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I tried to play, but nothing seems to happen. There is also a pretty believable looking error message when I choose AI Phase. No idea what I'm supposed to do in either case. Lmk when you fix whatever is wrong and I'll try again :).


Love the fact that this was done with scratch. 

Love the aesthetic. Really wish there was some sort of scoreboard!

Looks like a great concept. 

Is there a discord?

3 minutes and 7 seconds before the deadline is still eons in terms of CPU time. Just sayin'

Solid concept. Nice art. I would've played longer if you had more content /scenarios

Cool. Interesting. Clicking could have been a little more precise.


I started playing this first thing in the morning after not getting enough sleep and almost gave up after a few screens... it literally hurt my eyes to read the text. However, something in the story kept drawing me in. I rather enjoyed the recursive stories. Thanks :)

Love the concept. Wish I didn't have to go to a separate site for documentation, but I get the point. I think if its a game, it might be nice to have everything on one screen, so perhaps a browser inside the game?

Short. Simple. Mostly complete. Good take on the concept.


I really wish there were more than just skeletons with different behaviors. Since I couldn't do anything the whole time, it would have added some variety. Either that, or a shorter trip to the necro. I experimented a few rounds to figure out the mechanics and once I figured them out, it was fun the first round, but the idea of trekking through that whole gauntlet again (in order to reach the boss) without hope of speeding it up didn't feel appealing to me.

That said, it was a really "cute" and entertaining game the first round :)

This was great once I got the controls down. The first level could use those corner angle parts that you have in all the other levels, but other than that, the levels and puzzles were very well designed.

So much fun. Was under pressure the whole time. Two things though: The difficulty ramps up a little fast, and I wish there were sound effects!

So much fun, just wish the striders would stay dead between screens.

I'm not a fan of story games, so it was surprising to me to enjoy it as well as I did. The writing was pretty good, but the end bit felt like some sentences were accidentally missed. Looks like you had fun making the game, it came through in the end result. Well done.

Played it right to the end. It was a great game and clearly you took a great deal of care to make your level layouts enjoyable. There were a few blips in corners and such where it felt a bit buggy (getting caught on a diagonally adjacent buzzsaw below the platform you're standing on for example) but overall a great experience. Have fun adding levels!

Love the style. Way to go.

It was amusing. thanks!

Excellent. Glad you had a good time. :D

Damn you're good!

Yep. absolutely everything is spawned at a random time after the previous one of its kind. Controls are inspired by flappy bird. They're definitely weird, but it was just fun to do something different. Thanks for the feedback.


My high score is 99... beat that (and pics or it didn't happen)

Very amusing. I spent 10 minutes just trying to beat my previous scores. Sometimes simple mechanics is just what I need. 

The style and atmosphere provided by the art work and music were fantastic. Unfortunately I experienced what appeared to be the whole game in just a few minutes. Would have liked to spend more time with that atmosphere.

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Thanks for the feedback!

Only the 3 minigames so far, but a few other ideas being tossed about. Open to suggestions.

Hiya. There're few things I like better during a game jam than chatting it up and seeing the progress of my fellow jammers.

Is there a discord server going for this jam?


Both? To me the comment is feedback. Either way, a little feedback goes a long way for future endeavors

Thanks again.

I have them exploding a fraction of a second after they hit something that is damageable. So if you hit the slimes or one of the destructible barriers, they should be much more volatile. I'll probably be experimenting with them quite a bit more. Thanks!

awesome. Almost had a qq moment when I saw the blue screen. Thanks!

I intended for this to be a several tries (dies) before you could complete it experience. Your comment is certainly evidence that I was able to achieve what I aimed for. 

Thanks so much!

Wow. This was the best use of the 30 second theme that I've seen thus far

Except for a bit of refinement around the controls and some sounds, I think this is a very well done game. I didn't get very far (testing several games takes time) but I enjoyed where I got to so far. I hope there is plenty more content when I come back to play it again.

Wow, even though I played it before, I totally got hit by the jump scare again. This time nearly made my seat fall over.

This is so much fun. Sad you couldn't get it how you wanted. If you would like some help refining, I know a bit about Unreal. Hit me up on discord: @Revelation#8496