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Great concept and nice game design. I was having a problem getting my fireball charged up to shoot. I would click and hold the left mouse button but it wouldn't shoot the fire ball. Thus I died too often. Maybe change it so that right click sends a fire ball instead? Nice work.

It took me a minute to realize what the goal was. Then I started dying randomly until I realized that the wave from the top was fire and it was burning my character alive!! I made it to the forth level I believe and died almost instantly. Nice little puzzle game.

I tried and tried and realized I had spent 10 minutes still getting no where! This game is hard haha. The style is great and I'm sure with sounds added it would be even better. I had an issue with the controls; It felt like I was not completely in control of the movement. If you were using lerp() to slowly come to a stop maybe increase the amount to stop faster? It just didn't feel like it was always the right speed so I kept running into the shots without meaning to. Which I guess is part of the mechanics of the game, so ignore me if that is the intent :-). Nice job!

I enjoyed the run animations of the squirrel and wished there were more animation to the jumps. I feel that if you are using wasd then W should be used to go up/jump instead of some other random key.  I had to play-test this alone so I'm sure it would be much better with a second player. Nice job.

I just uploaded an updated version of my game above. I reworked the enemies a bit so they don't get stuck as much, although they may spawn in a rock and be stuck sometimes. I'll fix that later. I also added animation to the vines, an explosion to the fireball when it hits a rock or enemy. Made the fireball last longer. Added foreground and background scrolling. I also fixed a few bugs that were pointed out in previous comments. The player doesn't always face right when you stop moving, and the black screen after death has been updated and will no longer be an issue. Also it isn't mentioned in game yet but F1 makes the game full screen. Enjoy, and thank you all for the wonderful feedback. Jam on!

I agree that the art is pretty awesome. The only thing that threw me off was that the character blinks every second. The words flying across the screen was a nice part of the game. Nice work on the overall style and game play of this game.

I am glad to see that you went with 3D as most people did not. I went to college for 3D animation and I did the programming in my game, which is 2D. The walk animation felt very stiff, even for a robot. I like the leeches and the things you have to do to avoid them. Well done.

I enjoyed the flaming sausages and the animation in the menu. I totally lost the first time because I didn't know there were tons of rats and only one of me. Nicely done with the flame trail on the sausages.

The game play was a bit basic, but I'm sure this may be your first attempt so good job making it this far. I do like the face of your main character and the gorillas were pretty good too. It did feel like the gorillas were coming in too fast and didn't have a chance to throw their bananas at you, also if you just keep pressing jump you can fly. Not sure if this is supposed to happen so I thought I'd point it out. Good job on what you have done so far!

@Ready Steady Studios sorry to post this on your game page but I read your comment about my game and wanted to let you know that you have to right click on the ground to make a mushroom grow. Then jump on the mushroom to jump over the first big rock. Also I added a new video so it should be working now. Thanks for playing!

I thought this was adorable and the music was great. It may not be much but this is absolutely one of my favorites from this jam. It is a bit short but I could see adding different scaffolds that are color coded (as well as the balloons) and if you get the wrong balloon into the wrong scaffold it deforms the statue. I love the art style and I could see this being a children's game. Mainly to show that there is a soft side to every person even if they are rough around the edges :-) Well done!!

This is a fun game and I enjoyed the challenge of multiple goats. The art style is great and the how to page is well done. Good job to your team!

I tried to play the downloaded version and the camera was off. I played the browser version and you suggested that I play the downloaded version full screen. It starts in full screen and even when I try "windowed" it still has the same resolution. Have you implemented a full screen button or something to fix this? If not I can just re-play online :-) This is fun and the level design I thought was pretty good. Nice job!

I got one more life! My high score is 202. I'm not sure if that means anything but this game was fun to explore and I enjoyed the mechanic of life being your weapon. Once I got to the boss, I was thankful that I had gotten a lot of the power-ups and killed almost all the enemies before getting there. I was down to 2 lives remaining. Well done! I'll be playing this again for sure.

This game is great. I could see myself playing this trying to beat someone's high score. I was not able to find a way back to the main menu and when I died the only option available was play again. Nice work!

I am not able to play with VR so I tried to do this with the mouse and keyboard. I was not able to get it to work. I did watch the gameplay video above and I would love to give this a try. I have seen similar games to this but the throwing in the face is something new. Made me laugh. Nice job.

Merlin4 has a lot of good feedback as those were some of the things I wanted to mention. I did feel that the run speed should be controllable, however you may not make it to the end if you slow down too much. So instead of having an end point maybe you could have an "end of the day" point so after 25 pieces are delivered the next level is available. Still on a time limit of course. This reminded me of paperboy. Good memories :-) and good job!

I had a hard time with the different mouse over attacks. By the time I chose which attack to do, I was already being hit by the person I was trying to hit. This was fun and I few away from the field for about 45 seconds and when I came back it was like the fourth of July! I had bombs going off everywhere. That made me laugh. Good job.

I agree with everything TheCalster said below. It took me some time to figure out the keys as well. I even accidentally pressed one and couldn't figure out how to turn it back haha. This reminded me of the classic Mario battle map, except i couldn't warp around the edge. Nice work!

@Miltron It's not a problem spamming my game page and it's great to see that you are listening to my feedback and implementing my suggestions. I just left a review for the grandma's laundry game and I had an issue with the red and orange colors being too close of a match, and for a match game it made me lose all the time haha.

I got to about level 7 with grandma's laundry. This is a nice logical elimination game although i have two suggestion that should be an easy fix. I am trying not to over use this while reviewing everyone's game but I am red-green colorblind and I did okay with your reds and greens in this game, however I had a hard time distinguishing between the orange and the red. There is also a contrast issue with the pause menu while the help menu is displayed on the screen. The help text blend through the menu and it's hard to read the pause menu. I enjoyed this game more than I think I should have :-) Nice work!

It was nice to see someone using Unreal. I have played about 60 of the games from the jam and this is the first one using Unreal. I like the arena and the goat ghost noises. A lot of the goats had an issue with standing and made it a bit funny. Nice job.

After two play throughs I realized that the enemy was a lawn mower. I will try to answer the questions below even though this isn't my game. The Peace n Bullets is a splash screen and when you press enter it takes you into the game, at least it did for me. The objective is to collect grass and to kill the mowerheads that are depleting your resources. It looks like the grass that you collect is for your herd back home or something, so once the mowerheads block you from getting any grass, you and your family starve, thus game over. I quit when both upgrades were at 5 spirits each, and i forgot to look at my high score :-( oh well, it was up there. :-) Nice job man! I enjoyed playing this one.

This is a nice concept but it's not my type of game. I liked that you could drag and drop the words to make phrases but I wasn't sure how to get a heavy hit in, and did the damage you were dealt dependent on your reply to the dis? Nice work though.

This is a very unique and entertaining game. I enjoyed trying to hide from the screams and when I would miss a ledge and fall into the scream-beam, I was terrified. The scream does get annoying after ten minutes but you have to play through it to the end. Nice job!

This game is a little tough. My high score so far is 715. The bots that drain your energy spawn too far away from me and I run out of juice before I can reach them. I played this quite a few time too! Nice job.

The concept is nice and I enjoyed the sound effects of the old Dude. The life savers giving you life was pretty cleaver. I have a friend in Myrtle beach and I have to show him this game as he is a surfer Dude! Well done!

I could see stranger things making a game like this, with "the upside down" I like the mechanic but I wasn't sure if I was supposed to be hitting the barrels or not. The bar keep seemed a bit upset. Good job.

This game was a bit challenging at first. I didn't understand that whatever i touched would draw the attention away. I was just pushing buttons trying to figure out how to place the pieces in the room. I finally understood and made it to level 3. Nice work and your style was pretty great.

The level design was good and the boat asset looked great. I too had an issue with the choppiness. After i freed all of the rats i tried to run everyone back to the ship, however i clicked on the name "Nate" in the bottom right of the screen and my game exited. I'm not sure if this is a bug or if that was the end of the game. Nice job overall!

I didn't realize that I was shooting anything and kept dying trying to get close to a cop, to stab him because I thought I had a knife. This was fun to play and I thought the darkness was okay, just the bullet needs to be a bit brighter I think. However everyone's screen is different. Nice work.

I kept dying until i got down the mechanic of the blocks. And thank you for not sending me back to the main menu every time to restart. That voice and image are going to make people stay up at night. Nice job.

This is a nice little shooter game. The music was suspenseful and fit well with the clowns coming at you. I like that you don't kill the clowns but make them juggle like its their job haha. Nice work.

I love how you incorporated your game into the menu. The style is so strangely awesome. It looks like you took 3d assets and pixelated  them. I was not sure what the objective was when I started, but soon the cephalopods were following me around and got sucked into the party zone. This is a nice game, well done.

The video is up and running now! Thank you all for your patient.

@Miltron, I'm not sure if the update you did messed with the damage but in single player mode it is still red and green and no damage is dealt. Thank you again for trying to update that for me!

@Miltron, Thank you for the comment on my game and thank you for the quick turn around! I am downloading the new version now :-)

@WisePunch I tried to upload a swf file and it is corrupted or something because it failed. I will be making a new video today for sure. And thanks for the heads up!

@TheCalster Thank you for the comment. I know druids have nature type abilities and I wanted to incorporate plant growth.  I plan to work on this to add more of a leveling system to unlock different abilities.

Nice work! I played this up to wave ten and was overtaken. This game felt complete. The menu was there and it worked well. It was great to see the counter to let you know what was remaining in the world. The colors are perfect. I'll be playing this again for sure. Well done!