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Angela He

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didn't you already post? Don't repost on my games.

aw no u caught me D: D: ;)

omg bles s you Nami thank you, please keep lighting the world up w ur games <3

HOLY MOLY That was so creatively original! This was not only cute, but also really pretty deep which I found super intriguing

SAME -intense tears-

I can't open the application (mac); if it helps, the contents (all the pngs etc) are available in the downloaded file and not packaged into one app like other RenPy games I've played

LOL no prob!

:D of course! I too am normal in the operatings

i would help but i can't even help myself

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hi no homo is a very realistic, 2-player simulator of people saying hi. Play with a friend!


haha yay!<3

hmmm I'll look into that...

Yay awesome!

aw sorry, yeah, maybe I shouldn't have posted this to itchio? lolol it was for academia. thanks for trying!

oh. didn't see/know that. I'll look into it.

ah. you have to strategize. Aka you have to manipulate the bacteria so it moves the granuloma by itself, then you can destroy it. hope that helps.

D: ??? can you explain which section? (brain, etc) The brain is a bit difficult to strategize.

ok yeah ending 2 is there, but you have to seriously f up to get it.

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haha that's great ^^ hm.. omg.. I think I integrated Ending 2 in but I may have not -sweats- I'll check asap

thanks Frosted Fricks!! :D 

thanks, but please don't repost on my games

ah! I made it so long ago that I don't know how to debug it >< Hopefully you made it to the ending alright. Thanks so much Sora Album and I hope you found this heavy topic enjoyable.

thanks Frosted Fricks!!

:) thank you

It's fine! I respect you calling it out. I was a bit weirded out by that too.

lol nah. Just the commenter, Kawber.

LMAO pls dont cry /wipes tears

Kill it with fire

thank you for the kind, detailed and well thought-out comment. And great lets play, I totally don't mind.

^_^ hey malicediary!! haha thank you. i'm glad you appreciate the gender choice, it's what I want in VNs

thanks!!! :D

thank u! it was awesome watching. You didn't get the 4th ending yet but thanks for finding 3 ^_^

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thanks!! ur curious as to what's causing the addiction? I have something specific in mind but I tried to generalize it 

thank you ^^ yep it's addiction.

thank you :) glad I accomplished what I set out for

 thank you!! I liked watching your reactions and i'm glad u enjoyed it :)

omg thank you for kind words esp at the end! :)) really confidence-boosting!

thanks, I saw :D


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dude seriously? I'm not feeling well atm but I read every comment.

:D Thank you!