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The 3D models and animations are awesome. I like the extra detail like hitting bell and door has its own sound effect.
But I am not sure if some parts of the game are broken during build, or it is unfinished yet. The enemies just sliding around and not attacking the player. The villagers are in T pose. If I press 'R' key, the player got some damage. Too bad if it was due to build failure or platform compatibility :(

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Those are just unfinished features. "Pressing R to cause damage" was a debug feature left in for testing the health bar. I will remove that when I make enemies that attack the player. The villagers are not rigged yet, I only had time to rig and animate the ninja. The stab attack is a placeholder as an early test of an unfinished combat system, it was the fastest attack animation I could make on a tight deadline. The enemies slide around to test the lock-on targeting system.

There is a bug where the player can lock-on target the doors, because in the final hours of development, I wanted to add sound effects for stabbing the door, and implementing the health interface was an easy way to do that, reusing code designed for the enemies which made sound when attacked, but the targeting system can lock onto anything that uses that health interface.