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Noice. How did you get that explosion damage to work? How does it create cracks in the track?

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I would strongly recommend uploading as zip file instead of a RAR, because Windows has native support for zip files without third-party software and most people are familiar with the format. RAR files require third-party software to extract and play.

If the instructions weren't on the edge, I might agree.

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That chromatic aberration effect hurts my eyes on this one, when trying to read the instructions.

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Simple, but novel concept.  Atmosphere meshes well too.

Installers are evil :(

Cant start the game :(

Cant read any of the text with that font.

Installers are evil :(

Overall good.  Two suggestions 1) Need some encouragement to keep moving and not stop to long 2) would be interesting if the orbiting shurikens maybe stuck around after you hit the enemy rather than going away immediately

Love it.  Do you mind if we borrow some ideas for our project?

Looks like there is a bug/feature in the latest build where you respawn with the flock you had when you died.  Also high score of 14!

Beat it! That last room took a lot of moves XD

A little bit of color correction would help the graphical feel :)  A more details player ship with PBR textures and a shadow would be good too.

The GTA fonts look out of place. It would be cool if there was a high score that was like (pipes x birds). Otherwise its solid.

Would also recomend changing the button to spacebar instead of z.

Windows build doesn't startup.

Solid submission.  I am however noticing a lot flicker on the buildings and the track doesn't seem flat.

Best game made for Shenanijam IMO

The notes are out of sync with the beat

Game does not start

Solid art, animations, and explosions.  I think the recharge mechanic is too punishing, you should at least recharge some ammo without going completely frozen, and you should have a button to initiate that recharge prematurely.

Needs a lot more enemies onscreen at once and a higher jump too.

These opponents have way to much health.  Took more than 30 mins to beat the easiest opponent.... Oh and I need more nouns please.

hook a crowdsourced neural network up to this game, and it could an interesting take on "word with friends"

Thinking of maybe adding some colored/shaped dots to the top of the labels for displaying hero preferences.  Any thoughts/suggestions?

The ufos are overpowered :/ just one has an effective range of about a third of the airspace.

The elk talks really fast, and when is he going to stop and let me play?

Needs some better tunes

Why are the skulls not taking damage?

The controls for this game feel really clunky. And... what is the goal of this game?

Gameplay trailer is marked private.

Ducking doesn't seem to work against the pinatas.

I daresay that this granny here is both invincible and apparently a nascar driver.

The complements are well voiced, but the I cannot understand the line it plays when you discover their weakness.

Adding drop shadows and some screen shake would really add to the experience, but overall a pretty solid entry.

Lovely graphics and animation.  I wish the player had more hitpoints.

There is no executable in the archive that was uploaded.

I think this is the only time I have seen a screen shake cause gimbol lock.

Millennial homeowner right here.  Cut the crap it is completely out of line and completely unnecessary.