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Thanks! Glad you liked the choices :)

Thank you!

Thanks Mike!

Thanks SunS3b!

Thanks marauderstorm!

Thank you!

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Thank you, glad you liked it!

28 Nov 2022:  28pts








This was awesome, lovely animations and polish . Thought it was easy  until I ran out of moves on the boss xD It might be nice    if it had more frequent feedback on how you're doing steps-wise (maybe doors that only allow you to pass with a certain steps count?) but it's also great as is. Rated 5 and 5.

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!

Wow! This has such a great roleplaying feeling to it, with consistent well-developed lore and lovely heartwarming dialogue :O. I'll dare call it a masterpiece. Awesome job, friend!

Haha, thank you!

Awesome illustrations and lighting, it's got a mysterious air to it :)

Oh wow, the imagery is really strong and poetic. Awesome job!

Really nice, I like how the different objects share controls for movement and rotation. :)

Thank you Gilberto, yeah the win state checking is still buggy in several cases. If you were able to bring the giraffe back it means it didn't go out of bounds, since the hero is constrained to those bounds too. I intentionally left one space beyond the first and last giraffes so they have room to scramble (but that would have only been apparent if I got to decorate the level space with some walls or fences, so it's cool ^^' )

Thanks for the comment!

Thanks, I found them in the animal asset pack by Kenney (you can find the link on the game page) :)

Thanks! Yeah, I wasn't sure how fast should it be to remain enjoyable and fair so I kept it at 2 (initially it was 3 seconds, but I knew that once the player understands the goal it would become too big of a delay), but I think a 0.2 by 0.2 change from 2.4 seconds to 1 second would indeed be a nice addition. :D

Nicely said, thanks!

You just gave me a new prototype idea :o .  It would be a slightly different method of pressing the key and the typing of certain words would take a while, but it certainly can be done. :D

Cool! I think it would benefit from a more top-down perspective, since it's hard to predict how far the asteroids are and which direction they're heading. The game structure is great, I like how there's no need of a health system because you have veggies... :)

Thanks! I thought about making 4-digit ingredients instead of 3-digit ones and it felt like too much for the start of the game, but adding it as extra content would indeed be really cool. I mostly wanted to nail down the basic concept and transmit an easy, not-frustrating message of what the game's about so I didn't have many plans for additional features that would increase the difficulty curve, but I'm glad to hear that people seek a challenge in it :D. Thank you for your thoughts!


Thanks! I had more things planned  for it such as going backwards with Q or finding a work-around to let the character go upside down, so I might update it in the future. :D

Oh that's cool, I thought the rule was referring to not less than 5 games submitted (which is a requirement we also met :) ), instead of initial people joining.

Hi, I wanted to ask if the "5 entries or jam is cancelled" rule is definitive or if it can be bent to still give a prize or two to the people that did submit, as well as to ask what "cancelled" exactly means itchio-wise: will we still be able to play and rate the other entries and will our games still display as submitted to this jam, or will the jam disappear from all records forever?


Yay, that's awesome! I like how you took the time to check them all, thanks for that and 'wish you all the best! :D

It was awesome. It might need some Check Points, I quit after being killed by the tentacle guy that smashes stuff because I didn't want to play the whole thing over again just to have another shot at learning how he fights. It was great though, it's definitely worth continuing.

Great! The explosive green flowers are probably the most interesting mechanic, but all the combat feels nice too. One tiny technical change that would be great to make is to stop the score timer while a new level is being generated.

Thank yooouuu!!! :D 

yay, thanks a lot! :)

Actually it's ok, I checked the discord chat and fixing lethal bugs after the deadline is allowed. The power shaft part works now ;)

Dude, it should have worked, I'm sorry for that :( I'll try testing it again and update it after the jam voting ends.

Thanks a lot! Yeah, that was because the sidebar gets printed at the beginning of each page (when the values are still what they were), so it only updates when you change the page again. But I know some solutions for that now, so it's great learning experience. :)


Thank yu!

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks bro! Or should I say "Multumesc"? :D

It's good, but it lacks in the communication area. The controls should have been put somewhere in the game, because at first I didn't look at the screenshots here and had to button-mash to find out how to dive. Same thing with moving to another level, I only managed to get to the second level my moving randomly off the map. 

On the other hand I liked the start screen and the 3D models were well done. The concept of the game design was accurately planned, so I gave you 5 stars in 'theme'. I'm sorry that you guys didn't get to polishing the user experience, but it's a nice submission overall... :)

Thanks! I'll have a look at yours right now.  :)