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White Ball And FlowerView game page

A platformer about the last white ball protecting the last flower.
Submitted by Chrane_Sylk — 23 minutes, 48 seconds before the deadline

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Music & Sound#103.9093.909

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(Well....cuz of the word limit here's my comment Part 2)

Just in case anyone is wondering, our theme is " Perpetual Blood Circle". The white balls use their blood as energy to hit the monsters and they can always recharge/regenerate? as long as their flowers live, but we did not have time to make the cutscenes explaining the whole setting so......The presentation theme turned out not as obvious as we wanted to be.

Thank you all once again for playing our game.


Thank you for all the comments! We really appreciate it. This game jam experience is awesome and it is so nice to have all the feedbacks from fellow jammers. The game is made with Corgi nEgine, I got it from a sale and always wanted to try it out, what is a better opportunity than a 48hr game jam? The engine is very well made for any platformer game or any game that needs a 2D character controller with a classic platformer feel. We do have to extend the engine to fit our purposes but hey, that's part of the fun making our own games. 

In conclusion, we were overly ambitious with the project and had to skip some tasks we originally thought we were definitely gonna do.  (eg. Fine-tune the balance, swap all the assets come with the engine,  power-ups, damage the enemies by dashing into them,  and cutscenes between levels.) 

definitely seems like it's from Corgi Engine, lots of familiar assets/particles, nonetheless you made the mechanics unique from that project by having the bullets come from the mouth and making it seem like a defense game rather than a typical platformer. good job!


Death by cuteness!!! I love the pristine polish of your game! Really wonderful graphics/characters and great sound and music to boot! Smooth and responsive controls are the cherry on-top of a very tasty little platformer sundae! EXCELLENT JOB!!!


if you fall off a platform it's almost impossible to get back up but beautiful game. Had me smiling at how cute it was. Recharging causes good tension.  Great job.


Very cute style and music, but man, the controls are all over the place.  It seemed a little odd to put the fire button on the mouse if I don't even use the mouse to aim.  And after the dashing and flying were added, my fingers ended up getting pretty confused.

I liked the concept, but it needs some help in the balance department.  In the first two levels, there's no real reason to ever wander away from the flower, and when the flower starts moving, it becomes almost impossible to keep up.  I got overwhelmed by level 4.

It's a neat game, but it needs some work.


Very charming style of graphics and highly polished with particle effects and a great feeling to the platforming controls! Needs a bit of balancing though, as you can just stand on the flower and shoot all enemies, with little incentive to move around. 


The story was really lovely and the art is charming. I also liked the Zelda tribute in the second level. It was frustrating that you freeze when recharging, because there's nothing you can do to prevent it or damage to your flower. I think that giving the flower a slowly recharging energy supply and being able to partially recharge from that when you're near might mitigate this.


Solid art, animations, and explosions.  I think the recharge mechanic is too punishing, you should at least recharge some ammo without going completely frozen, and you should have a button to initiate that recharge prematurely.

Needs a lot more enemies onscreen at once and a higher jump too.


Oh, and looked at Xiya's reel on vimeo - outstanding animation! Love the style.


Great job! Animation and sound is fantastic. Very ambitious for 48 hrs! Some minor bugs, but very playable. Thanks for a mac version!


Rating by the video, It seems to be a great game, I liked the concept of defending the flower as a base. The camera isn't so good but its a complete game that has potential!


As soon as I enter any level it immediately cuts to "You survived."

Seems like a bug. I can't really rate it at this point.

I'm running it on a Windows 7 laptop, not sure if that has anything to do with it.