I could see it expanded out. As others have said the battle system needs some love. The miss rate is definitely high. I just spammed attack and won all but one battle. Great work, can't wait to see more.

I slayed the dragon! Fun idea, in the torch puzzle I couldn't find a way to reset or leave the room once I got to the bottom. Because I did it wrong the first few times I had to reload the game. But I did like knocking around the red eyed guys.

Neat idea. It's tough to keep track of both ships. Best I could get was 0:45. Would have loved some music and sound effects. Nice work.

Fun game. I was not able to beat it, made to level 8. Three lives is tough and I never found a way to get anymore which gets a bit frustrating when you take a death or 2 to an enemy spawning right on top of you.  Some music and 1ups I think would make this really fun. Great work. 

Really cute puzzle game. I'm stuck here and can't really progress. Not sure if there is something I am missing but it looks like the door lock is in the wrong place, blocking me from moving the top animals without getting them stuck.

I would love a way to make the game full screens as well. Let me know if I'm just being oblivious to an obvious answer and I will give it a try again. 

Thank you very much

Glad you liked it!


Thank you!

Thanks. The movement is using tile movement so it can be a bit strange at times.

I definitely went for a more "Game Boy Inspired" game than strictly Game Boy. 

I get that 4 direction is more Game Boy like but I would love this with 8 direction movement. I really enjoyed the concept and game play. Great work! 

You know the issues the game has so I wont repeat them. The art is cute and the dragon boss attacks are fun. Sometimes the pieces don't all come together but I did enjoy running a round and fighting a dragon.

After a few screens I hit  an endless wall of blocks that I shot a tunnel through for a bout a minute or two that never seemed to get anywhere. I stopped there. If I am missing something let me know and I will try it out again. The mechanic is cute and I think you could play with the idea of not being able to shoot backwards by giving the player diverging paths that they have to choose a direction. 

The characters are super cute and I love their animations. Just a heads up the player's speed seems to be tied to frame rate. The movement was uncontrollably fast the first few levels but I tried dropping my monitor to 60Hz (usually at 144Hz) and it worked how I imagined it was intended. With the movement working right it was a fun puzzle platformer. Great work.

I like that you bring your lives with you. I saw the duck and was able to beat the boss. It took me a couple deaths to figure out which parts of the terrain would or would not hurt me. But once I did it was easy to tell from then on. Great work!

Fun game. I could have totally seen myself playing an expanded game like this on my Game Boy as a kid. It got a little difficult to see myself in level 3, I think it just needs a bit more contrast to separate the player from the background/bullets. Great work, the level 3 boss is a fun challenge. 

Awesome work! The levels feel great to explore, I found the 30 and the duck. :) The movement is pretty quick which took a little getting used to but once I did it was blast.  

Thanks. It was a fun challenge. Everything solo in 10 hours, not sure why I keep doing that to myself :)

Sorry about that, not quite sure what happened. I made a quick change to something else before setting it live which is always the downfall. New version is live and working for me. Let me know if you still have an issue and thanks for the heads up. 

Thank you!

They are. I really like the 0x72 style and it helped give the base.

Lol. The definition of "it's not a bug it's a feature." Personally I think it helped my experience. 

Nice job. I was getting the issue of the lines connecting to previously used points but other than that it is a fun puzzle game. The fuzzyness of the points feels off. I think it would fit the look of the rest of the game better if those were sharper. Well done. 

Great work! Very intuitive and I like that you can still bend the path even when that layer is not visible. 

Nice work for 6 hours. Some music would be nice to go along with the "bling" sound effect. I'm not really a fan of these types of puzzles so I only made it to level 20 before I had to stop.

Cool concept. The level select screen seemed to not work for me. After the first level it set it to N/A and then every other level just says connect, even after I beat them. I played through all the levels visible on the main screen. 

Nice work. Very simple to understand but the levels get tougher and tougher. I really enjoyed playing.

Nice work. I played the jam version and had issues but I was able to make it through with the new download link on the page. Overall I really liked it. You made a ton of levels. It gets pretty tricky towards the end with the armored fountain pens. I would loved to have some sound effects and towards the end, waiting for everything to move can take a bit. It would be nice if the movement of the pieces sped up if there were more on the board.

I love the visuals and sound. I don't fully understand how the torch works. I played on both the HTML5 and download and somehow manage to keep getting stuck in the walls. When the fear level is flashing and the screen is dark/flashing, I try to keep going and when I make it near a light source I am overlapping and walking on the wall tiles with no way back in the level.