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Very true. It 100% needs this.

good imaginative use of the theme. A new super hero is born.

if you fall off a platform it's almost impossible to get back up but beautiful game. Had me smiling at how cute it was. Recharging causes good tension.  Great job.

freaky chase. Never work with clowns or animals but u did a good job.

good juicy programing.

lovely little runner. Very nice style and color pallet.

I liked the helper bot and symbols. Nice!

Thanks guys, I had mobile in mind as well when designing it so I should be able to put it on the stores if I add more polish it up.

I really like the mouse shooting with platforming. His jump is cool, looks look a wooden pirate leg when he jumps. The music loop is nice too. If you vlambeer it up after the game it would be awesome. You now screenshake etc. Great job for the jam.

Pretty good that you got a world to explore created during the game. Good job. Took me a few tries to realize that I need to find the stick. But it was fun getting chased around :)

My normal comment is below. This is a feedback comment.

As you guys are on game-dev level 1 trillion you might want some feedback. If you are interested in player feedback at such an early stage on a jam game. Here are some: 

Make it easier to recognize which characters are yours and theirs. There was about 16 or 20 of them on screen and we only knew which ones were ours and theirs if they were holding snuppies. Lost track of all the others. Look at how other games do it, same skin color maybe, color circles under their feet, there are a few solutions. Hair and lion cloth color change only I think would be too small to notice instantly. 

The game session/battle feels too long. If there was more enemies (the guy on the fly) in a tournament style then the game session could be reduced as there would be more battles. 

2 player local play. 

How did you guys pull that off?! Amazing. You must have the most efficient team in indie and Triple-A history. When my wife played it, she didn't even know I left the house to get takeaway food, and I told her I was going. The color pallet is fantastic. Very cute characters. Only super devs can program and create that quickly with such quality. Love  that it's a  thinking-action game. 

Very nice game. I like the minimalist style  graphics and nice color pallet. I wish the UFO eye thing was faster as I died 20 times on the first try and had to wait for that to come down. Very repayable game. Well done!

Great game! It took me a while to figure it out but when I did I felt a great eureka moment! No too many games can do that. Great job. The first time I got that forsaken STEPGHOST out in 291 steps :) The second time I got it out in 30 steps. Very interesting game play. In the future I would be interested in a full game of StepGhost.

Thanks radHABIT. Great to that! I've added a little story and an ending too.

There is MAD game play now. Music, SFX, explosions! Can you get to the end of the train line alive?

There is gameplay now! I will update with more stuff for Friday. 

Yeah, the license agreement just has one line that asks you to sell your soul. On Friday I should have some good gameplay in return for our legally binding soul contract. Until then I wont get you to run errands and other stuff for me. On Thursday I'll check out you're game, Mr. Hoofles Goes Into Orbit, just to see what kind of soul I got.

I'm going to play Jam Games on Thursday. I will defiantly be back here to try this. You're screenshots look cool.
P.S. Your video is not working.

Thanks Rhornbeck. I will try to have it done before Friday. Adding a train, a psycho clown chase, explosions, and more. It will be kind of like a 2D Mad Max. 

The game is not finished. No gameplay yet. Needs a few hours. 

Escape the Creepy Clown Club

The game is about a man saving his dog from the Clowns who took it from him. The Clowns will then chase his car to kill him and his dog. To get extra fuel he can crash the kart of the train, but be careful if he crash into the spikey part of the train he's dead.. If he slows down the Clowns will crash into his car.

I forgot to add to this post that I also added barrels of fuel to refuel your car so those damn clowns don't get ya.