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A member registered Jun 06, 2020

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Have you tried ‘01271’ suggested fix? Nothing worked for me but following those steps worked perfectly.

Dragged app to Applications and ran below against it

xattr -d com.apple.quarantine 

Now works a treat, so thanks :)

Mac OS Sonoma 14.5

What version of Mac OS of you have?

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UPDATE : Sadly although the above allows the app to launch loading and saving examples fails on reload and you can't repoint paths etc in the preferences  :(

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Had the same issue but figured out a rather odd way around it. Get an older working revision e.g. PixelComposer 1.15.6m.app and place into 'Applications' folder on Mac this should launch okay. Now copy the latest [Broken] Mac release Pixel Composer into the same folder, this will fail to launch. But here's the odd solution :-

 (1) Right click on the older working 1.15.6m version app and select 'Show Package Contents' and delete everything below the 'Contents' folder. 

(2) Right click on the latest non working and select 'Show Package Contents' and 'copy' all the files and folders stored under the 'Contents' folder.

(3) Now (you've probably guessed it! ) paste these files / folders under the older 1.15.6m (now empty) 'Contents' folder and click on the older app to launch. It should now work but with the newer version!

Did some quick testing and examples load and function as expected. The only caveat is that if you decide to move the 'altered' version of the app outside the 'Applications' folder it breaks again .... so just leave in place and all should be good.

Awesome thanks :)

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Any chance of converting this to run on Godot 4.1.1?

Just for info it does run on Arm Macs using CrossOver (shown below on M2 Pro)

Only downside is:-

Correct me if I'm wrong but this was developed with Godot? Any chance of creating a Mac export of this awesome tool? 



Thanks for your incredibly useful pixel tool. It's great that you can set the default file open path, but would be really handy to set the default output folder too. 

Great little game very polished.

Spoke too soon they are already part of add-on pack :) Awesome job.

Any chance of some climbing frames? Rope, ladder etc..

Yeah Mac OS would support would be awesome :)