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Wine 6.0.1 didn't work for me on M1 Mac. Got a exe not supported in this platform error. Is the exe 32-bit or 64-bit?

Hi, would the game be runnable on macos via wine? I can help check that for you if you want.

wine-5.0. Installed via `brew install wine-stable`

fwiw, it does run cleanly with wine. I just needed to use the 64-bit version of wine.

I tried running the windows .exe file using wine, but I get "Bad CPU type in executable". New macs can only run 64-bit executables. Any chance you could provide a 64-bit executable?

If it runs on linux, it should be possible to compile the code for mac. I offer to help do that.

I didn't make this game btw.

Tweening is easy to implement custom. What's more important is how to use tweening.

I recommend watching this, if you haven't already:

It's just tweening image_xscale and image_yscale.

I get "Failed to create PayPal payment (422)". Any other payment method?

Maybe you could enlist someone's help who could help make the mac builds for you? I have a mac and I have a GMS2 license. I can help you if you want.

Otherwise, good luck with the game!

Would you be able to do a mac build? I really want to play this game.

The concept intrigues me! Any chance you could upload a gameplay video? I have some idea of what the game is, but could use some more clarity. 

Is this actually a 3d game? Or did you use raycasting? It's very cool! I'd love to know more about the tech behind it. What suggests 3d to me is the way the outlines of the cones change in black-and-white mode.

If any artist is interested in working on this game with me, do contact me on Discord: Atlatic#1931.

  • Ability to write shaders.
  • Ability to render only part of the sprite to enable sprite sheets.

Thank you for playing. :)

Thanks for playing the game, and your interest.

Yes, the good ending is somewhat hard to get. Something I'll be fixing in a post-jam version, along with intermediate reports.

I'll add a comment here when I have a second version of the game.

Dear Cameron,

The mangoes I sent were plucked too early. I had to catch the 3 o clock train. Rest assured that the mango trees are healthy and and growing. After I finish this trip and go back to the farm, I'll pluck some more when they're fully ripe. Thanks for trying them however, and thank you for your interest in more.


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Indeed. To learn more about censorship during the Manhattan project, read Richard Feynman's book's chapter Los Alamos From Below. A shorter but not as much fun summary is also here:

There is more than one ending, but it seems the good ending is quite hard, as of now. I'll be doing some tuning soon to make it somewhat easier and provide more feedback to the player. Thanks for playing. :)

Glad you liked it. Yes, it's inspired by Papers, Please. I don't consider that a negative though. All platformers are also inspired by Mario.

Good job! Loved it. Since it's such a simple (but elegant!) idea, you could have added much more juice to the game. But hey, this game jam cares about design and originality, which you nailed.

This is really good! I'm impressed you were able to come up with a novel puzzle mechanic idea and also implement many interesting puzzles in the timeframe, while adhering to the theme. Great job!

My only complaint is that the mechanic could have been explained, but it was kinda fun to figure out how the stones worked myself.

I recommend trying to remake this in a proper engine with better sprites and sound effects. I think this concept could work as a full game.

I'm glad you enjoyed it. Hey man, that's just some fine folks sharing their love for fruits. ;)

Thanks for the feedback! When I first implemented it, this was exactly my feeling. I also found dragging and opening and closing letters fun. :)

I'll be working on a post-jam version which puts the right sort of content and depth to make this into a full game.

Thanks for your feedback. I had planned to add a report card in for every day (that's the typewriter sound you hear), but I didn't get the time to. I'll do a post-jam version with that feature, and some more tuned content, rules, and win conditions.

I'm not as concerned about the similarity with Papers, Please. This is a clear homage to it, but the genre of single-screen interface games is large, and many new and exciting games can exist in it.

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Single-screen game about mail censorship:

The mac version doesn't work.

This is a windows game. Please don't mark it as a mac or linux game.

This is a windows game. Please mark it as a windows game.

This is a windows-only game. Please mark it as such.

Nice and simple game loop, with potential for variety. Good art. Bonus points for a mac build.

Cute game! Love the polish and minimalist design.

Mac build doesn't work for me.

I fought and defeated the dragon! Was fun! The AI must have been tricky to balance. The controls were a bit finicky though. If I was pressing left, and then press right and release left, then the right press is not registered. Also, a some invincibility after getting hit by the dragon would be nice.

The mac build did not work for me. :(

Is there going to be a mac build?

I'm super impressed that you were able to do this in 48 hours. Game was fun. I played this on a mac, and it worked fine, except for a small lag at the beginning. Also, it wasn't obvious to me that the controls are to click on the card. I tried to use arrow keys, then I clicked on the cells with the mouse. Maybe the card could shake a bit to indicate that that's what you have to click. The game has potential. You should add more types of enemies.

Fun game. I couldn't find the last two cheese pieces.

I think when you die you should disable controls until the character is visible. I would often die after respawning because the character was moving while invisible.

Also when respawning moving platforms from before death should be removed.

Looking forward to the full game.

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