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(Well....cuz of the word limit here's my comment Part 2)

Just in case anyone is wondering, our theme is " Perpetual Blood Circle". The white balls use their blood as energy to hit the monsters and they can always recharge/regenerate? as long as their flowers live, but we did not have time to make the cutscenes explaining the whole setting so......The presentation theme turned out not as obvious as we wanted to be.

Thank you all once again for playing our game.

Thank you for all the comments! We really appreciate it. This game jam experience is awesome and it is so nice to have all the feedbacks from fellow jammers. The game is made with Corgi nEgine, I got it from a sale and always wanted to try it out, what is a better opportunity than a 48hr game jam? The engine is very well made for any platformer game or any game that needs a 2D character controller with a classic platformer feel. We do have to extend the engine to fit our purposes but hey, that's part of the fun making our own games. 

In conclusion, we were overly ambitious with the project and had to skip some tasks we originally thought we were definitely gonna do.  (eg. Fine-tune the balance, swap all the assets come with the engine,  power-ups, damage the enemies by dashing into them,  and cutscenes between levels.) 

The game feeling is very interesting, it is different from what I used to but I enjoyed it. Also, the waterfall looks nice!

I found the game super elegant both mechanic wise and story wise. The game is challenging and fun, I still haven't beaten the game yet after trying at least 15 times now (I guess I suck)! Good work! 

I was a little bit confused about the objective at first, but once I got the handle of it, it's so much fun hahaha. Love watching my cute donuts army flipping around!

Music games are my favorite genre. Love the twist from traditional rhythm games. Nice work!

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Thank you very much for playing and help to test the game! I'll definitely look into the bugs and make fixes in updated versions.

For the music:

The above is the link to the Bandcamp album page, the two songs in the games are there for download.  The album is free for now, please feel free to use the music in your videos. (The cube level's sound is generative so I do not have a track for now. If you like the sounds, I can make a recording of the soundscape and send it to you.)

 I am glad you enjoy the experience.  Also thank you very much for featuring my game on the list!

I really enjoy the title screen music! Also the in-game sfx/music is so satisfying to listen to. The gameplay is fun, I just wish there's a pause function (maybe I haven't discovered yet)and the HUD can show the current score along with the high score. Good work!

Hi! This is a demo of a project I am working on. It is a music album but each track has its own themed game level. The trailer is for the demo I just released, more tracks and levels coming in the future! Please let me know what you think of the game/music.


Awesome game! How could you work with 3D objects in a Construct2 project? (I just watched the begining of the replay video.)

Sorry in advance if I'm asking some stupid questions.

Do we submit our games by submitting the page of it? Or in another form so all the entries can be bundled together and put in one place.

Also, are we allowed to monetize our games on their own later?