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Dang would buy this immediately if it had a mac port : / 

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Is there anyway I could just get the current version compiled with the latest release of the node-webkit? I've been waiting for 127 days. I would just use it in the browser since it works fore me there but it looks like you have to be a patreon member to unlock all the export options. EDIT: I just saw that you unlocked the online editor for another user having the same problem. Is there anyway you could show me some love too?

Excellent, thanks! Really excited to use this to create assets for a mobile game I’m developing.

It works flawlessly in chrome... is there any kind of flag I can pass in to disable the blacklist or force it to run? 

Cool, thanks! The Itch build's not working for me.. are you on Windows or Mac?

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Hey did you ever get this resolved? I'm having the exact same issue. Mine works in Chrome but not in Firefox or in the desktop version.