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Made in 48 hours for the first ever Butterscotch ShenaniJam!
Submitted by SohomSahaun (@sohomsahaun)

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Music & Sound#453.1053.105

Ranked from 19 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Crunchy Pirate

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Nice work. Feels a bit floaty, but once I got used to it was fine. Those cookie bobs are tough to kill!


Yeah man. That's what the technique is. :D Glad somebody figured that out.

And yeah, that was intentional. Just wanted to add some length to the gameplay and get the shit out of the people. :P


As mentioned on Discord - love the graphics!  Music is pretty cool too.  In terms of the game difficulty:  there's a steep learning curve to figure out how to defeat the IA.  At first the game very frustrating, because the bombs are fast, change course mid-air and basically are unavoidable when they get too close.  

Then you learn to snipe them one at a time from afar, and backtrack the hell out of the way back to the left whilst shooting frantically.  Once you got that technique going, the game becomes somewhat easy but still requires you to execute every step perfectly whilst not falling in the holes.  

Overall - fun game, I like the panic that comes when backing away from bombs.   The difficulty could probably be better balanced, but I guess this might be intentional:  I guess you guys wanted to make the game sort of  Flappy Birds meets Dark Souls? ;)


I really like the mouse shooting with platforming. His jump is cool, looks look a wooden pirate leg when he jumps. The music loop is nice too. If you vlambeer it up after the game it would be awesome. You now screenshake etc. Great job for the jam.


Played your game here, it was fun~


You get the game if you keep playing.
I tried hard, and completed the game, with 0 death. :P


This is way too hard, and not in the good way. Bullets are too slow, enemies too fast, it's almost impossible to hit them. Enemies are almost not dodge able. Couldn't make it past the first 3 bombs.

Other than that, art is really good! Music was good as well, but had some detuning that got on my nerves.


Ok yeah you said mine was hard, but this is imposible. In your play through video you are playing at a third of the speed that you released at. Visuals look stunning, music was fun. I kept trying to jump with Space and it ended the game. Still needs some work


You are not alone.


a bit tough for me


Damn yeah. Got many other plans but... got nearly 24 hours. Even missed the submission at first place. :|

Will keep in mind for the post-jam development. :D Thanks.



  1. Bombs cannot change direction in the air
  2. Much Bigger Bullets
  3. Screenshake when hitting enemies and getting hit
  4. Player can run faster
  5. Bigger explosions
  6. Where are the cookies?