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Thanks @Mitron - the green screen stuff is there for some mixed reality filming I've been messing with (nothing serious) but it sure helped show how the game works in the video. Thanks for checking it out!

Cool mushroom power. Art is excellent. The gameplay mechanics needed a bit more work - my character always face to the right, enemies get stuck moving to the left, and after the game over screen (I laughed at "you dead!" the ghosted-look followed me to the new game) maybe just focus on one feature at a time until they feel good during the next jam?

That said, I think you were *very* close to having all that working well, and it looks like a cool platformer. Great jam!

Neat idea, matches the theme well. Tuned too difficult at the moment - perhaps some player feedback as to when the current verb is going to expire would help? Or starting words off slower, and speeding up as the game goes along?

Wowzers! This team put together an incredibly polished, complete game. The art is off the hook!

The attacks were sometimes weird in that I was sometimes able to move quickly after throwing an insult, but other times wasn't. I also couldn't figure out the health regeneration mechanic. This did not prevent me from becoming the #1 coolest kid in school!

The game was so good, it was frankly a little bit disturbing (the bullying, effectively). That's not a negative on the game - it's a testament to the art and sound design.

Well done!

Made it to 6500! For those wondering, you can press down and left click (or hit space I read on their page) to knock off the green fish.

I like this. The art is cool and the boater looks perfectly concerned about what is going on. I wish the green fish had a delay period before they started eating - even if you play very well, you are limited by the rate at which they appear. I also wish I had either died, or been able to swim, when falling off the boat, instead of disappearing and waiting for the boat to collapse.

Sounds were perfect for the environment. Great jam!

It's like reverse-Snake met Splatoon.

The game itself is a great idea, but I found it a bit clunky - not enough paint is thrown down. One of the best strategies is to just wait in your start area for the other player to make their way to you - they'll hurt themselves badly in the process!

That said, there is a definite fun game in here that could be greatly improved with minimal tweaking. The theme is good, and the menu and music are exceptional.

If you're still tweaking the game, I think you should make it so the levels reset when you restart.

Very cool multiplayer game!

The game is a lot of fun! You definitely need to explore to find all the power-ups you can before the boss fight.

The actual exploration was a bit disappointing - there is no reason to fight. The best strategy is to zoom past all the enemies, looking for power-up and race for the boss fight. Fortunately, there is a bit of skill involved in making it past the enemies quickly, and the procedural generation makes it interesting. This is also helped by interesting graphics, with varied enemies and attacks.

But the boss fight is where this game really shines. I was very impressed by its variety of behaviors. You made the player adapt - particularly the last evolution, where you can't leave your mouse in one place any longer. And look - I beat it! One more life!

Great game!

This was quite a cool game! It was too hard for me (even after you tweaked the difficulty) but it was really cool to see these systems come together - the AI pirates, chasing down cargo to deliver it...this stands out as something pretty unique from the jam. And the pirates are indeed crunchy as I was able to ram a few of them. Very cool - I hope you take it somewhere after this.

You guys - you need to include the Unity data folder along with the .exe! I watched your video though, and it gave a good impression.

So fun to be able to jam with someone in the same room. Game looks like a cool idea - I like how you disable various robot abilities when taking damage.

@merlin4 it took me a while as well, but the line is "Critical Compliment"

The gameplay is weak as it relies solely on you discovering the enemy weakness (1 in 4) at which point you just use the same attack.

That said, this one isn't really about gameplay - it's a fun idea, and well executed. Firing compliments that make your verbal sparring partner swoon. It was well polished as well. Some art of the competitors would have been nice to match up with the excellent voice work.

Great match to the theme!

I yawned over a dozen times while playing and that isn't a complaint.

From a UI perspective, I would have really preferred if I could have held down a key to move multiple spaces. A few other sounds to complement the excellent yawning would also have been appreciated.

The feedback on where the post office hooligans were worked really well. I also enjoyed how the Zs stuck around, even if they were no longer weaponized.

I saved world peace.

Really like the take on the theme. Art was whimsically delightful as well. If it were any longer, I'd complain that restarting makes you watch the story again, but it's not an issue for the current length.

There was some collision detection issues - sometimes I could go through objects, sometimes I couldn't. Sometimes my speed was affected by being on a cake, at other times I could run full speed.

Though maybe that is what it's like to run on a cake. Great work!

I really liked this game's look and feel. It's a perfect match for the theme and purposefully mislabeling merchandise felt devilishly fun.

I would really have liked to see some way of assessing the outcome of the bad labeling - effects on the customers, or news reports from the kingdom...something so that I could see the effect of what I was doing other than making sales. That, or something specific about selling items to specific people.

Write-ups were very funny. I think you've got a great start of something here!

Sadly, it wouldn't start for me (just stayed on the "A Peace n Bullets Thing" screen). Thanks for making a detailed video.

Looks cool - I couldn't figure out how the goat takes damage - how do you lose?

Great sound and graphics - matches the theme very well!

Made it to wave 7.

Really well put together package. Tower defense worked really well, and with some practice, you could figure out how to maneuver to get the most hits from your turrets on to the robots.

The robot design was really great. They fit the visual look of the world, and had unique elements - the one that pokes at you with spikes is very memorable.

Great jam game!

Yeah, the VR is really required. It's kind of amazing that there is support (from the amazing VR Toolkit) to simulate the VR elements, but it's really only meant for development work for when you don't have a particular VR rig - it's not a playable solution. But thanks for giving it a play - it's good to know the simulator mode is working!

This RPG is very well completed. Menus are good, inventory is there. There is even well-written dialogue with humor that got me to chuckle.

I think you really needed to tune the amount of collection/gathering required to progress down though. I set out determined to finish, but I'm at a point where I'm developing carpal tunnel from all the clicking - I think I have to give up!

There's a lot of fun here if the clicking was cut back by two thirds. I'll never get that beefy, beefy thumb...

For anyone interested in trying, the download is actually an installer. It did run fine for me, but you can get 100% of the feel for the game from the youtube video.

Congrats on your first game! The use of the joystick is very reminiscent to me of early sports games I played on the Commodore 64. A little bit of setup for menus and restart would be a good addition to allow people to have another go at it. 

Very surreal game, but one that matches the theme perfectly.

This one is sadly going overlooked because it didn't specify a platform. But it's a great shared-screen multiplayer game of rock'em sock'em robots - for up to 4 players!

Find a real player to play against as the AI, while serviceable to try the game out, will not give you a challenge.

Power-ups are varied and cool. I really like the extra reach. Don't skip this one!

Really nice match-game. Good polish with the menus, though the mechanic was still not truly apparent until I had reached level six or so (meaning: unmatched items to the right get left on the line).

Great job on the theme! Very creative game here!

I like where you were going with this. Keep working at it! I'd say more, but I think PeaceNBullets has captured the sentiment perfectly. 

Fantastic use of theme! Really great mechanics - trying to control multiple goats at once was hard.

I think it's a great show of what you can do with minimal UI. Part puzzle, part strategy game. And the title alone sells it. Nice!

Oh, and your gameplay video is EXCELLENT.

Made in just two hours? HOLY GUACAMOLE!

Sure, it's a simple two-button interface, but this was a surprising amount of fun. The physics worked very well. Consistency in the hits let you figure out what you needed to do very quickly - then it's just a matter of mastering the timing.

This was incredible. I never did figure out what the number on the bottom of the screen represented.

Really neat experience. Sound was excellent. Dreamy, even. Well done!

Controls were surprisingly good - had the right amount of floatiness to match the character.

My thumbs are now beefy!

OMG Love the instructions page showing the light beam being shot.

Incredibly cute and polished game. Sounds were notably good - the squeak was perfect and the "boomf" of hitting bad guys was very satisfying.

I think the zoom needed to be in more, or the playing field larger as there were too many points I just didn't have to move. This meant I could just mow down the enemies while also painting - I stopped after collecting 10 minutes of extra play time (and 35 worlds traversed) and ran off the world (which I was pleasantly surprised to see you had implemented!)

Great visuals. I really liked the look of this game. The ghosts have a lovely bounce when they move, and the instructions are very well presented. This sets a standard for what five-star polish is. 

Incredible match to the theme. Neat idea to take part of the action outside of the game.

The balance issue I have is that the guerrilla gorilla isn't informed of that before the dances. That encourages players to cheat before they even know if they're the impostor or not. A quick pre-round before the dances may have been required to deal with that, though it would have made the game clunkier.

Great music choice, and I LOVED the dance animations. Very cool!

Fun game - always great to see some local multiplayer.

Other than the same bug that PeaceNBullets found, I don't have areas that could necessarily be improved - I think you scoped this excellently to make a complete, working game for a jam. Excellent!

At first touch, I thought the controls would be too sharp, but I really like the feel the game had. Jumping was generally satisfying, though I did find myself wanting more of a "give" when jumping off near the edges of platforms. 

The double-jump was well implemented as well, though I didn't realize I had it for quite some time - was there an indication of the new ability when I bought it?

A surprising amount of level content and back-tracking required from a short game jam. I eventually made it to the far end of the spikes with the double jump (my dash didn't seem to work when I got back to the main room?) Maybe some of that time should have been used to create another enemy type, or add some animation to the ones that exist though.

I think the stand-out feature for me was the shield. I loved blocking damage to heal myself.

I very much like how you introduced the player to new abilities through buying items as they play. Well done!

Very impressed by the feel of the platformer. Air movement felt just right for the environment. Had some bugs with the upside-down movement, but was very surprised that it was even possible.

Art style was really cool, and the music made it feel nice and complete. Great job!

Creepiest thing I've played so far by a long shot, and agree with Mitron, it sets the standard for 5-star weirdness.

Very cool take with the camera shake. The variety of sneeze sounds was a great touch.

This game will haunt my dreams.

Wow, what a polished outing this game is. Once you solve it, there's very low replay value, but it sets the stage for a series of puzzles.

For anyone thinking about not solving it - there is a short song at the end that is totally worth it!

Great submission!

Couldn't figure out the point of the game - is there a way to lose? Neat tech demo and was oddly pretty!

How did that hole get there? How far will granny drop? Why does she care about collecting coins as she falls?

We may never know the answers to these questions.

Great match to the theme, and the game played really well. I loved the art - Side granny really matched top-down granny. Music and sounds were a great fit as well.

The game seemed to hit an infinite amount of same-difficulty after the third section, which is too bad. I eventually just had to exit. But while it lasted, Scootin' was a great time!

Also never figured out the melee, but the gunplay was really well done.

Pathfinding was, generally, really good - impressive to see the AI make their way to me.

The overall mechanic was intriguing, and you matched the theme very well. I liked how hitting monsters didn't kill you, but took your time away rapidly.

Just a bit of sound would have really helped bring it to a high level of feeling complete.

Great job!

This was a pretty well-rounded game, though it was notably lacking in some kind of feedback to let me know how far I had made it. Any kind of progress meter - distance, points, etc, would have greatly added to replayability.

The ammo was also a bit too generous. I always gained far, far more than I needed.

I think the coolest part was the zoom-in effect during sustained fire. I felt it mimicked the real-world effect of "target fixation" and was the primary cause of my deaths in the game. Great work!

I love the idea (weirdness is a 4-star!) but I wasn't able to play very well. You shoot up so fast, I didn't really feel like I had any agency in aiming. Just click and pray!

On the other hand, the sound the dude makes in the outhouse is pretty epic.

Really wish there had been some kind of sound. Ground enemies reminiscent of the dudes in Fort Apocalypse (this is good!) Seemed to be able to reactivate shields at will, and level 2 didn't have an end, so I'm forever tormented by the option to get Mustard, Tomatobombs, and Lettuce Flak. Played for ten minutes, so it clearly was doing something right!

It's not that the game is slow - it's that you will be slow. The people who make the VR plugin that allows this to work simulate the VR elements - so you have to move with WASD, but then there's another mode you turn on to simulate the VR hand motion, and you have to control that in two dimensions at a time. Since this game is an action/timed event game, you simply won't be able to keep up with the customers!

On the other hand, when the game ends, it doesn't throw you to a menu or anything, so you can take your time and explore how making the food works if you like.

But if you have a friend or viewer with a Vive, it remains the much better options.

Good luck!