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Ayyy, noice! Loved the first physical release (tis some damn nice packaging that) so gonna have to pick this up sometime too. 

Ayyy, looks great! Love the intro, has an almost Yoshis Island look to it. Gonna have to give that demo a shot when it drops.

This was neat, like a mix between the ol' Lost World GB game I used to play a lot as a kid as well as Dinorun. Which I used to play a lot as a teen haha. Nice.


I like this.

Lots haha. 

Awesome work.

Oooo neato

Aye amazing lookin' stuff, noice

THIS is a whole bunch of fun haha. Only gave it a quick ten or so minute go just then but will definitely be jumping in for more runs. Awesome stuff.

This. I like the sound of this.

Probably the first, due to playing it the most when I feel like having a quick go.

Every time I see this game I smile haha. Awesome stuff.

After a few years, I have a hefty collection of stuff like this now. But it's one of those "never too much" things, always comes in handy. And these ones especially look great. Lookin' forward to giving this a suss and keep up the rad work.

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Cried at the end of my first playthrough. Smiled at the end of my second. Moral choice in its purest form. A masterpiece of art. 11/10, bound to be the best game submitted to Game Boy Showdown 2023.

Played through this all last night, and really enjoyed it. So much so I was sad when it got to the final plot point (which sounded super interesting) and stopped. You've done an amazing job with this, along with the F-Zero and Falco games it's now one of the best things GBStudio things iv'e played.

Saw this is getting a physical release at some point too, congrats and lookin' forward to it. Would that be the same as the demo here or expanded on?

Cheers again too, and keep up the rad work.

Haven't played anything GBStudio related in a while and whoa, things have gone leaps and bounds haha. Loved the use of the voice clips, the flashing-light section was real cool to see and the strafe mechanic was a real cool addition. Lookin' forward to see this get added to, awesome work.

Saw the vid for this pop up on my Youtube subs and thought it was on your page...til I noticed I was looking at Itch's channel. Noice haha. Well deserved repping of your awesome stuff, grats.

I filled out the possible level amount so...99 or so I think haha? Maybe less but can't quite remember, might go back and update it sometime with the newer level counter too. Glad you were able to find the shout-out level for yourself though haha. There's a lot of 'em there so til always nice when that happens.
Keep up the dope work too.

Aye this could definitely come in handy haha, nicely done and cheers.

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Have had a dino-related project in the back of me head for a few years now. Sooo these could very well come in handy haha, awesome stuff.

Oooo loooove the look of this

That was great haha, tried out both story mode and the visually impaired mode (great addition that) and everything worked well. Awesome stuff.

Aaaand excited to see what else gets added too.

Always keen for more music to add to me projects, and this is probably the perfect amount for a lil game too. Noice.

Oooo these look niiiice. Gonna have to keep this set in mind next time I make somethin', good stuff.

Making a box-push game shouldn't be tooo hard in GBStudio too. Ooo.

Ayyyy, really enjoyed playing this haha. Nicely done.

played it twice lol soz

Oh aaaand was nearly a year ago but congrats on the birth of ye second son.

Ayyy, Retro Break's a great channel.

Ayyyy, this was great haha. Love the way you've changed around the tutorial levels to be somethin' new, and the custom tiles make things really pop out. Played around with changing the visuals for a few minutes but think imma have to make somethin' with a whole new sheet now haha. Having doors instead of a shape that warps to the next level's a very very neat touch as well. Similar thing with the use of arrows, great addition to keep gameplay goin' smoothly.

The sprite for Wink's been put together super well, the entire visual style of this thing has me gushing haha. Like what ye did with the instructions screen too, everything's clear and easy to suss. Been playin' around with the engine the last few days (made one game for an article i'm workin' on as well as another for a steamer friendo) and it seems like it would've taken a bit of effort to work out block-pushing paths and counting out the holes etc. Made rough lookin' bin tiles for one of the games I made...and I gotta say, your bin tiles are a work of art haha,  Awesome stuff.

Always find early stuff like this incredibly inspiring, same with the Hollow Knight games Elvies made with Puzzle Maker recently. Reminds me of the first few months of GBStudio being in the wild. And, years on, there's some wild stuff being made with that nowadays so I can only imagine how Puzzle Maker games will look three years from now.

Rad stuff, very rad. Keep up the stellar work haha.

(Oh, aaaand my time was 14:40. But I'm considering going back and beating that time haha)

Gon' be keen to back this haha, love the black cart choice too.

Ayyyy, nooooice

Had a quick look at the software last night, can already guarantee its a lot easier to use than some of the paid ones too haha.

Aaaand finished, that was neat haha. Just downloaded the standalone version of the Puzzle Maker so keen to see if I can pop somethin' together.

Ayyyy awesome stuff :).
Hadn't heard of NES Puzzle Maker 'til now also, gonna have to give that a looksie. Cheers for the heads up.

N'probs, I add ducks somewhere in most of the games I make so this game spoke to me haha.

This. This is nice.

Brilliant and dope

Ayyyy hell yeah and congrats!