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The BanHammerView game page

a game about banning people
Submitted by GentleCatStudio (@GentleCatStudio) — 2 hours, 34 minutes before the deadline
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Music & Sound#183.6843.684

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Slingin' The Banhammer

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What a great game! I really love the style, definitely like a Gauntlet retro-revival. Excellent graphics, great sound and music. The controls were excellent as well, I loved the back and forth swing for maximum carnage. Great job with this one, it would awesome to see this "hammered out" (get it?!) even more and expanded upon!


The top down view reminded me of gauntlet!  I'm behind merlin4's comments - some more visual feedback on hitting enemies / enemies pushed back on hit + player slides forward when swinging the hammer would give the combat more momentum.

I like the fact there are multiple enemy types to spice things a bit.  Have you thought of adding more hammers to choose from for the player?  some with longer reach, slower but more powerful etc.  I think it'd add some more variety to the combat.


Had a really good retro feel, and quite enjoyed the blood effects!
Nice game :)


I really enjoyed this one. Fun game and I always appreciate a Linux build! Good job!


This is a well crafted game but I suck at it. I am able to get to about the third location and I die because I can't find any health. I see them in other rooms but when I go that way I die even quicker, haha. I beat a bunch of barrels hoping for something but was unsuccessful. The animation on the hammer swing is perfect, I just wish it had a bit of a longer reach. Also there wasn't an exit button on the menu screen. This would help out a lot :-). Sweet game!


Very fun game! Love what you did with the theme you got! Love the music and sounds as well. It all fits together. The level was fun. Liked the idea that you get trapped in rooms with lots of slow enemies coming towards you. 


buhahahahahahahha that music .. this is a great game! 


Nice job! Enemy visuals and balance could use a little tweaking, but otherwise good work. I guess I'm on the updated version, the controls work fine.



  1. Permanence, dead bodies should pile up on the ground
  2. Holding the left mouse button should constantly swing the hammer, rather than have to click repeatedly
  3. Swinging the hammer should make the player slide forward
  4. Hitting an enemy should make the player slide back
  5. Hitting an enemy should cause screen shake
  6. Getting hit should cause a screen juke, freeze time for about a frame or two, and knock you back
  7. When enemies get hit it should be a lot more impactful (flash white and blood splatter?)
  8. More AOE for the banhammer
  9. Banhammer should swing faster

Great game! Lots of fun and great art-style. Love the music! The only big con is, just like the others say, the controls. Its really hard to master them.

Really wonky controls, fun gameplay but can't recommend because of the controls. Also getting banned is lowkey earrape


Top notch soundtrack and visuals. The movement felt a bit weird, maybe separate movement regardless of forward direction would have worked better, other then that nice entry!