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Create 2D games in JavaScript, made easier · By Cedric Stoquer

Is Pixelbox dead?

A topic by created Dec 18, 2023 Views: 534 Replies: 3
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I just discovered Pixelbox and am really liking it so far. I dig the aesthetic and also the workflow. I've been looking for something for a long time that encapsulates all of the game making tools (including sound) into a single package like Pico-8 but without the restrictions. 

I'd love to work on a big project with Pixelbox but am wondering, is it still being developed? I saw where the Dev said it's under active development but it looks like it hasn't been updated in a few years? Can anyone shed some light on this? 

Thanks :)


I was just coming over to ask the same question - but I sadly think it is. It is a great tiny "engine" to work with and I played around with it a lot - but it doesn't seem to be updated anymore. The creator, cstoquer, hasn't posted in ages on Twitter/X or commited anything on github on at all for quite some time now...

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Thank you for your reply! Have you found any decent alternatives?

I'd say when you're already familiar with Pico-8 and if you like JS (or even TypeScript) you should check out Tic80. The free version is already quite feature rich but the pro version ($10) also allows external Code-Editor like VSCode which enables you to use the Tic80 TypeScript template and exporting to a standalone game.

Its still limited like Pico-8 but way less than that. With its "Fantasy-Console" nature you obviously have all tools in one environment.