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Nice work. Neat concept and good overall feel. The balance felt a little miss matched. The shooting world was a bit too hard and the other was a bit to easy. Balance is always tough in a game jam time limit. Great job!

Great work! Really cute all around. I had a hard time moving the character in the tutorial and it kept getting stuck on black when the player was sucked up. But in the actual levels everything seemed to work as intended. Nice job.

Really well done! Great polish and overall feel. Sometimes the pieces felt like they sat a little high when in the preview which made it difficult to gauge height in some levels. 

Unfortunate about the last shard but the atmosphere was great and relaxing. The art and sound design are great as well. Nice job!

Great work. I loved Crayon Physics and this has some great similarities with some fun twists. Like others have said, the physics aren't consistent which can make for some frustrating plays where you just have to keep hitting play and hope it bounces right this time. 

Loved it! Had a fantastic "Ah ha!" moment that just felt so good on level 4. Great work!

Super cute. Nice work!

Great job. The whole thing works really well!

Super unexpected lol. Nice work!

Really enjoyed it. Super fun to move around. I just wish there was a way to check where you are going so you don't fling yourself into spikes that are off screen. 

I really enjoyed. Great work!

I really enjoyed. Great work!

Great little stealth game!

Great work. Really neat puzzle idea!

Really enjoyed it. Great work!

Fun idea. If you wait long enough you get rich :)

Really enjoyed it. Great work!

Super cute. The last puzzle was a bit too hard but the rest are fun. Great work!

Super cute!

Super cute. I really liked it!

Fantastic work!

Great work! I think I was able to cheese the last puzzle. 

It was an experience. 

Nice work! A bit too much on the visuals and screen shake in game. 

Loved it. Super adorable!

Super cute. Loved it!

Absolutely loved everything about it. Great work!!

Super cute. Well done of your first jam!

Absolutely loved it! Great work.

Really great. I was absolutely terrible at it but I like it a lot!

Really neat idea. I think the fall damage on the blue artifact is a bit too much. 

Loved it. Only wish there was a key control to spit as well as clicking the button. Great work!

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Looks amazing. Would love an indicator to let me know when I've gone to far and trigger the soul's autorun. Great work!

Great work. It's trickier than you think because those fish have a death wish for the walls LOL.

Great work. Hitboxes on the spikes were a bit large but great simple concept and fun to play.

Great work. Absolutely loved the visuals. Getting in a flow of splitting and combining was a lot of fun!

Great work. The lasso was a bit finicky for me but I really like the overall concept!

Awesome work. The art and feel are great! 

Love the art style

Great work. Some angles can be a little bit finicky but I like the concept a lot!