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Witch and mystery, find all the secrets ! / Sorcières et mystères, découvrez tout les secrets !
Submitted by Les Jeux de Bebel (@lesjeuxdebebel) with 2 minutes, 24 seconds before the deadline

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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Puzzle Design#52.6672.667

Ranked from 3 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Historical Event
Sorcery of Salem :

and more precisely, the story of Sarah Good and her little girl Dorca :

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Bonjour !

Je viens de découvrir votre jeu via les réseaux sociaux. Et, je ne suis vraiment pas déçu ! Grand fan de jeu d'aventure et de point and clic, j'ai retrouvé la sensation des anciens jeux du genre qui m'avait beaucoup plus. Dommage que celui-ci est assez court. 

J'ai beaucoup aimé l'histoire et le coté poétique (et parfois loufoque) de celle-ci. J'ai trouvé intéressant de plonger dans l'histoire de deux accusées de Salem. (je suis allé lire le wiki). 

Niveau gameplay, j'ai apprécié les différentes possibilités, notamment celles plus ou moins inutiles qui permettent  d'écouter ou de lécher les choses. Encore une fois, cela m'a rappelé certains bons jeux que les anciens comprendrons. D'ailleurs, j'ai aimé la difficulté "à l'ancienne" où on prend plaisir à réfléchir un peu pour trouver la solution ! Selon-moi, les jeux d'aujourd'hui (mise à part certains, très bons) sont trop faciles et bourrés d'indices. La plupart du temps, on doit se contenter de cliquer bêtement sur les objets mis facilement à notre disposition et on suit surtout une espèce de logique... (verre + eau = boire par exemple.)

Niveau graphismes, j'ai beaucoup apprécié et je suis plutôt agréablement surpris de découvrir un jeu de cette qualité parmi des jeux indépendants ( je veux dire : non connu) C'est très agréable visuellement et cela nous plonge vite dans l'ambiance, bien soutenue par la musique ! Je regrette juste que la flèche de changement de pièce soit difficile à voir (j'ai un peu galéré à trouver.)

Bref, un jeu de bonne qualité dont j'ai pris un grand plaisir à jouer ! J'espère en voir davantage ! 


Bonjour =)

Wahhh ! Merci beaucoup !! Ça fait vraiment plaisir =) Vous avez tout à fait cerné le jeu ^^

Nous prévoyons une suite concernant l'histoire, vous serez prévenus en temps voulu =)

Concernant la flèche, nous corrigeons cela le plus vite possible =) Merci pour l'info ^^

Encore merci =) et à bientôt !

Jam Judge(+1)

The story was pretty confusing and hardly any information was given for the characters. I loved the hand-drawn visuals. There was no audio to comment on. Some extra notes: The UI was hard to understand. Consider working on how to make that better. Also, if you decide to develop further, make sure you get proper English translations.

Best of luck.


Hi !

Thanks for your comment =)

For the story, it's a choice to be explicit with our character, we want to create a mysterious atmosphere and let the player ask himself questions. We planned a longer story for the futur.

For the audio, we already corrected the problem =) We had no much time to add it in the jam ^^'

Finnaly, For the English translations, we are French and have a bad level in english. But, it's important for us to propose our game to everyones, some of people already propose their help and their skill to help us =).

Have a good day o/

Jam Judge(+1)

Nice graphics, found it very difficult to get out of the box! I included it in my $101 Adventure Challenge compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)

Developer (1 edit)


Thank you ! =) We left a little comment on your video ^^

Host (4 edits) (+1)

This is a nice little game with some cool art.

The art is really very well done and the highlight of the game. Unfortunately it's often far too dark. I get that it is actually dark in the trunk and before she lights the lantern, but the backgrounds are so dark it's barely playable. The first time I played I saw the arrow to the lower trunk but didn't see the one back up so was completely stuck for a long time. There are ways to portray darkness without actually making the pictures so dark that the game is difficult to play because you can't see anything. Just giving a blue tint to everything is one of them.

I tend not to like the context pop-up interaction style, but that's just my personal preference. One issue with it though, is that it would often pop up partially off the screen. Nothing that you needed was ever obscured this way but it gives the impression that something might be.

The puzzles themselves were good, well integrated into the story, and made sense. Although don't know why I had to get the knife from the man when there was a drawer right over there that kept telling me it was full of cutlery but wouldn't let me get any of it.

Audio would have added a lot to this game. The lack of it is very noticeable.

The only really negative thing is how dark many of the screens are. This made the game very difficult to play at first before I could get the light on.

Good game.


Hi !

Thank you for your really constructive comment. 

Unfortunately we had not enough time to integrate the music but we foresee a completely original soundtrack recorded by our.

Dark graphics are a choice but can be changed to make a better "play experience".

Furthermore, we will improve english translation ^^' We are french and have a poor level in english =p

Well seen for the knife problem ! XD I will correct this ^^ !

Finally, we are glad that you enjoy our game  =) It's a nice encouragment for our next games ;)


Itch won't let me reply to a comment. But all I see is this:

The screen is just dark blue triangles. If I click the center of the screen I get a menu and the items talk about a lock. Clicking other places doesn't do anything, pressing keys doesn't do anything, click and drag doesn't do anything. :/ I feel like I'm stuck behind a technical issue.


There is an arrow at the bottom of the screen, to see another screen. I'm still stuck after that though. :)


Ok, got unstuck. So, just next to the lock, you can click on the "reinforcements", of the trunk (4 of them), and one of them can be removed, then... you can eventually get out of the trunk. :)


Hello ! =)

No issue, Moumix say anything =) Thanks ^^

If you're already stuck , just send me MP on the discord channel and i will give you another clue =)


I couldn't get past the lock. Only found the screwdriver and the teddy bear, but nothing I tried would work.

It took me a long time to actually see the arrow at the bottom of the screen, to even find those items to begin with, but even with them, I couldn't find what to do to progress further.

Also, some mistranslations from French to English made some sentences hard to understand, or just changed their sense entirely in English (I tested the French version to see what the original text was).

Please let me know how to get past that lock and I'll try the rest of the game, because I feel like I'm missing out on something by just seeing the inside of that chest in this game. :)


Hey ! Thank for your comments =)

Sorry, we are french and have a poor level in english ^^ but we want to offer our game to everyone.

I will correct sentence with best translation =) promise !

For the cheat code, i want to sent you a private message but i don't know how ^^'

So this is a clue : The safe must be reinforced to support the girl strengh, but maybe one of reinforcements is not so resistant ...

Good luck and if you don't find, just send me MP on 101 challenge discord ^^


You probably want to change your links in the description to the English Wikipedia links rather than the French ones. ;)

Developer (1 edit)

Yeah ! thanks, i didn't think about it ^^'


Please, you have to put some music in. All this beautiful art is being wasted because the lack of music destroys any pretense of atmosphere. You can get Kevin MacLeod's music for free, just anything.

You're a talented artist. You cannot afford to just throw it all away.


Thank you ! =)

Don't worry, music will be update soon, we had not enough time to insert it before the end of the jam ^^'

We prepare lot's of original sountrack for this beautiful game =)


I can't get past the lock. 


Courage !

You have to find the good items ! =p

Maybe Nori could help you ?