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A tilemap editor centered around pattern-based auto tiling · By rxi

Is it possible to run this on mac?

A topic by nearestneighbor created Jun 26, 2020 Views: 1,311 Replies: 16
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If it runs on linux, it should be possible to compile the code for mac. I offer to help do that.

I tried running the windows .exe file using wine, but I get "Bad CPU type in executable". New macs can only run 64-bit executables. Any chance you could provide a 64-bit executable?


Unfortunately there currently aren't any plans to support macOS. 

Regarding the windows executable: it should already be 64bit


Dang would buy this immediately if it had a mac port : / 


another vote for a mac version!


fwiw, it does run cleanly with wine. I just needed to use the 64-bit version of wine.

What version of wine (precisely) are you using? Thanks!


wine-5.0. Installed via `brew install wine-stable`

awesome, thanks!


One more vote for macOS from me!


Aware it's a valid decision to concentrate your support, but I would like to add a desire for a MacOS version.


I think supporting a different platform adds a lot of burden in the development of a GUI heavy tool.

Also Mac (or actually Apple) are very restrictive on HOW to make and distribute apps for their Operating Systems, and things like giving up support for OpenGL in the near future, having to code sign your apps (paying for a certificate), using XCode and building on a Mac (not being able to cross-compile at all) make this a bigger challenge that it’s actually worth.

If people can run this app through Wine, I’d say that they should do that instead.

Anyway that’s my opinion as a developer, just wanted to state it, because this statements and successive requests (after rxi said there were no plans to support Mac) make for unnecessary pressure to any developer.


Some minor corrections to your post:

osxcross works just fine for cross compiling Mac apps. Xcode is not at all required and neither is paying Apple. Unsigned apps will run perfectly well by just launching the first time via right-click + Open. 


"Pay us or fuck you!"

- Apple


Yeah Mac OS would support would be awesome :)


I’d buy a macOS version :)


This seems like a really awesome app. Let me know if you make a Mac version