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nw!! best of luck w everything! :3

hi i tried it and it failed silently this time  - heres a screen recording of what happens -

AW thanks tanat

Indeed it does!

theres a lot to love about this one!! love that the levels seem to get randomized every playthrough to spice things up a bit :) and this is such a unique twist on the saturated turn based mechanic. the difficulty progression was great too, as i progressed things got more and more interesting with healing and numbers within the slots. i wished there were checkpoints or some way to save because i often didnt want to replay the first level. also it'd be cool if, instead of the power bar being a horizontal straight line, it was a circle outline around the wheel so that i know when to exactly release to get which slot. as it was, consequence felt more luck-based than skill-based. hope you expand on this (if you want to) y'all got something promising here!!

ty!! we tried our best to merge the two genres haha. love that you know what a wolf cut is ;3 

"what is a man but a miserable mush of secrets" lm ao what a cute little game! such a quirky world full of fun characters. i wish i had more of a clue of who to give what, in my playthrough only the glasses dude gave a clue ("where are my glasses").  otherwise, great job; what a unique twist on fetch quests, ive never quite seen anything like this done before.

Haha indeed, game jammer struggles  ><

Now I get this error: 

So a different error message - progress? a quick google search says it might be your godot version

thanks!! just follow me or tanat and you should see in your feed when we release it

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yeah please view the game page for known bugs and how to avoid/fix them

Latest version of Chrome!

idk if it helps but here's a video of the behavior

aw thanks! :) and i dont sorry!  but if you have a workable build past the deadline i can play it and give feedback but wont rate

thought this was a really unique mechanic i havent seen yet, overall really solid, good job :)

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nice i have a Mac so i can play it! :D 

the dad reused the udder joke! and the music is a 3 sec loop that gets repetitive fast so i ended up muting it. udder than that i think that the characters' backstories and themselves were super funny (not necessarily the jokes, they seemed intentionally bad), loved that the dad is a final boss. it'd be cool if you see the consequence of your rating somehow because it doesn't seem to make a difference in your experience of the game. congrats on a completed game!

i love this we got four narratives about friendship, love, and gender from four friends who all burn their past grievances into a fire and move on :3 it made me so happy to read it!  love how each person has a different font/coloring/style of writing too! just awesome the things people can do with twine.

I get stuck at the WASD screen, pressing WASD doesn't make anything happen. I'm on Mac Catalina. It looks really interesting though!

need to "chmod -R +x" Mac version to open

heres some bugs i found:

the characters should be on separate sorting layers so there isnt this weird glitching behavior when they're in the same place

also dialogue disappears on player movement even if i havent finished reading/pressed enter - perhaps disable player movement on dialogue?

there was also  a point where only one of the characters were following me and the rest were still

but other than that i was very impressed with how much level designing you got done within the short amount of time! there was a lot to play through and at just the right difficulty i thought. congrats on making a complete game!