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Max Oakland

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I like the graphics a lot

That would be really useful. My normal app for that stopped working so I'm looking

I think that was the problem. I was trying to use this as a way to turn a tilemap I already made into a tileset so I uploaded the tilemap as a PNG

When I click Extract Tileset from Tile Map it opens a blank new window and doesn't seem to do anything else :/

Thank you!

Awesome :) Thanks for the quick fix

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Cool! That's really exciting. The game is fun too. I'm gonna share it on social media to let everyone know

What's your twitter @? I'll tag you

Will you make a gameboy ROM download? Right now it's only the CIA file and I can't hear game audio in my web browser

This game is awesome but I ran into a problem:

I had 12G and went to buy a knife. The lady said "[Old Script] You don't have enough gold" even though it only cost 10G. The [Old Script] thing makes me think some strange bug is going on

This is so good. It’s such a fun, simple, and engrossing game. I’ve never played anything quite like it

I beat it all in one sitting which is really rare because most games I’ll either get bored or frustrated 

Hey are you still interested?

I'll try to track the bug down using the info you gave me! If you remember or find out any more details about how it happend it'll help me
Thanks for your report

Nope! How'd you get there?

Woah, how did you get there? I'll have to fix that

Yeah, that's the thing. I guess that's more confusing than I planned it to be

Do you want hints for how to get past the snake?

I love the graphics

You could add harder levels to the end of the game too

You're great at coming up with clever game mechanics and varied puzzles to use them

This is awesome. I think it's your best game yet. The graphics are really good and the gameplay and puzzles are unique and fun

This has a great visual style

I love the graphics, especially the big fruit pics

I'm giving your email to them. Thanks again for being patient on this


Are looking great!

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I'm so sorry about the delay on this. I'll look into it. Is there a specific email you want them to contact you at? I'll give it to them

This is awesome

This game is very fun and creative

This is interesting but the screenshots look like they're from a Mac but there's only a Windows download

These are great!

No I didn't know that was the goal haha

I checked out that clip and the music is so good

I love the graphics and music of this game

That happened to me too

Is that the one for NES?

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Love the graphics. WOuld love to be able to control it using the arrow keys. WASD is backwards for me
Edit: never mind, I found out I can but it's not listed in the controls

I like the graphics and the concept. The physics and controls could use some refinement. I got stuck at a door in level 1

Why didn't you like them at first?

I'm glad you were able to get this out there! Hope they do give it an official release. I'm really glad I was able to work on this one

The graphics are great