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Developed a bit of a pattern from fear of cart size limits haha, each game I make ends up about 25% bigger 'til I hit that limit oneday. Still making short stuff so would be a while still methinks haha.
Been cool keepin' up with your uploads lately too, hit a bit of a slump motivation wise for most of 2020 but this has piqued that a bit.

You've been on fire lately haha. Fun battle system too, and love the character design all round.

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Oooo hell yes, been waiting for something like this to pop up haha  :).

First the pokemon one and now this too, awesome work.

Yo, great stuff getting featured on IGN! Damn neat to see a GBStudio project pop up haha

This is both some super creative and impressive stuff. Keep up the great work.

Loved the tunes when I played the game (which was great btw, nice stuff) so cheers for putting these up. They've definitely come in handy haha, keep up the great work.

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Enjoyed that, love the look of the vector style graphics in the cutscene and the shmup style battle system is an awesome idea. Keep at it yo.

That was great! Been loving some of the RPG type systems people have been coming up with lately. Keep up the great work.

That was great, especially loved how the roll mechanic worked. Nicely done.

Love the astro-style sprites. Great stuff.

Ooo, makes me dream of a Game Boy version of Mario Paint haha.

Love the Virtual Boy vibe of this.

Noooooice, great stuff.

Aye awesome stuff yo, nicely done.

Aye, been waiting to finish off something Iv'e been working on for a while before jumping into the beta/2.0 juuust in case there's any compatibility issued but once that's done I'm keen haha. Whenever I give somethin' like this a go I start brimming with ideas too so lookin' forward to trying those out too.
Just realised what the style of this reminds me of too; Dragon Warrior Monsters. Which I used to play the hell out of haha.

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Ayyy this is neat, played a few of the battle systems lately and this one's pretty noice. Especially with the battle animations and such. Great work yo.

Would be a lil bit of work I imagine but a level editor would be ace.

Cool concept, feel almost turn based.

Oooo another Nintendo property, prepared to be impressed again haha.

Was actually meant to comment earlier in the Discord about merging genre's (like in stuff like Gargoyles Quest). Dude...that's gonna be freaking amazing and I'm already brimming with ideas haha, super pumped. Keep up the stellar work too and cheers for always keepin' me inspired.

Thought I'd chuck the words I popped in the review on here too:

Saw the update saying the game was uploaded earlier on so gave it a download, flashed it on to a cart and gave it a whirl.

Great stuff, first thing that I noticed was the neat sountrack. Catchy bunch of tuned scattered throughout. Liked the background art and sprite style and the environments had a nice grungy future kind of aesthetic and enjoyed the story. Main parts that stood out though were the cut scene moments which look amazing, especially gameplay enabled ones right near the end. Great use of the background I'm thinking. The art in them were again stellar.

Main main part that blew me away; the various combat mechanics. Combat felt almost like a rhythm game, oddly reminiscent of Crypt of the Necrodancer with enjoyable little tweaks every now and then. I've been wanting to check to see if quick time like events are possible the the engine and this game proved it before I even did anything haha.

Loved it, the game and the presentation of the itch page. Inspiring stuff.

This page design is amazing! Love the Game Boy tutorial gif and the design on the box looks great.

That's lovely, and merry christmas dude.

So pumped for this, rad stuff.

Awwww yeahhhh coloursssss.

Constantly above and beyond dude, you're doin' great stuff for the community.
Also liked the way you spoke about how colours work in Moonlighter in that vid. Goddamn that's a great lookin' game.

One of my favourite things Iv'e played since getting into GBStudio. Been in a slump the last few weeks trying to work out what I want to make for my second game, playing this has done wondering for my drive and motivation.

Tis a big inspiration dude, keep up the great work and thanks a bunch.

Looooooove the look of this.

Ayyy great stuff!

Rad stuff, thanks a bunch for doin' this.

Will keep an eye on your stuff here and on the Discord too, excited to see anything else ye come up with.

Awesome stuff dude, cheers and keep up the great work.