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Thanks for the detailed feedback! I really appreciate it!

I definitely noticed the depth perception is an issue with the camera the way it is. I think part of it has to do with the low amount of detail and lack of textures in the environment. I've also considered trying different camera angles, but I haven't quite found anything I'm satisfied with yet. I may make it so the default is an eagle eye view and then you can switch to a different camera angle at will. I'm just avoiding it because it means I have to be so much more rigorous in building my environments. :P

In terms of giving the ghost more abilities, I wanted to be as minimalist as possible. I might play around with letting him possess objects as well, but I really like the concept of the humans being his pawns. I definitely want to add humans that can expand the depth of the game, though. I've got an idea for a human with a hammer that you can just plop in front of various things (propane tanks, destructible walls, load-bearing columns, etc.).