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Awww, thank you mouse.

Only  the Jam Judges can score it, but the thought is appreciated. Thank you for your comment and good luck with your review site Kratzen.

Sorry for the long response time, I was putting every single second of my free time into Danganronpa V3, and programming.

Thanks for feedback.

I thought the cow(Hilda) would be funny as a break between more serious parts. I can see how her random humor would seem overwhelmingly out of place.

The whole idea of the ending, from what I understand, is that the dust bowl manifests itself as an entity to take everything that Bill has left. It takes his daughter, and then even Hilda leaves(which is supposed to be more comedic). Though we don't get to see the horrible thing Bill did to deserve such fate, so it doesn't have as much impact.

That's my interpretation, but I only wrote the cow parts.

It's pretty much a perfect game for a game jam.I really have nothing bad to say.

The art is minimal, but detailed enough to give you all the information you need. The music builds up the atmosphere. The audio design is great. I especially love that snoring guy.

The puzzles are simple and they make sense. No pixel hunting either.

I'll be flabbergasted if this doesn't win.

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That was a nice point-and-click. The cable was hard to see and the safe was placed in a weird spot, but other than that it's a decent game. The music is nice too.

Please, you have to put some music in. All this beautiful art is being wasted because the lack of music destroys any pretense of atmosphere. You can get Kevin MacLeod's music for free, just anything.

You're a talented artist. You cannot afford to just throw it all away.

The ending is a bit abrupt, but other than that it's surprisingly enjoyable.

The art is great. Animations are a joy to look at, especially the roll. Music is great too.

You might want to add a bit more feedback to the punches. Other than lowering health the wolf shows no signs of getting hit.

You can walk right through the door in the back of your starting ship and then you keep falling into the void. Shame, it was getting pretty interesting.

I kind of wish there was more to it. Still, I think this art style works pretty well.

I've tried replaying this a couple of times and I still have no idea how I'm supposed to win. I tried looking at the orange, looking at the people. Walking around. I just have no idea what to do.

This was pretty long for 2 weeks, great job. Really enjoying this art style.

Could use some sound effects, audio feedback is important.

Please, lock the mouse cursor inside of the window, it drives me nuts.

A nice, short experience.

A sound effect for clicking prompts and maybe some music would be nice

I'm really digging this art style. Very reminiscent of future sci-fi films like Blade Runner.

The game could really use some sound effects. Footsteps,  interface noises for pickups/dialogue and crowd noise could really elevate the, already stellar, atmosphere. The ending was also a bit abrupt.

@merlin4 I've updated the game with a bit more of a "punch" to the hits,  screen shaking looked really bad.  Also,  a few more drop shadows.

@TheCalster The music is called The Sea Beneath Our Feet  by  Puddle of Infinity:

As soon as I enter any level it immediately cuts to "You survived."

Seems like a bug. I can't really rate it at this point.

I'm running it on a Windows 7 laptop, not sure if that has anything to do with it.

I liked it, but it would be nice if you could skip the intro.

Really nice looking artstyle, both 2d and 3d. Fun gameplay and replayable as hell.

I'm not sure if I encountered a bug or if this is intentional, but on level 7 if you laser the entire stage, the portal does not appear.

That song was great.

Original concept executed well, and a surprisingly rewarding puzzle game.

Though I would like it to have a restart button.

It's funny, but that camera shake is just too much.

Really liking the artstyle, though the game is extremely short.

Hope you can add some sound effects and/or music in the future.

This is a framework of something really neat.

The idea of switching between arrow keys is pretty cool and it's something I haven't seen done before.

The music does not match well with the gameplay. It's slow and doesn't really have any notes that would immediately jump at you. The arrows are similarly sluggish. Even the hard difficulty, although it has the most happening in it, is still painfully slow.

Still, for 48 hours of work it's alright. With some serious work put into it you could make something downright groundbreaking.

Also, the ghost looks super cute. Animating him/her and putting them on the side could make for a neat feedback on how well the player is doing.

Go to the Tem Shop (Cave with an exclamation mark) and choose the "Reset data" option.

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It's a short, abstract experience.

The gameplay consists mostly of getting from point A to point B. there are a couple of obstacles, like a "stealth" section with bees or defusing a larvae-like creature. It's pretty good for what it's going for.

Graphically, it looks like something out of a ps1, but displayed at a much higher resolution. That's not to say that it looks bad. The visuals are weird, but they fit the theme of bugs.

Nice ambient sounds, though there is a loud and obnoxious explosion at the very beginning of the game.

The controls are a bit stiff, but responsive, and the animations are basic. The only technical issue is the mouse cursor doesn't lock in when you run the game in the windowed mode.


Good luck with your future games.

Pretty fun for a few minutes. Could use a bit more feedback, like an animation for when the monsters hit the bullets.

I believe the game is fixed now. Just re-download it.