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You’re such a skilled pixel artist. The autumn forest is my favorite. You’re really good with color

I like your art style!

These are classy

I think having a shadow tile on top and to the right of everything would help give it some more depth

These graphics look cool! They remind me very heavily of Link’s Awakening

Happy to help :)

I vouch for GB Studio too. I see a lot of beginners in the community

Most has some light programming capabilities. I also liked being able to choose the size of my sprites, tiles, and world.

One of the features I loved the most about Mosi is the simple music generation tool

I think the thing that really attracted me to Mosi, though, was that I could use more colors

Mosi is really good with interactive and dynamic stuff. I used it to make a game because Bitsy was a little too limited for what I wanted to do at the time

are there any other emulators I can use to play it? Mesen isn’t for Mac

Windows 2 would be cool. I still want the Mac version though :]

Thanks for telling me! I’m excited because I’m almost done with beta 5 and it’s a huge update with tons of bug fixes and some new levels and a lot of polish to the ones that already exist :)

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I tried this in Wine (an app that lets Mac and Linux users run Windows apps without Windows installed) and it seemed to work but crashed on building the test project

I’d love to be able to use this. Want me to be your Wine tester? I’ll help you find the incompatibilities

that would be amazing

I bet! That's a real challenge even when using traditional pixel art

I agree with you on the fun of that challenge! I love developing on systems with limitations because it's such a fun puzzle

fun but very hard

ScorOS community · Created a new topic Uh oh

Somehow I ended up in a scene with a space ship and couldn’t leave

this is really cute. Love the graphics

the sketchy, artistic graphic style is really cool. I haven’t seen anything like that

this is so cool! I can’t wait til there are enemies and it’s more fleshed out

some constructive feedback:

  1. I think the sword moves too slowly
  2. Might be a good idea to set the screen transition to black instead of white

this is so fun and cool! You did an awesome job figuring out how to use gb studio’s features to make a convincing operating system. And the calculator is really impressive

Now I want one that looks more like Mac OS instead of Windows 95 ^_^

this looks so cool. I’m gonna see about making a game in this application 

Cool! I guess I'll be submitting my game :

And if so, does it have to be “finished”?

I really like the mix of top down and sidescroller perspective

Also I think it’s so cool that you made a game about your favorite writer! I haven’t seen that before and I think it’s a great idea 

This game is fun! I love the unique gameplay

That building looks cool and creepy!

Thank you! I appreciate the compliment and the fact that you played it

I really like the music on this!

Nice updates!

haha yeah! No wonder I had trouble

another issue was I just didn’t realize I was supposed to go there. I thought the water was just decorative

this is so good! It’s profound and the graphics are beautiful 

I did have trouble telling where to go sometimes. Especially the first screen. I almost quit because I thought the game was broken

Hope you do!

It's definitely more fun that way too :)

The graphics are really nice 

I'll see what I can do 😀

This was cool! I really like the graphics and there are some really impressive effects like the glowing lights

I gave up in the chasing scene because it was too hard and it got frustrating that I had to go all the way back and read the dialog box and answer the question every time

Maybe I’ll come back and finish it sometime 

Cool concept to reverse it like that

Thanks for playing! I love those games so I'm not surprised there's some of them in this. I need to play more Bonk though because it seems really cool and I've only played a little bit

How far did you get? This one is actually pretty long

Good to know! Are there any specific places you got stuck or died so much that it got frustrating?