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A jam entry

StepGhostView game page »

StepGhost is haunting your yuppie apartment
Submitted by radHABiT


CriteriaRankScore*Raw score
Music & Sound#223.6133.613

Ranked from 31 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Step Ghost

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All jokes aside, we did enjoyed playing this a lot! Congrats man, you rock.


Thanks for everything guys! You've all been so incredibly kind and I appreciate all of your amazing comments! I feel as though I don't deserve it, considering all of the unbelievably AwEsOmE games you guys made. This has been an incredible experience and I have all of you to thank for it. Best of luck to you guys and one more big THANK YOU!!!

Excellent idea! Very fun and original game for some reason i had a nice Ghostbusters vibe from it. 

nice work! interesting concept to pull off in such a short time.

Loads to implement in 48hrs, even the trailer is polished!  Good work ;)

Great game! It took me a while to figure it out but when I did I felt a great eureka moment! No too many games can do that. Great job. The first time I got that forsaken STEPGHOST out in 291 steps :) The second time I got it out in 30 steps. Very interesting game play. In the future I would be interested in a full game of StepGhost.

Super challenging game! Definitely one of the most unique games I've seen so far. Really loved it, great job!

Cool original idea, reminded me of Sokoban, if you reverse it. Definitely can be expanded upon into a full fledged puzzle game. Great job!

Nice solo at the end! Really cool concept!

121 steps in my first try! It was kind of interesting concept, i really liked the art. As you said that vacuum cleanear was totally OP haha

That was great!
I got 70 steps the first time I beat it!
I'm surprised at the quality and type of game you were able to get out of RPG maker!
Awesome work.

Wow, what a polished outing this game is. Once you solve it, there's very low replay value, but it sets the stage for a series of puzzles.

For anyone thinking about not solving it - there is a short song at the end that is totally worth it!

Great submission!

Awesome well executed concept.
One of my favorites of the jam so far.
You could totally expand this into a larger game.  Good stuff!

For what is in the end, a top down "puzzler" based on trial and error, i liked it. Its a good size for a two day game jam and fits the chosen theme well. The visuals are great and that you could choose to get the full context of the game before playing as well as the "story" etc. was nice extra touch and makes the game feel more "complete" (even if the text itself was a bit lengthy, also no fan of a pure text tutorial).

I don't have much to say about the game-play, its extremely basic. However I think you made the right choice using trail and error as the main challenge, as adding extra complexity could have easily take way to much time and becomes difficult to explain in a small game. However, I would have loved to se the challenge focus more on conflict of space of the ghost and the character, what do you need to press in what order to also not have the ghost in the way? etc. Kind of like those classic box pushing challenges. Also would have loved another level or two.

This feel like an original idea, having to remember what the different items do to the ghost, i like it, brings me back to time when you had to have a pen and paper next to you while playing some games :) I didn't really get why some items made the ghost go in two differnet directions, so I would sometimes end up in the corner. Nice graphics as well!


Thanks guys! I really appreciate the comments :)
Oh shoot, I should've mentioned you can quick restart by walking through the door (the dude not the ghost) Sorry!!

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