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Angela He

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Attention Youtubers! If reaches out to you offering a sponsorship, DO NOT ACCEPT. I have no idea who she is, but if you download the game from you'll probably get some weird malware.

See screenshots of what to look out for here:

Thanks to @HistoryMarche and @aestaeticYT for bringing this to my attention.

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Omg thank you FizzyTea. I would but my life is so disorganized I would be a horrible mod/discord leader T_T Idk but if anyone wants to make a discord without me feel free!

i love itchio sm

if yall need any help organizing / developing this bundle im v down

(1 edit) Thank you!!


Thank you for finding so much meaning in their stories! Means a lot

nah but cool sugggestion tho maybe you could do it


what's your system OS/graphics/etc?

a sequel!!


Lol gl convincing mom

thank you! :)

ill remember for future works u_u have a nice dayyy


Haha in my mind I was thinking MC is August but you can name her whatever! Thank you :)

Thanks but that's not quite what I was going for

you can find them all on Soundcloud! (music credits are in About from the menu)

"goth gf's iPhone" airdrops you a photo.

Accept or decline?

A romance / horror story about life, death, and memes.

How will you spend time?

**Warning: contains mentions of suicide and self-harm.**

Play free on -




Just launched this on Steam so I'm finally announcing it here! have fun and I hope you enjoy :)

can you redownload it then copy and paste your log file? They can be found here:

  • macOS: ~/Library/Logs/Unity/Player.log
  • Windows: C:\Users\username\AppData\LocalLow\Angela He\missed messages\Player.log
  • Linux: ~/.config/unity3d/Angela He/missed messages/Player.log

thanks, fixed!!

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Thanks. They're on Soundcloud. Also it's 'kalko' - I'll fix that in a future vers.

It's in Main Menu > About ^_^

Hi, click the top left (the close button) of the settings menu. I'll make it more obvious in a future version.

Yay! Glad to hear it worked and you liked/related to it ^_^

Haha I feel you I want to hug her too ToT

Yep! Those are the 4

Hm maybe try redownloading it? It works on my Windows 10. Sorry I can't help much

What OS do you have?


thank you for playing :) I hope you're in a better place <3

lol best comment!!! thanks so much <3 <3 <3 im really busy so ill prob never have time for a sequel :'( but maybe they get back together, who knows?

Aw, thank you :) im happy it moved you so much <3



You can in the mobile version. I haven't had time to update the web version.

Thanks so much! Yeah I try to ignore them but when you constantly see them  everyday it gets tiring :/ I'm super grateful for reasonable players like you though. Idk what Live2D is but I'll check it out when I get time! <3

D: Sorry to hear that. Idk if it'll help but tell him it may be what he, I, and many others would like to do, but it's certainly not good. You'll never get to wake up from the dream world of grief and get to experience the good things that might happen in the future, like you, the person he's dating.

It's in the About section of the game.  It's I can't forget you by rxdlxst. Gl :( 💕


I feel like you believe the happy pills are anti-depressants. Nowhere did I say that. Nowhere, either, did I say that the main character was depressed. The pills could be opiods or xanax. All I said they did was purportedly 'take the pain away'.  Also, I personally have had shitty experiences with medical professionals. This game is based off of my experiences. If meds work for you, great. This game is a personal story - a case study.