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A topic by Max Oakland created Mar 16, 2022 Views: 183 Replies: 26
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Hello! Oh, NES release! Fantastic! Only 3 hours, but maybe: Join the Jam with this game!


aw man I didn’t see that til it had already expired. I appreciate the link. Maybe I’ll find another NES jam soon

Ayyyy, this was great haha. Love the way you've changed around the tutorial levels to be somethin' new, and the custom tiles make things really pop out. Played around with changing the visuals for a few minutes but think imma have to make somethin' with a whole new sheet now haha. Having doors instead of a shape that warps to the next level's a very very neat touch as well. Similar thing with the use of arrows, great addition to keep gameplay goin' smoothly.

The sprite for Wink's been put together super well, the entire visual style of this thing has me gushing haha. Like what ye did with the instructions screen too, everything's clear and easy to suss. Been playin' around with the engine the last few days (made one game for an article i'm workin' on as well as another for a steamer friendo) and it seems like it would've taken a bit of effort to work out block-pushing paths and counting out the holes etc. Made rough lookin' bin tiles for one of the games I made...and I gotta say, your bin tiles are a work of art haha,  Awesome stuff.

Always find early stuff like this incredibly inspiring, same with the Hollow Knight games Elvies made with Puzzle Maker recently. Reminds me of the first few months of GBStudio being in the wild. And, years on, there's some wild stuff being made with that nowadays so I can only imagine how Puzzle Maker games will look three years from now.

Rad stuff, very rad. Keep up the stellar work haha.

(Oh, aaaand my time was 14:40. But I'm considering going back and beating that time haha)


Thanks Michael! I spent about a day or two on it working pretty seriously. The sad thing is I accidentally deleted my browser history so I can’t go back and fix some of the small details I was planning to. I’m glad you had fun. Let me know if you beat 14:00. My average is 7:30

u should have it so u press a button to move blocks. I keep on pushing blocks i dont mean too


that’s a good idea

 I made this in a very basic nes game engine so I can’t add anything like that but maybe I’ll be able to add it when I get more NES dev experience 


Made it in 13 minutes! :D 

I like the game - especially the art and the catchy tune. Most of the puzzles are quite easily finished - so there's room for more challenge, unless you want to keep it a more relaxed experience.


Nice! You say it’s easy but I can beat it in 7 minutes! 

I do plan on adding more levels so I’m glad you mentioned it was pretty easy. I’ll try to increase the challenge

Haha, as a creator you do have a certain edge while playing the game. ;-)


that’s for sure. I hope someone will beat me though. Like how speedrunners can beat Miyamoto in Super Mario by a long shot

14:22 here. This was fun! Is there a way to make the movement less slippery?


i don’t have much control over that. I could slow the movement down but I tested it and I thought it made the game more tedious. What do you think?

No, you're right. Slowdown would make things tedious.


Good game like always. I am doing a game too with this engine. I am working on the levels right now. But if i encounter difficulties on the graphics & sound part, can i ask you some advices ? Thanks. Peace. PS : Any prize for beating your own score ? lol.


you beat my score! There should be a prize for that. What would you like?

I’m happy to give you advice any time! Just dm me


I will DM you when i come back home. I finished the puzzles of my game & now i'm starting working on the pixel art. But it seems you should first do the pixel art & after that the level design.


That’s how I usually do it but the most important thing is to find the way that works for your workflow so you can stay engaged


Thanks for the advice!!


This was a fun puzzle game. Thanks! :)


Thanks for playing!


Man this is absolutely amazing not just the game itself but the Puzzle Maker it’s an amazing feature that I would’ve never known about.

Also will you port this over to the Gameboy using GB Studio or anything else such as GBDK?


I think the NES Puzzle maker is amazing too!

Do you want me to port it? I’d be open to the idea if you want to play it on GB or something

Making a box-push game shouldn't be tooo hard in GBStudio too. Ooo.


i agree! 


Really well-polished game! There's something nostalgic about box-pushers. Great job Max!


Thanks Frank! A very nostalgic genre indeed