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Submitted by moumix with 2 hours, 55 minutes before the deadline

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Puzzle Design#14.3334.333

Ranked from 3 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Historical Event
This is the story of Mustapha, a North Carolinian slave in 1808. Mustapha teamed up with a hunchbacked white criminal named Arthur Howe to escape from captivity. Together, they launched a brilliant scheme: after escaping from his plantation, Mustapha and Howe traveled north, and at each town they came to, Howe would sell Mustapha to a local plantation owner for a healthy price. Then that same night, Mustapha would escape again, rejoin Howe, and they would split the cash from the sale. They kept this up for a while until the pair separated, and Mustapha made his escape to the northward a wealthy man.

Here are some links about this event:
(3rd article)
(Bounty for the escape of Mustapha and Arthur Howe, from 1808)
(Small paragraph about the story)

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Got the window open but couldn't figure out how to cut the sheets... gave up after 20 min

Find a broken mug and use it

Jam Judge

A well thought out story and characters. The puzzle designs were simple and logical. I enjoy minimalist pixel art, however, the lack of details made it kind of hard to see certain items and had me stuck for a little bit because of it. Great use of music and SFX.

Best of luck!

Jam Judge

Very interesting story! I included it in my $101 Adventure Challenge compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)


A great game! I really enjoyed the art style and the music of this game (the last track not so much) . The lack of animation can be a little bit distracting but it's better to have no animation than bad animation.

The controls were really confusing indeed, especially when I wanted to interact with something from my inventory.

Anyway, a really interesting game to accompany a really interesting story.


Oh believe me, this game is better off without my pathetic attemps at animating the characters (I tried! and failed...). :D

Thanks for the feedback :)


The story you've chosen is very interesting. Your main character has a distinct personality that gives him character, livening up the game.

The art style is great, and it's not even jarring at all that the character doesn't move around the screen. Some things are so low rez that you can't tell what they are, but you find out when you hover your mouse over them so no problem there.

The puzzles are relatively easy, but are logical and consistent with the story. I love that there are messages for lots of things that aren't even part of a puzzle just for flavor text, and they even change when you try it again. This fleshes out the world and character quite a bit.

The music sets the atmosphere perfectly, and the myriad sound effects really bring the world to life.

The only significant negative aspect is that the interaction is confusing. Standard point & click adventure game interaction is left click to interact, right click to either examine or cycle the cursor. In this game, right click to interact, and left click to examine which is quite confusing at first. This is made even worse by the fact that when an inventory item is selected it switches to left click interact!

This game was quite fun.


I'm sorry for the reversed controls. I probably haven't played enough point and click games recently, and when I tested my game at first with the default controls (which are as you described), I was confusing them every time, so I decided to change them because it made more sense to me.

I should have listened to my testers who told me they were a bit confused by the controls... it's totally my bad on this :S

Just for future reference, if I work with this art style again, which items, if you remember, did you find unrecognizable without their description? :)

Host (1 edit)

The rock was the main one. I didn't see it there cause it just looked like a blob of grey. But I don't know how you do a rock any better really. And like I said it wasn't really an issue cause eventually found it since the words pop up.

What's a rock doing inside on the floor anyway? :-P Well, it's an adventure game. Rocks are all over the place.


Great work! This was fun to play, and I was drawn in to the whole experience and Mustapha's predicament. The spider puzzle was definitely my favorite, and I had to go back around the house a few times to solve it :)


It's pretty much a perfect game for a game jam.I really have nothing bad to say.

The art is minimal, but detailed enough to give you all the information you need. The music builds up the atmosphere. The audio design is great. I especially love that snoring guy.

The puzzles are simple and they make sense. No pixel hunting either.

I'll be flabbergasted if this doesn't win.