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Thanks! I really tried to match the original exactly. Maybe I will return to it one day...

When coming here to post I saw in the forum description to "Make sure to check the public to-do list and other threads before requesting features"

Where's the list? I don't see a pinned thread. Is it a Trello board somewhere? I couldn't find anything with a Google search.

Oh awesome, thanks so much for giving it another go!

Ah nuts, yeah that really does break the game.  Thanks for taking a look!
I considered adding in a space bar replacement, but feared most people would then avoid the use of the mic and it's super integral to the experience.

If you download the desktop version, it'll allow you to change your input device, but when you play in the web you're stuck at the mercy of whatever input device your browser thinks is allowed.

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The sounds were definitely rewarding. They kind of get addictive too...the more you have in there, the better the game feels and the more you want to add...

The sounds I used are freely available:

They're perfect for jams!

I really appreciate this, thanks. That was exactly the kind of response I was hoping it would engender in people!

Thanks! I don't feel too ridiculous any longer, but that may have come after many hours of yelling PING during testing :)
Early on, I didn't have the volume boost and really maybe that's the first thing I should have implemented...

There were a couple of things I really liked here. There was a faded out face I think in the background - just barely noticeable. I liked it, not sure why.

The upgrade selection animation - with the music slowing down...that was really cool and added a cinematic feel to the moment. I wish the play had paused or slowed down while it happened as well so I could pay more attention to it.

The boss seemed a bit tough, though I suppose it depends on your upgrades!

Cool game!

I like where this is headed. Like a flappy bird meets Mario kind of thing. I would have liked some more diversity in the sound, but I enjoyed the speed-ups and the controls seemed appropriate for the setting.

I enjoyed your intro/instruction screen as well.

You convinced me by the way, and there are now both bubbles and creepy underwater sounds

This was really cool. I experienced control issues (like others reported) but that aside, the simplicity of the graphics is kind of a beautiful aesthetic. It takes only a bit of time to learn safe ways to attack, but the movement of the dragon continues to make it at least somewhat difficult to execute. 

I felt pretty pleased when I killed it.

Also liked the "don't fight" option at the start!

Cute and simple. I think if you had gotten angles and rounded corners in there, it would have been like a bird version of miniature golf! I appreciated the clean lines and the bird sounds at the end of levels. Nice job!

I really enjoyed the DNA mechanic. Found myself watching the bar fill up and wondering what I would earn next. Makes total sense to pick up random DNA on the wasteland. Really enjoyed the fact that the hero is carrying the tape with them. The trail effects were cool too.

I wish I could have made it to the store! I went through three iterations of the boss hoping I would get close. 

Loved the character art.

+10 points for mentioning Big Trouble in Little China.

This entry is the kind of thing I have often thought about making, but never gotten around to trying. I think games like this often wind up being more fun for the developer, because you get to tweak with all those systems and make an entire universe dance for you as you put it I like that you gave the player a challenge to keep prey alive (which proved to be more difficult than I had thought!)

Very cool project.

This was a delightful surprise!

When I hit the part that said "and eat them" in the opening scrawl, I actually burst out laughing. 

I love that you procedurally generated the wildlife, and that poisonous creatures were very close to benign ones. Even knowing that, and looking at the pictures, I still screwed up at times.


This is excellent. Really high level of polish - I love how after a fight the gold stars let you know it's safe and draw you to turn the page.  Very cool sprites that made me want to pick up and cuddle the cat. 

Yes, the enemy variants need differing AI to add variety and challenge; perhaps you could have cut back on some of the enemies and spent time coding behaviors. But this is a pretty minor point.

Just kind of magical following a story through on the actual page.

This was great! The boss music actually got me revved up and I was determined to beat it.

When it started out, I thought it was a puzzle game, then it became action-oriented, then it became a speed runner, so I guess you totally did surprise me with the mechanics!

Woohoo! Love that people are getting into the sonar. Really appreciate your enthusiasm, thank you.

Thanks Natty! It was a wild ride for sure.
The core game came together so much more easily than the menu and end screen. I was shocked at how much effort they took.

Man, that audio work. "The hunger... the need..." I was laughing but also totally into capturing those souls.

Oh man, I have a folder of creepy underwater sounds. I wanted the hull to creak the deeper you went. I just...ran...out...of...time.

Same for bubbles, they're totally the next thing I would add!

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Thanks so much, both of you! I'll be playing your games tomorrow after I recover!

Another update: you can now select your microphone from the main menu. It's just rudimentary controls (left/right arrow) but should allow everyone to play, irrespective of their windows settings!

I've updated to allow players to adjust the microphone gain. 

However, I don't have the ability to do microphone selection yet.  I believe you need to set you microphone as the system and communication default. I'm hoping to improve this part of the game.

Thanks @Mitron - the green screen stuff is there for some mixed reality filming I've been messing with (nothing serious) but it sure helped show how the game works in the video. Thanks for checking it out!

Cool mushroom power. Art is excellent. The gameplay mechanics needed a bit more work - my character always face to the right, enemies get stuck moving to the left, and after the game over screen (I laughed at "you dead!" the ghosted-look followed me to the new game) maybe just focus on one feature at a time until they feel good during the next jam?

That said, I think you were *very* close to having all that working well, and it looks like a cool platformer. Great jam!

Wowzers! This team put together an incredibly polished, complete game. The art is off the hook!

The attacks were sometimes weird in that I was sometimes able to move quickly after throwing an insult, but other times wasn't. I also couldn't figure out the health regeneration mechanic. This did not prevent me from becoming the #1 coolest kid in school!

The game was so good, it was frankly a little bit disturbing (the bullying, effectively). That's not a negative on the game - it's a testament to the art and sound design.

Well done!

Made it to 6500! For those wondering, you can press down and left click (or hit space I read on their page) to knock off the green fish.

I like this. The art is cool and the boater looks perfectly concerned about what is going on. I wish the green fish had a delay period before they started eating - even if you play very well, you are limited by the rate at which they appear. I also wish I had either died, or been able to swim, when falling off the boat, instead of disappearing and waiting for the boat to collapse.

Sounds were perfect for the environment. Great jam!

It's like reverse-Snake met Splatoon.

The game itself is a great idea, but I found it a bit clunky - not enough paint is thrown down. One of the best strategies is to just wait in your start area for the other player to make their way to you - they'll hurt themselves badly in the process!

That said, there is a definite fun game in here that could be greatly improved with minimal tweaking. The theme is good, and the menu and music are exceptional.

If you're still tweaking the game, I think you should make it so the levels reset when you restart.

Very cool multiplayer game!

The game is a lot of fun! You definitely need to explore to find all the power-ups you can before the boss fight.

The actual exploration was a bit disappointing - there is no reason to fight. The best strategy is to zoom past all the enemies, looking for power-up and race for the boss fight. Fortunately, there is a bit of skill involved in making it past the enemies quickly, and the procedural generation makes it interesting. This is also helped by interesting graphics, with varied enemies and attacks.

But the boss fight is where this game really shines. I was very impressed by its variety of behaviors. You made the player adapt - particularly the last evolution, where you can't leave your mouse in one place any longer. And look - I beat it! One more life!

Great game!

This was quite a cool game! It was too hard for me (even after you tweaked the difficulty) but it was really cool to see these systems come together - the AI pirates, chasing down cargo to deliver it...this stands out as something pretty unique from the jam. And the pirates are indeed crunchy as I was able to ram a few of them. Very cool - I hope you take it somewhere after this.

You guys - you need to include the Unity data folder along with the .exe! I watched your video though, and it gave a good impression.

So fun to be able to jam with someone in the same room. Game looks like a cool idea - I like how you disable various robot abilities when taking damage.

@merlin4 it took me a while as well, but the line is "Critical Compliment"

The gameplay is weak as it relies solely on you discovering the enemy weakness (1 in 4) at which point you just use the same attack.

That said, this one isn't really about gameplay - it's a fun idea, and well executed. Firing compliments that make your verbal sparring partner swoon. It was well polished as well. Some art of the competitors would have been nice to match up with the excellent voice work.

Great match to the theme!

I yawned over a dozen times while playing and that isn't a complaint.

From a UI perspective, I would have really preferred if I could have held down a key to move multiple spaces. A few other sounds to complement the excellent yawning would also have been appreciated.

The feedback on where the post office hooligans were worked really well. I also enjoyed how the Zs stuck around, even if they were no longer weaponized.

I saved world peace.

Really like the take on the theme. Art was whimsically delightful as well. If it were any longer, I'd complain that restarting makes you watch the story again, but it's not an issue for the current length.

There was some collision detection issues - sometimes I could go through objects, sometimes I couldn't. Sometimes my speed was affected by being on a cake, at other times I could run full speed.

Though maybe that is what it's like to run on a cake. Great work!

I really liked this game's look and feel. It's a perfect match for the theme and purposefully mislabeling merchandise felt devilishly fun.

I would really have liked to see some way of assessing the outcome of the bad labeling - effects on the customers, or news reports from the kingdom...something so that I could see the effect of what I was doing other than making sales. That, or something specific about selling items to specific people.

Write-ups were very funny. I think you've got a great start of something here!

Sadly, it wouldn't start for me (just stayed on the "A Peace n Bullets Thing" screen). Thanks for making a detailed video.

Looks cool - I couldn't figure out how the goat takes damage - how do you lose?

Great sound and graphics - matches the theme very well!

Made it to wave 7.

Really well put together package. Tower defense worked really well, and with some practice, you could figure out how to maneuver to get the most hits from your turrets on to the robots.

The robot design was really great. They fit the visual look of the world, and had unique elements - the one that pokes at you with spikes is very memorable.

Great jam game!

Yeah, the VR is really required. It's kind of amazing that there is support (from the amazing VR Toolkit) to simulate the VR elements, but it's really only meant for development work for when you don't have a particular VR rig - it's not a playable solution. But thanks for giving it a play - it's good to know the simulator mode is working!