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Dang, this game is polished!

I liked the idea of it, but my main complaint is that it's hard to read the battlefield at a glance.  Since each buddy had its own color scheme, I was having trouble telling friend from foe.

I liked the variety of buddies to summon.  At some point it wouldn't let me use cards for two turns.  Was that something the enemy used?

Good job on the whole!  It's really solid!

Kudos on going for procedural generation!

Although the first time I started a game, I spawned with two enemies on top of me, heh.

It's a really basic game, but solid enough for what it is.

Okay, the clown is appropriately creepy, but is there an endgame here?  Any way to win or lose?

I found it's easiest to kill the dudes by just standing where they spawned from, but after that point there really wasn't much else to it.

Man, I wanted to like this game more, but a lot of it so finicky.  The movement of the guac is so fast, and bounces and object placement have to be so precise...

On top of that, there's a lot of bugs that need to be worked out regarding placing objects.  I ended up placing things sometimes by clicking to start a level, or else placing things behind the objects bar when I wanted to select a different thing to place.

And I kinda wish the game had told me the restart key at some point.  I misplaced the spring in the first tutorial and was just stumped on what to do at that point.

It's a neat concept, though.  Maybe a bit over-ambitious for a game jam game, but then I guess there shouldn't be a problem with that.

I don't know.  It's just really close to being really fun.  It just needs another day or two to deal with bugs and quality of life issues.

You certainly nailed the mood and went all-out on the gamefeel, but there's not a whole lot of substance to the game itself.  I ended up looking at the attack meter for most of the time, since it didn't really matter what enemy I was up against; I'd always want a full attack.

I was pretty confused by the win/lose conditions, and the little pasture image in the upper corner.  Sometimes it had more/fewer goats on it?  And eventually there were too many lawn mowers to beat and no grass left, and then it ended.

It's pretty well-done for what it is, though.

Fun little grindy RPG.  A bit too grindy at parts, though.  Especially during the Cave of Sorrows bit.

I did enjoy the weirdness to the game and the characters.

I was kinda hoping the townspeople would say things about the Beefy Thumb after I was told to go "show it off", but no matter.

...This has to be some of the most bizarre music I've heard in a game.

Very cute style and music, but man, the controls are all over the place.  It seemed a little odd to put the fire button on the mouse if I don't even use the mouse to aim.  And after the dashing and flying were added, my fingers ended up getting pretty confused.

I liked the concept, but it needs some help in the balance department.  In the first two levels, there's no real reason to ever wander away from the flower, and when the flower starts moving, it becomes almost impossible to keep up.  I got overwhelmed by level 4.

It's a neat game, but it needs some work.

Hmm, I'm not really sure how to do well at this game.  I mean, I get the whole "jump on the other guys, don't get jumped on" thing, but actually doing that well?  With how the enemies moved and clustered, and with just how many hits they each take to kill, it's all I could do to jump around and wiggle and hope I'd land on something.

Maybe if each successive bounce got more powerful?  I don't know.

And I wish the whole "being on a small planetoid" played more of a role in the game.  I'm not really sure what kind of role, but it all looked so smooth and slick that I wish it had mattered in more than an aesthetic manner.

I am so confused by this.

I mean, I get the concept, but I'm still so confused.

I think the red/green steak color indication could have been a lot more stark.  It was a little hard to take it all in at a glance to see if I was winning or not.

I also wasn't sure how to use the spray bottle, exactly.  So I ended up frantically clicking it, hoping that I DID have a winning setup on the board.

And then the screen went blank.

Did... did I win?

Anyway, it's a neat idea, and you definitely have the weirdness factor going for it.  I wish there were a way to skip the opening for replaying it, though.

Man, there is a lot to keep track of!

It took me a while to understand the priorities: tend the mower first (and watch for hamsters), and go after ghoasts when possible.

I don't know how to be particularly successful at this.  The one time I got the mower to the charger, I only ended up with 80 squares mowed.

Still, pretty fun.  Really weird.

And I appreciated that I could add my own beat to the music with the bible and the rake.  Good fun for those lulls in the action.

Really nice mood, but I think you could have done a better job at conveying the core concept.  I was trying to jump around and reach the symbol on the wall before giving up and looking to the comments here for hints.

It has some potential, but could use a little better introduction to its whole deal.  Maybe having the first room have the symbol split neatly in half, or something.

Pretty fun!  I can appreciate what you're going for here.

It's tough surviving without a ranged attack of your own, and I liked how it forced you to rely on the turrets so much.  It's really simple, but enough to end up really challenging, with having to balance fleeing and turret creation and picking up health and mana.

I got to wave 10 before I was finally overwhelmed.


Thanks for the feedback!

I've never used itch.io before, so I didn't know where the platform options were.  I've gone back and specified that now.

Also, it looks like I accidentally had a bug in there that kinda negated most of my AI code?  That's what I get for trying to implement AI 2 1/2 hours before the deadline.  I fixed the bug and updated the game upload.  I hope that's okay by the jam rules.  The AI's still not great, but at least it does a slightly better job playing now.

Thanks again!

Not bad for a first game!  Simple and solid.

Once I filled in all the spots with towers, all I could do was sit back and watch.  It was at level 23 that I first took damage, and level 26 that I finally fell.

Anyhow, I enjoyed it.

It's a neat concept, but a little under-developed.  I think if the powers could have been a bit more snappy and the enemies a bit more aggressive, then you cold be onto something.  As it is, the enemies are kinda helpless against the thorns, and the fireballs are a bit too slow to be useful.

Still, it's got some nice potential.

Dang, I think the tutorial needed to be a lot more clear.  I didn't realize that the arrows corresponded to the number pad, and was pretty confused as to what I actually had to do.

When it all clicked, I had no trouble.  It was just pretty confusing.

Also, I liked the attic door distraction, heh.

I think the presentation is really nicely done.  The characters and graphics are cute and the music is pretty charming.  I'm not much of a fan of physics-based gameplay, though, and was a little disappointed there was no twist of some sort after I'd completed the statue.  That elk needed to be taken down a peg or two.

Also, I kinda wished I didn't have to be next to the elk in order to read what he was saying.

Still, a nice little entry, if a bit basic.

Heh, weird concept for a game.  I likes the visuals and the music, but the actual gameplay was pretty basic.  I was just taking potshots at the rat side the whole time, and that seemed to work well enough.

And I started again after I had won, and was just a little disappointed that I was not allowed to bring the beer to the rat pirate