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Loved it! The gameplay is challenging, the idea is super unique, and the "Live Burial" app is hilarious.

P.S. Ghost physics ftw!

Edit: A couple suggestions I thought of with a bit more play. It was quite challenging to navigate the character in a few areas (getting on top of the building in the construction zone, for example) due to the fixed camera position. Maybe consider using a camera configuration that's not quite so static? Following the player and being zoomed in a bit more would help some, even if the camera angle was still locked. When it comes to gameplay what you've got is awesome, but I'd love to see more ghostly powers! You already have possession of people, so maybe it would make sense (even with ghost powers being inconsistent, as is common knowledge) to have certain objects be possessable as well. Think turning on the garbage disposal when the plumber is reaching into it, or knocking a bookshelf onto people in the library.  Overall you've got one of the more unique mechanics I've seen, and I can imagine all sorts of ways you could keep expanding on it! I'm exited to see where it goes

Thanks for the detailed feedback! I really appreciate it!

I definitely noticed the depth perception is an issue with the camera the way it is. I think part of it has to do with the low amount of detail and lack of textures in the environment. I've also considered trying different camera angles, but I haven't quite found anything I'm satisfied with yet. I may make it so the default is an eagle eye view and then you can switch to a different camera angle at will. I'm just avoiding it because it means I have to be so much more rigorous in building my environments. :P

In terms of giving the ghost more abilities, I wanted to be as minimalist as possible. I might play around with letting him possess objects as well, but I really like the concept of the humans being his pawns. I definitely want to add humans that can expand the depth of the game, though. I've got an idea for a human with a hammer that you can just plop in front of various things (propane tanks, destructible walls, load-bearing columns, etc.).