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A jam submission

Stealth QuestView game page

A 30-second game jam game.
Submitted by LaserFocus — 10 hours, 6 minutes before the deadline

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Quite challenging but awesome!


Fun game, I found the first level quite challenging, made it through but got nowhere on the second. Nothing for me to add really that hasn't been said. Nice work.


I like the concept. The art and the music work really well.  I'm not super sold on having to go to the end door to get the code, though. I'm not sure if it changes on later levels, but I found it a little tedious having to walk the same path multiple times. It was be super great to have it as a side objective, like a terminal that you have to get to or a letter you have to find.

Either way, cool game!


Thanks for the feedback SplitHare! I will definitely put the code at some other places other than the exit door for polished updates.

Submitted (1 edit)

This was a really cool entry, but on the first level "L" wasn't working for me on the red code finder thingy, although it worked for the red control panel. It would be cool to see a bit more detail in the level two. Overall amazing job!

Oh a cool feature would also be to see enemy view angles!


Thanks for the feedback DemonCow! I really forgot to include "L" button on the destination door. So, thanks for mentioning!
Also, I will try to implement enemy's view next.


cool! and (shameless self advertising) check out my game. Its called delusion! I forgot to mention that i liked how your game was just about stealth, not like dishonered where you dont have to be sneaky!

Developer (1 edit)

I have already checked your game bro! All the issues I have are already mentioned by someone in the comment section. You did a very great job. I hope you polish on Delusions more, especially the controls, before starting a new project. Cheers!




I like a lot the game. It has a very fun and rewarding gameplay and the music and sounds are awesome. I loved the details like the mirrors. The theme of 30s quest is not used a lot in this game (only when escaping and other things) but I would love to see this game polished and play a final and better version of it. I hope you continue working in this game independently of the game jam. Good job, and good luck!

Developer (2 edits)
Any feedback will be highly appreciated, ^.^

Thanks for playing!


I would do the hacking system with the mouse. It is a bit difficult to do it with the keys. And in the tutorial, I would put the "zone" where the guys can see you in a different color, so you know (because it is a tutorial) where to move and where to be so they don't see you. I hope you continue working in this game :D


Thanks for the feedback Janikus!

At first, I deliberately opted out mouse control for this game so that players do not have to move their hands. I am not sure using mouse will help players with the game feel. But I will try to implement it and see how it feels.
I definitely agree with the "detectable zone" concept for the tutorial level though.

I will definitely polish the game a bit more, so thanks for the feedback, ^.^