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Gentleman's Fight ClubView game page

In the world of gentleman’s boxing, the best quip wins!
Submitted by skau — 14 minutes, 48 seconds before the deadline

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Music & Sound#1271.2401.300

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Charismatic Counterpunch

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EXCELLENT CONCEPT! I really love the dis-n-dat idea of insulting your enemy. Hilarious insults and awesome combinations. At times got pretty challenging. It would be awesome to see an expanded version of this! Overall, great job and a very AwEsOmE intellectual-attack-based game :)


Very unique entry to say the least. Very good idea and might be worth your time to make it a more polished game.


This was fun, I like language games like this. Would be interesting to see what would happen if you couple this concept with a larger vocabulary and something like NLTK to figure out the correctness and strength of the insult.

merlin4 - we would love to make a pvp version of this and probably will at some point. 

Also merlin4- yeah struggles of a game jam. We did very little balancing of the game elements itself cause we ran out of time. Reducing health was something I wanted to do but our final version was already compiled by the time I brought it up. Writing things down is important yo

Rhornbeck - yeah, correctly calling out a grammar / vocab / not insult error will result in zero damage. Incorrectly assessing an error results in less damage. Accepting an erroneous insult or claiming an error where none exist result in extra damage. Obviously with more time we would have added crit effects like popup damage and characters shaking to show this.

Calster - I homebrewed a system for our language and entered each word independently. Nouns are given category tags based on how verbs and adjectives interact with them, like 'handObject,' 'largeObject,' 'personType,' and 'ConveysInt.' Then verbs and adjectives are given lists of noun types they can be paired with. Finally adverbs are assigned one of six english adverb types (place, time, frequency, degree, manner and comment) and verbs are given lists of adverb types they allow. Sentences are parsed assuming at max (adverb) (verb) (adverb) (adjective) (noun) (adverb). Regular grammar rules are then applied through another homebrewed system.


This is a nice concept but it's not my type of game. I liked that you could drag and drop the words to make phrases but I wasn't sure how to get a heavy hit in, and did the damage you were dealt dependent on your reply to the dis? Nice work though.


These opponents have way to much health.  Took more than 30 mins to beat the easiest opponent.... Oh and I need more nouns please.


hook a crowdsourced neural network up to this game, and it could an interesting take on "word with friends"


Cool game, a lot of variation there!
What was the system you used for recognizing good and bad sentences?