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Here's a progress vid leading up to the jam finishing. Left is SFX, music and finishing the boss rooms/ reworking how to end the game as a must haves and about 1000 other things as wants. Pretty happy with how it turned out. I'll be pretty busy on this until the jam finishes, good luck getting something finished everyone!

Progress was made over the weekend, actually have a game now. Have basic follow enemies, sword attacks, item pick ups (right now just another copy of sword), tied to secondary mouse, key with a lock on the boss door, adding and removing time on hit/enemy kill. Most of the programming work is out of the way, so now's my arduous task of 3d modelling. 

Next will be other weapons, enemies and bosses.

oh no they won't, everything's just place holders so I can see what the generation will look lile

Day 2:

Merged the level generation into creating a 3d map.

I'm just adding doors to intersecting rooms and walls to non-intersections. I'll modify this to add some walls to non-critical paths. Then move on to enemies on the weekend. I'm not 100% tied to the 3d levels though. I'm a really poor 3d artist so we'll see where I land.

 I like the stands on the chars, fond tabletop gaming memories :)

I really like the character design. 

Great start, so much progress.

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Day 1 down!

So I have a game idea, basically a procedurally generated zelda dungeon, with a key room, boss room, 30 seconds to get through it but each enemy you kill, add time, each time you get hit, remove time, you die when the timer hits 0.

I'm a little concerned the idea isn't very unique, but it does give me an opportunity to play with procedural level design.

I spent the night brute forcing a level generator, I'm sure there's better less error prone ways of doing it but here's what 50 runs gave me with 10 tile dungeons, key placed in the back half of the tiles.  (The green tile is the player spawn, gold is the key room, red is the boss room, black with normal enemy spawns).

I'll spend some more time on the algorithm tomorrow but barring a few bugs I can see (boss room isn't always last) etc. I'll build some place holder rooms and generate actual maps this week, I should be starting player controls and enemy ai this weekend. So each room will be a designed  puzzle but the overall map is procedural. I'll post more details in the  discord unity channel if anyone's interested. 


Thanks! Possibly, but not for the foreseeable future. I'll be patching soon for a proper install and bug fixing. I'm focusing on a game jam a month for the rest of the year so I'll have a bunch of content coming to this account though.

thanks!  I was wracking my brain for some sort of story because I wanted to play around with animation, people seem to like it though

Thanks for playing it! Yeah the sfx and music were such an after thought. I'll definatly learn these lessons for the next jam. Time management all round wasn't a strong point for me in this process.

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thanks for taking the time to play the game! There's definatly more I would have liked to do with it, hopefully I can expand on it a bit and release something at a later date. The deadline was a killer.

Update 4:

So I smoothed out some bugs, added death and respawn tracking,  finished off the sprites and tiles for the first level. Here's a rough outline of what I'm going for.

Everyone's posting such cool stuff! I'll have to check these pages out more often.

Update 3

So I had some more spare time so I managed to redo my sprites, still missing a parallax background. I'm pretty happy with the look now so I'll keep moving with this style.

My coding time was dedicated to moving the level editing to pixel colour recognition, allowing me to design levels in photoshop, and better handling of intersections for the anti grav. Still on the mechanics to do is cutting and removing anti grav panels (looking forward to the fun math on optimised mesh triangles :)). I'm not sure yet, but I might do some basic enemies if I get time (patrol and shoot/chase within range).

Here's the vid:


Not sure if I should be adding new posts or commenting, if adding a new post is wrong let me know.

Day 2 done! I've decided I like the idea enough to continue. I spent most of my time doing some pixel art for the character (I'm a programmer by trade so my art is a little sketchy and time consuming). I also fixed a few bugs  and put in a win condition (take the key to the door). I may elaborate on that if I get time come the end of the jam, but it should give me enough leeway to make some interesting puzzles. I'm still using some placeholder art (the door, the "DONE" at the end will lead to the next puzzle instead..).

My schedule is normally very patchy, fitting in with full time work, but I've been able to get more done than I expected this weekend.

Here's the progress vid!

Probably wont have another update until next week.

This is my first game jam so be gentle! Mostly as a way to stop me sitting in the prototype phase and tinkering forever. The idea is a simple 2d platformer where gravity is mirrored in areas the user draws. 

Anyway here's what I have after an afternoon of coding.

Still have a lot to go but most of the mechanics are in.