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Submitted by NotExplosive (@notexplosive) — 6 hours, 12 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Fun Factor#283.4553.455
Music and Sound#592.8182.818

Ranked from 11 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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First I watched the trailer (which for whatever reason is in slow mo) and i was not impressed Then everybody was talking about the awesome dragon movement patterns and I was a little confused.

After finally playing it, I have to say the game is much faster than the trailer, which is quite challenging and the dragon movement patterns are really nice. Love how the dragon reacts to the player. The "ouch" sound was funny :D 

The controls felt a little weird from time to time, like the input was not fully recognized or so.

Feel free to checkout my game ;)


The trailer is just as fast as the game? It might be something about the settings on your end? I'm glad you liked it though!


No, it's not the settings on my end. It's your code ;) I just checked it again. I have to screens, one with 60 Hz and one with 144 Hz. Your game is not framerate independent. I don't know what engine you used but give google a try and search for your game engine and "framerate independent" ;)


Here is my proof ;)


ahhh! Wow okay so you played it super fast! Neat!

I'm aware that it's not framerate independent because in my experience it creates more problems than it solves (tunneling is a big one). I assumed the game would lock at 60 fps meaning everyone would have the same experience but apparently not!

I'll keep that in mind for future projects. Thanks for the heads up.


Very cool simple game made of triangles! Like the dragons movement patterns. Very fluid animation!


Good stuff! How did you manage such a tricky movement pattern? I was attempting to include some similar stuff in mine, but ended up going with something a bit simpler...


This was really cool. I experienced control issues (like others reported) but that aside, the simplicity of the graphics is kind of a beautiful aesthetic. It takes only a bit of time to learn safe ways to attack, but the movement of the dragon continues to make it at least somewhat difficult to execute. 

I felt pretty pleased when I killed it.

Also liked the "don't fight" option at the start!


To start, I want you to know you get 5 stars in visuals for making a triangle dragon.  The game was simple, fun and easy to understand. Occasionally I would get stuck and couldn't right or left, for instance I would be moving left, then release the left arrow, then tap it again to move and I would get stuck. Overall I really enjoyed the game. It scratched my retro gaming itch.


Thanks so much! I'm glad you liked it!


This is a very nice game, I first clicked don't fight the dragon and the game just Quit. I liked that a lot :)

nicely done! pretty impressive to get the dragon working like that. Did you guys use a theme because I couldn't really link it to something 



I started with the DNA theme, my original idea was that the dragon would move in a helix pattern but that kinda flew off the rails. So... I guess no, I didnt really use a theme.


It's for inspiration, that's how it works. my game starts with DNA and then goes off the rails too very quick ;) 


The dragon movement is really cool!  I wanna learn how to do this as well~  Good job! In my game the final boss is a sky snake, it's movement is similar but more basic hehe~ check out 'Puma Cat' if you can.


I fought and defeated the dragon! Was fun! The AI must have been tricky to balance. The controls were a bit finicky though. If I was pressing left, and then press right and release left, then the right press is not registered. Also, a some invincibility after getting hit by the dragon would be nice.


Thanks for the feedback! To tell you the truth I kinda scrambled to get this together before the deadline so the fact that you found it fun at all is really great news. :)