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It's fine! I respect you calling it out. I was a bit weirded out by that too.

lol nah. Just the commenter, Kawber.

LMAO pls dont cry /wipes tears

Kill it with fire

thank you for the kind, detailed and well thought-out comment. And great lets play, I totally don't mind.

^_^ hey malicediary!! haha thank you. i'm glad you appreciate the gender choice, it's what I want in VNs

thanks!!! :D

thank u! it was awesome watching. You didn't get the 4th ending yet but thanks for finding 3 ^_^

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thanks!! ur curious as to what's causing the addiction? I have something specific in mind but I tried to generalize it 

thank you ^^ yep it's addiction.

thank you :) glad I accomplished what I set out for

 thank you!! I liked watching your reactions and i'm glad u enjoyed it :)

omg thank you for kind words esp at the end! :)) really confidence-boosting!

thanks, I saw :D


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dude seriously? I'm not feeling well atm but I read every comment.

:D Thank you!


Hi guys, I made this game for fun over the week! It’s a visual novel that uses toxic relationships as a metaphor for depression/addiction.

I hope you have a good time with it. Thanks for reading.

LOL Oh god I remember seeing the trash can lady on Twitter. Amazing

Replied to Yuwrenn in Got Me comments

that's so cool, and no problem :)

lolol. Thank you!! 'bug' report haha. Hmm I'll try to look into that but I'm not sure where I put the orginal game file lol >.< Glad you love it!

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this is so awesome!! Vy cute graphics+color schemes. I love the sheer amount of content in this, the different ways you get to maps, all the dialogues. It really felt like a dream. Not sure if intentional but it felt symbolic to me too; as if it's a story about growing up - as you go on, you lose 'childish' dreams and wake up to 'reality' a bit more. Awesome :D

thank you!!! :)) Glad you found all the endings.

Thank you. Probably will give more clues. Sometime soon. Maybe, lol.

Not everyone looks at the description though. If I had more time I'd code a link in the actual game

Thank you!! It was fun watching you play. I'm glad you like it :)

thank you!! and thanks for playing! :DD 

That's so nice :D I'm so glad you love it!!

Thank you so much :D You're not stupid.. how can I make it easier? 

Thank you so much!! :DD God, this is so wholesome.

thank you so much :'< That's so kind!! I'm glad you think it fits the theme!

I've updated it so that it explicitly says you are trying to defend the client + the help button comes sooner; not sure if I should outright say use 'this' 'that'. What else would you suggest?

Thanks so much, I'll be on the lookout!! :D

omg, I love your work!! The story was amazing and so intense. I'm going to remember it for a long while.

definitely seems like it's from Corgi Engine, lots of familiar assets/particles, nonetheless you made the mechanics unique from that project by having the bullets come from the mouth and making it seem like a defense game rather than a typical platformer. good job!

The idea is so clever and cute and the art! Oh my gosh! Ty so much for providing the color palette. I think you said this was your first game jam on the discord..? if so, its a great first entry - and solo too :o

AHh this was so hard!! :D I love it! And the sound effects are so funny! Goes to show that simple, yet creative ideas are sometimes best. My only advice is to lengthen the music because it got repetitive and immersion-breaking. Thank you for making it ^_^

I agree with the below comments. It was an interesting spin on clicker games and the horse is adoraabllee! I'd also add that perhaps you should have more directions. I've never played this kind of game before and was really confused at first

Thanks, haha. I'm so glad you have a high opinion of it!