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The RobomancerView game page

Submitted by TheCalster (@t_calster) — 4 hours, 3 minutes before the deadline
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Music & Sound#552.9382.938

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WOW! Great work on this one, it's like an active tower defense game (I haven't really seen anything like that and I really enjoyed it) Cool graphics, well polished and the sound effects had that chiptune feel but fit well with the overall look and feel of the game. This would be an excellent game to expand upon. Overall, AwEsOmE JoB!!!


I liked the helper bot and symbols. Nice!

Great Game! Please continue being an indie game developer!


Fun!  I like the turret mechanics.  Game felt polished, good choice of music.  Good work!


@randomphatom Thanks! Will look into that issue. Collision is something I need to work on in this game.

@LoganAmes Thank you very much :D Yea the attack that the player does is pretty useless, and would be able to be upgraded if I were to keep working on it. Although like you said, it does force you to use the turrets, so kinda liked it haha.
Wave 10 to 12 seems to be the end game for most players, even me! 


Pretty fun!  I can appreciate what you're going for here.

It's tough surviving without a ranged attack of your own, and I liked how it forced you to rely on the turrets so much.  It's really simple, but enough to end up really challenging, with having to balance fleeing and turret creation and picking up health and mana.

I got to wave 10 before I was finally overwhelmed.


Interesting combo of tower defense meets top down fighter! Really fun and challenging to boot!

You can get stuck in the wall if you spawn the turret while you are too close to a wall though. 


@boymakesnoise Thanks for the kind words!
The camera suggestion is a real good one! I'm likely to keep working on the project eventually, and that's something I'll definitely be adding, thank you :D
Oh and if you have any more information about what happened when the game froze it'd be much appreciated, and will look into a fix asap.


Also, consider having the camera follow he mouse a bit (halfway between the player and the mouse) to make you able to look ahead a bit and have more information about the playing fields to help your decisions about your next move.


Wow! Simple but effective concept, and the gameplay was solid and seemed to flow like a finished game. It was just challenging enough, and I liked that you had to balance the chance of getting hit by a robot against your desire to gain back some mana from an expired gun tower. Well balanced and challenging, which makes for excellent replay value. It did however freeze up my computer at game over, but I'm guessing that's a local problem :)


Made it to wave 7.

Really well put together package. Tower defense worked really well, and with some practice, you could figure out how to maneuver to get the most hits from your turrets on to the robots.

The robot design was really great. They fit the visual look of the world, and had unique elements - the one that pokes at you with spikes is very memorable.

Great jam game!


@Ps7cho Thank you so much!


Fun Game, I do enjoy the tower defence aspect with the beat em up style too.  Great job putting this together I will be coming back to this for sure!


@Sabiarts Thank you! Yeah, really wanted to try move the focus of the actual player doing the majority of the damage to something which they're able to spawn to help. If I were to keep working on it, I'd probably add more types of objects you can summon.

@Rhornbeck Thanks! :D Yea wave 10 is pretty hard, I can only get up to wave 11 myself! The counter was an important addition I think, and I'm glad you mentioned it! I felt it was necessary as you couldn't have a full view of the entire room. I feel it's pretty unnoticeable when it changes/updates however, and if I were to keep working on it, I'd add a small animation or colour change on updates - same goes for the entire bar actually!


Nice work! I played this up to wave ten and was overtaken. This game felt complete. The menu was there and it worked well. It was great to see the counter to let you know what was remaining in the world. The colors are perfect. I'll be playing this again for sure. Well done!


Such a cool concept!!! I love tower defenses, and this concept has the right amount of it, really nice programming work, congrats!