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I won't be working on this anymore but ty for the feedback, I totally agree

yeah definitely! it was not just u OTL ty for all the amazing bug reports on this and my other game hehe <3

np and ty for the details, I was able to repro it! I think.... I am going to just not build for Mac for this one, lol, that's probably not the news you want to hear but atmos (who did the music code) doesn't know what's going on and I don't really have time to debug it given my job T_T

yay glad to hear haha that was a confusing bug

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tysm for the detailed report! so..... just to clarify, it doesn't reproduce on the web version? it only happens on the mac version and only if you sleep on the first day? does it matter what time you sleep on the first day (e.g. right away, or when it gets dark etc). could you also try not using headphones?

I tried it on my mac and a friend's and couldn't repro, can you try the usual IT advice of quitting all other applications / restarting computer / making sure volume is not muted in the mac or game settings?


should be lmk

oop i figured it out - fixed for real now

lmao fixed

can you try again - I uploaded a new build

hi it should've said "to drop press X" - did it not, and if so what were you holding when that happened?

try reading the note next to the can

which build are you using (web, windows, etc)? also if you have any sort of game app open like Steam, maybe try closing it? sorry, i'll keep trying to debug this with you!

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Can you try deleting your cache then reloading the page? If that doesn't work could you send me a video of this issue? I can't seem to repro it

(Spoiler) You should be able to feed it by throwing but the eating radius is a little off ^^; going to push a build to fix that. In the meantime you can just lure it to eat your pets without throwing.

np let me know if closing Steam works!

hi, you tried pressing space and it didn’t work? If you have Steam open could you try closing it - Steam sometimes misdirects inputs

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you didn't till the soil ToT but ty for playing! maybe I should make it more obvious that you have to till the soil? haha

have you checked the pause menu?

tyyyy me too :)

ty thats the hope!

savable for downloaded, definitely. Pause with esc or c. saving system for web is a little flaky so if you care about that a lot I'd recommend downloading

nice username 

lol sorry idk who you are

yes! here it is

redownload it!! :)

banned them… LMAO

oh woops that's a bug - will fix in a future update!

hi i reuploaded it - does it work now? had to reupload to remove Burst bloat

omg that’s why the file size was so big,,,, i’ll remove that and reupload 🫢

try downloading it instead if the web build doesn't work