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puzzle league but RPG

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This game should ahave a level editor

                 CHANGE MY MIND

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how was this not the top 20 games?

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Classic Team Bugulon experience. Great main mechanic, lots of levels for a game jam game (spread out over 3 worlds), the game is just generally very fun to play, and on top of that, a catchy soundtrack! Just like the other Team Bugulon game jam games, if I paid like 20€ for a full-length indie game with this mechanic on the Switch eShop, I wouldn't think twice about this originally being a game jam game. If I could give more than 5 stars, I would.

The first game i'm playing and i'm getting gooooood impressions of the jam. the only thing that might be a problem is that "Spin the Wheel" is a tiny bit too skill-based for a game about dice but otherwise this is a perfect 5/5 experience

This is really cool! The "moving along a rotating plane" thingy that happens in this game somewhat reminds me of Kirby 64