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Thank you for playing :) Actually there is a blue semi transparent floor but I think I made it too faded. I wanted the player to be able to see the pcb board background, because I think it was beautiful. But yes, I should have given better indication to the player that it is walkable.

Thank you for your feedback :)  Yesss, you give an important point, it should have a better indication about the virus health. It got 5 health actually (5 shots). I had that in mind to add enemy health UI, but at that time I found a new major bug in the core mechanic, then I totally forgot to add the UI.

Btw, are you RubberDucky in the discord group? Thanks for your info about jfxr, all of the sound effects in this game were made using it. And I think it turns out to be good :)

Thank you very much :)

Thanks for playing, I hope you had a good time :) Sorry if the fake blue screen shocked you.

Thanks a lot :D  Fun fact, the idea of using blue screen of death came because I got a lot of it during the jam, due to a memory problem that I haven't fix yet. And 4 days before submission, I got it again and in addition, my unity scene got corrupted and I have to remake the scene. In my frustration, I got the idea. lol.

Thank you for your feedback :) I agree, should have made more levels. If this prototype has good potential, I surely will continue this project.

Yeess, the explosions ware inspired by megaman series (especially when the main virus is destroyed). Thank you for playing :)

Thank you :)

Thank you, glad that you like it :)

Hi JFive, this is a nice game, good job! I think you did great on the environment. But the gameplay is too hard I guess. As a game dev, I learned that the developer tends to feel his game is easy, but the players feel it was frustrating, sometime even not playable. Developer tried the game a lot, and has the knowledge about the physics, map layout, AI behavior, and so on, which regular players don't. The first commercial game I made has this problem. I made it in 3 months, just to realize that it is not playable :(

Hey.. This is actually a really good puzzle game. I like it a lot :) 
Maybe the color of the "past" characters and the current one need to be distinguished tho.

Wow.. This is a very good game. I love to speed running throughout the level, kinda like doing parkour. lol

The game is fun. It looks awesome too. However the jumping mechanics seems doesn't work properly. It's really really hard to jump to the green and white platforms (red and blue works fine for me).  I don't think the game even need that "platformer" part, since the core mechanics is a first person shooter and it doesn't give any additional fun to gameplay actually. Still a great game tho :)

YAAYYY.. I am able to finish the normal mode. The game is fun :)

The 3D models and animations are awesome. I like the extra detail like hitting bell and door has its own sound effect.
But I am not sure if some parts of the game are broken during build, or it is unfinished yet. The enemies just sliding around and not attacking the player. The villagers are in T pose. If I press 'R' key, the player got some damage. Too bad if it was due to build failure or platform compatibility :(

Hi, I really like the aesthetics of the game, looks great.
However, the jumping mechanism feels too light, as it has a low gravity. It's a common thing in platformer game tho. But increasing gravity only makes the character can't jump high enough.  Here's a quick tips for making a better jump mechanism. The character should have different gravity while jumping and falling. While jumping, apply normal gravity. But when the character is falling ( vertical velocity < 0 ), increase the gravity of the character (double maybe). So the character still able to jump high, but it falls faster. It's not realistic as in real life, but feels good :)