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When I save a model, enter the file name and hit save, it saves and the save window disappears. That is the desired functionality I'd like to see when exporting 2d and 3d models. Once I hit save, save it and disappear so I can get back to work ;)

If possible, Perspective camera would be nice.  Feels like I'm stuck in ISO. -- Also, a Top-Down for doing 2d would help.

When I make 10 turrets in Asset Forge then import them all into Unity, I noticed the custommaterials are all linked and so, they all change when I change one. If they all had unique names (say, based on the name of the file I saved) then I think it would solve that issue. Same with the cylinders, tubes, donuts, etc.,  

I made some with the new UIO keys and imported them into unity fine.

Less typing! More coding! LOL I don't envy you.. this product is going to be mad popular but you have a lot of work to do! =D  Loving it so far. Glad I purchased.

That's what I thought, I downloaded the new one bu I swear, when I loaded it up I didn't see UIO options. Maybe they're just not on the screen like the HJK are? or jkl or whatever they are?

Hell yes to Unity!  I did the same. Made a simple little game, almost finished it during the Shenanijam and then GM pulled the temporary license so I couldn't finish it. :(  So .. Unity it is!

hahaha we just posted the same thing at the same time. ;)

If I drop a hollow cylinder and want it to be a gun barrel... I can't figure out how to turn it.  

This might be a duplicate but I have no idea what search term I'd use to find it. ;)

LOL LOL at the clicking new on the menu. I had that problem myself a few times until I got used to it. But it was still pretty surprising to find that new button where I thought the file button would be.

Nice! This is awesome support. Thanks!

Good work.  I'd like the dragon to be about 25% of its size and the baddies to come at me a little slower.

Cute graphics though, nice ominous music.

Holy crap you guys were brutal on the ratings for a 48 hour jam for a first timer :(

I can't update this because I have too many objects for the GM2 trial and I'm not going to spend money on a platform until I'm sure I like it.  Right now I'm going through some Unity tutorials and seeing how that works out. So far, it's a lot more impressive than GM2 in terms of power and options but also has a lot steeper learning curve.  Thankfully I am (fairly new) c# programmer.

Hey guys, so I used two paths and in the creation event for the enemy, I choose one at random. I also added an alarm that adjusts the boats angle and speed randomly as they float down the path.

I wanted to add more towers, upgrades, selling, different enemies, etc., but weather here didn't cooperate. It was sunny and perfect out for some sailing of my own so I wasted (?lol) a lot of time Saturday on the ocean in my own sailboat.

Loved it! The gun is a bit fast though, making the game somewhat easy to beat.

I just learned that Unit is c# based and I'm a c# programmer! So... most likely, bye bye Game Maker 2.

Yeah, wanted more turrets and thankfully, I'm a programmer in real life so I created reuseable code and used a lot of variables so creating new towers is fairly easy.

Thanks guys, and yeah, this was a lot more difficult than I thought it was going to be after having finished an entire three-quarters of a first game tutorial from Yoyo games. lol That's right, a whole 3/4'th of it.

a bit tough for me

lol no idea what I am clicking on or why without a mouse crosshair or something ;)  Fun game, liked your graphics.

Your tutorial was hilarious!

You missed an opportunity to make that little guys legs move by copying the sprite and just moving the legs in the copy. ;)  Fun game though, I liked the art.

@collider: My weakest link is the art (and I'm an artist! lol but not digital) -- I'm a programmer. We should've teamed up!  #nexttime

night was a bit dark to see for me, you had enemies on the edges of the map :(

buhahahahahahahha that music .. this is a great game! 

omg this game is so fun!! hahahaha I'm gonna be here playing for awhile.

Fixed the flame towers.

This is the first game I've ever created. I used a few of the graphics from the Yoyo games demonstration projects and made the rest. - The sounds are all me making goofy sounds or eating Oreos.

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yeah. The gm2 license expired before I could fix the game over bug. :( I'm well into a replacement game using unity!

longer video coming soon.. 

The difference a team makes! Nice game!

I've asked on twitter as well but is there any hope that Yoyo Games will create some 5 day full export licenses for us? I've just started learning GM2 and haven't bought a license yet.