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A Pint To The Lizard KingdomView game page

Basically you play as a hillbilly running moonshine between the randomly spawned stills.
Submitted by Jibberish
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Music & Sound#592.8783.375

Ranked from 8 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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A Pint To The Lizard Kingdom

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It was like a more stable build of Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing (I LOVE IT!!!)
I picked up more corn then I knew what to do with, I found the glowing distillery but I never found the lizards... :(
Still an impressive achievement for only 48hrs. GREAT JOB!


The driving around was fun, a challenge to navigate around without knocking into obstacles. It was kind of weird how the game stalled though (although understand it was intended but the indicator wasn't shown). 


Fun driving mechanics as momentum is quite strong, so make the turns can be quite challenging and fun!
Really liked the responsive car engine sound effect too, that was great :D


@Merlin Thanks for the reply!

The beer sloshing for some reason worked in-editor, but would not work in the final build.  Without any build errors, it kinda didn't make sense at this stage of the dev process to investigate. The car was a standard Unity asset, and we just slapped a new model on top for a quick proof of concept.  We had intended to replace the standard Unity car sounds, but our sound guy ended up not being able to make it; which is also why the music was simply "borrowed" from a you tube link.  As far as the freezing of the game when you reached the moonshine still, that was by design but obviously not communicated.  After the lady said "GO!", your car should have unfrozen and allowed you to continue driving, unless you ran out of "Moonshine fuel" which you couldn't see in the pint glass.

Thanks again for the comment!

  1. There wasn't any beer sloshing around in the still when I played it
  2. Controller Support <3
  3. Music <3
  4. The car sounds like an electric RC car, not a proper hillbilly truck.  Needs a lot more engine knock.
  5. When I made it to the stale. it said "3..2..1..GO" and then froze.

Thank you very much for letting me know the download was broken. It should now be working, so feel free to check it out now! Thanks! :D


I have the same as @isaelsky21


I'll rate by the video. I laughed at it, it seems to be a funny game! The Idea is nice, and i like driving games. 


Yes, what isaelsky21 said. You need to zip up the exe+folder and submit the zip of those two!

Hey there! I can't seem to play it. Tells me "There should be 'A_Pint_To_The_Lizard_Kingdom_Data' folder next to the executable"