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I really wish there were more than just skeletons with different behaviors. Since I couldn't do anything the whole time, it would have added some variety. Either that, or a shorter trip to the necro. I experimented a few rounds to figure out the mechanics and once I figured them out, it was fun the first round, but the idea of trekking through that whole gauntlet again (in order to reach the boss) without hope of speeding it up didn't feel appealing to me.

That said, it was a really "cute" and entertaining game the first round :)

Unfortunately I ran out of time, but I did want to add more enemy types. I had to rush the boss as well, so he isn't very interesting. Basically I spent way too much time setting up the dialogue stuff and messing around with making music. I didn't start doing the actual gameplay until the final day (the last 6 hours or so), which is strange for me as I usually get my prototypes playable as soon as possible.

Thanks for playing and your feedback!