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A jam entry

Melt 'Them All (Melty Caterpillars #SHENANIJAM)View game page »

done solo in 48hrs for #shenanijam 2017!
Submitted by Mitron (@HotchPotchGames) with 3 hours, 10 minutes before the deadline


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Music & Sound#323.3893.389

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Melty Caterpillar

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@randomphantom, thanks for your comment!!!  I used FMA for the music, no software :p  http://freemusicarchive.org/mu...  

I copied from the best: Listen to "Bust this Bust that" from the same artist, that's the music from... Flop Rocket :)

Not sure what you mean by the controls - do you mean the middle button to shoot is awkwardly placed?  I kinda crammed the controls per player together on three adjacent keys, because the game is meant to be played three people on the same keyboard - as a result it's best to keep the space for each hand tight!  In single player you can play with the mouse, which gives you a bit more precision.

Really cool concept of Splatoon like action and it really feels like something the bscotch team would have come up with! Didn't have people to play multiplayer with but I bet its lots of fun too! 

If I had one thing I'd change it'll be the controls, to not have it in between the direction keys. Awesome soundtrack too, what program did you use for this?

wow - super ambitions to do multiplayer. awesome bouncing dudes and great take on the theme! really nice work.


Thanks for the feedback both!  Glad to hear you enjoyed it!

TONS OF FUN! Really unique idea and excellent use of a crazy theme! :)
Movement is great and while your wacky caterpillar is bouncing around, you still have full control. Very polished and the multiplayer aspect adds a huge amount of replayability. Excellent job with this one and thanks for such an AwEsOmE submission!!!

The game is full of fun. Truly loved the concept mate. :D

Felt the control and shooting was a tinyyy bit off tho. Veryy tinyyy. For only me? Maybe. :P

Fun game, it has a nice concept and upgrades, which is a hard thing on game jams haha the only thing i didn't like very much was your color pallet, it's a little too grayish, coud be more vivid, but its an overall really good game! nice work

And thanks for commenting on my game, and yes I did the music really fast with a regular pc computer hahaha I really don't know why but people actually liked it haha go on, play the guitar next time! its really fun!


@eltea that's a weird bug, just seen it on the BIT3MUP broadcast (https://www.youtube.com/channe...)!  This doesn't happen on my computer, no idea what causes it.  Looks like the surface does not reset for an unknown reason, which is strange as it's a new surface object every time and not persisted through rooms & restarts.

As a hot fix I've re-uploaded the game, I clear the surface everytime the room starts now - hopefully this will fix it...   but I have no way to test it!

What's you windows version?  I tested this on windows 7 & 10.

@Miltron It's not a problem spamming my game page and it's great to see that you are listening to my feedback and implementing my suggestions. I just left a review for the grandma's laundry game and I had an issue with the red and orange colors being too close of a match, and for a match game it made me lose all the time haha.

Really cool multiplayer! You don't see a lot of that in game jams. Gameplay feels good and polished enough for a jam. Most importantly, the game is fun. Alone or with friends.

Great little game! Those snakes have tons of personality


Thanks a bunch for the comment @eltea!!!  Yes still tweaking the game, it's not too time consuming and I've been getting very constructive feedback, yours included!  

I made the splashes bigger and also made them more "square" (before the width was bigger than the height) so that the direction you're attacking from doesn't matter.  Hopefully this makes things a little less clunky.

For the balancing - agreed it's easy to camp in a corner.  I wrote the game solo with no one to play test with, so that's useful feedback ;)  The bigger splash hopefully will help.  That's also why I have the hats mechanics - some (like the sniper) will give players the edge and able to push out campers from their position.  It also encourages players to move around as they spawn randomly on the map.

For your last comment - reset level when restarting - not 100% sure what you mean? 

It's like reverse-Snake met Splatoon.

The game itself is a great idea, but I found it a bit clunky - not enough paint is thrown down. One of the best strategies is to just wait in your start area for the other player to make their way to you - they'll hurt themselves badly in the process!

That said, there is a definite fun game in here that could be greatly improved with minimal tweaking. The theme is good, and the menu and music are exceptional.

If you're still tweaking the game, I think you should make it so the levels reset when you restart.

Very cool multiplayer game!


Ooooooooooooooh my bad!  I had fixed it for multiplayer only, forgot about the single player mode!! This is fixed now.   I'm not 100% sure what you mean by no damage is dealt, but I suspect you're referring to the cocoons?  Once captured other caterpillars can slowly turn them back to white and get a chance to steal them.

To be on the safe side, I've added some more visual return on hitting targets + screenshake, hopefully this will give players a lot more clarity on the game mechanics ;)

@Miltron, I'm not sure if the update you did messed with the damage but in single player mode it is still red and green and no damage is dealt. Thank you again for trying to update that for me!

@Miltron, Thank you for the comment on my game and thank you for the quick turn around! I am downloading the new version now :-)


Since BS allow us to spend extra time polishing, I spent a hour re-balancing the game a bit - you can now shoot at cocoons to slowly turn them back into neutral colour (and then steal them!!!!! :) )  

Should make multiplayer a bit more strategic!!!


Hey @Rhornbeck , thanks for the feedback!  I implemented a colour blind mode so your friends don't have the edge in multi player mode ;)   If you re-download the executable, in the main menu I added a "funky colour mode" button, you should see an instant change when you click on it.  Enjoy!!!

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