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lol best comment!!! thanks so much <3 <3 <3 im really busy so ill prob never have time for a sequel :'( but maybe they get back together, who knows?

Aw, thank you :) im happy it moved you so much <3



You can in the mobile version. I haven't had time to update the web version.

Thanks so much! Yeah I try to ignore them but when you constantly see them  everyday it gets tiring :/ I'm super grateful for reasonable players like you though. Idk what Live2D is but I'll check it out when I get time! <3

D: Sorry to hear that. Idk if it'll help but tell him it may be what he, I, and many others would like to do, but it's certainly not good. You'll never get to wake up from the dream world of grief and get to experience the good things that might happen in the future, like you, the person he's dating.

It's in the About section of the game.  It's I can't forget you by rxdlxst. Gl :( 💕


I feel like you believe the happy pills are anti-depressants. Nowhere did I say that. Nowhere, either, did I say that the main character was depressed. The pills could be opiods or xanax. All I said they did was purportedly 'take the pain away'.  Also, I personally have had shitty experiences with medical professionals. This game is based off of my experiences. If meds work for you, great. This game is a personal story - a case study.

np, thanks for understanding!! ^_^

yep, but give me time. Art/coding ain't easy, and I'm balancing school + other stuff

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title screen: Yung Sherman - All about you

main music: rxdlxst - I can't forget you

some endings: rose - bed time candy

It's in "About"

You can screenshot it, but I'll def put that on my list of possible features!

ty!!!! <3 <3 maybe, idk how I'd do that w/o cramping the UI :/ Also, not sure how many people want that compared to, say, a male version

oh boy

a new version should come out tonight, can you try that and tell me what happens?

B R U H 




maybe ;( it'd take a lot of time

will do!

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Thanks! But didn't you post before? Please don't double post.

Thanks unlimitedjelly ^_^ (nice name haha) I can't seem to reproduce this; I tried doing some things that could've fixed it but are really shots in the dark. Lmk if you still get the bug.

Great comment! I like to think it's about losing someone in general, not just through suicide.

I think you have a great argument and point to make. But I think you've interpreted the game as fact, as explicit, when the surreality implies to not take it at face value. I never said the happy pills were antidepressants, either, I just said they're to fight the pain - they could be benzos or opioids. The game's supposed to represent the despair, isolation, and emotions that a person might feel after losing someone. Help, yes, is crucial to healing. But sometimes you can't get help - maybe your parents refuse to believe your pain is real; maybe your friends tell you to get over it. Maybe you have nobody. I'll keep your point about medical professionals in mind - I personally have had terrible experiences with them, but I shouldn't let that blind me. Thanks for sharing your opinion. The fact that my game came across as such was not what I wanted, and I would revise it; however, this game has honestly been too emotionally taxing for me to make. I don't want to touch it again.

Awesome, great to hear.

Hey, thanks for sharing your viewpoint. I enjoyed your rambling, keep at it haha. You sound quite eloquent & open; I'm sure you'll do just fine at supporting people <3

What isn't working?

AHHH omg! Thank you leafo!! :))

Of course, I'm glad I could help! Your English is great. I know his death must be hard. I wish you luck in these dark times xo

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Hi guys,

I just released my 8th game, YOU LEFT ME., a surreal visual novel/point-and-click adventure game:

You wake up in the same bed but a different world. 

You have until nighttime to escape.

 To get out, you must remember something.. or be lost forever.

The art was heavily influenced by one of my favorite artists, avogado6. Thanks for reading, and hope you enjoy it if you check it out!

thanks so much <3 I'm happy you felt understood, it's a bit of what I set out to do. I'll be rereading your precious words; you sound like a really nice person so I wish you the best too <3

ur welcome!!! <3 I hope your day gets better :(

Aww, thank you Sesbastian! You're so sweet. I'm glad to have met you and I'm grateful for all your curating work. All those games on the GOTY look amazing, I'll be sure to check them out!!



could be 3 things: you have an old version of Chrome or your WebGL is disabled or your computer is too old..?

ok but real-talk is that jhope in your icon

of course!

unity and photoshop! <3

thank you! one of the sweetest comments ever <3 no sequel, but so glad you loved it.