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i definetly agree for nearly all of these tips now that you've said them! Im thinking of adding a similar style of combat in a game im working on. This feedback will come in very handy! 


Thanks for my feedback on my comment?

This was really fun! Great idea too! The only thing is i wish it was a little less trial and error. I found that it was actually impossible to do it first try, but mebe like 20 tries later it was easy, and i could do it pretty much every time.

Overall great entry!

cool! and (shameless self advertising) check out my game. Its called delusion! I forgot to mention that i liked how your game was just about stealth, not like dishonered where you dont have to be sneaky!

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This was a really cool entry, but on the first level "L" wasn't working for me on the red code finder thingy, although it worked for the red control panel. It would be cool to see a bit more detail in the level two. Overall amazing job!

Oh a cool feature would also be to see enemy view angles!

thanks, i think it needed a bit of pollish to, but unfortunately i ran out of time because of camps. Thanks for the feedback!

well its initilized later in the game. In the first level performance became a bit of an issue. It starsts two levels after the tutorial. Also the game takes place in a dream where you have 30 seconds before your memories are erased. Thanks for the feedback :)

Plz play and like :) I am 13 so no hate