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The game is fun. It looks awesome too. However the jumping mechanics seems doesn't work properly. It's really really hard to jump to the green and white platforms (red and blue works fine for me).  I don't think the game even need that "platformer" part, since the core mechanics is a first person shooter and it doesn't give any additional fun to gameplay actually. Still a great game tho :)

Thanks petrus lucardi! You make a great point. I originally planned on making the world larger, with more islands where the player would have to jump across to. But due to time constraints I didn't get to that, sorry. You are right, the jumping adds no additional fun to the game in it's current state. I will however work on perfecting the jumping mechanic, as I expand the game in the future! Thank you for your feedback :)

I think I have fixed the jumping issue in the latest version I uploaded.  No pressure here, but if you do have time please check the updated build and let me know if the jumping is better. Thanks :) And I am sorry about the jumping being an issue before!