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I'm so glad I took a few minutes of your life. :) Thank you for your comment.

Thank you very much, I think your games are worth a release. Its size became 2MB. It would have fit in 1MB, but since insideGadgets had a 2MB card, we instead filled it with music. :)

Okay, I couldn't even complete the first level, but I really like this game. The graphics are cute, the music is fine, the idea is nice. Congratulations. Vote for the best.

Gentlemen's Pixel Club made a video about one of the games in the collection, Wacky Painter, and perhaps the most important thing is the reactions it caused when he received the package as a gift:

Thank You!

Thank you very much, it's a pleasure for me to be able to surprise you! What I like best is that you say B-Level, but it would actually be 8-Level thanks to the very professional original graphic artist. :)

We need games exactly like the one you made. I found out about it from the Gentlemen's Pixel Club video on Facebook, thank you very much. It was really an experience. Skilled!

Thank you very much, it's about time to release such a collection. Of course it could have been Mastertronic or Gremlin. :)

Thank You Juan. And thanks for all the ratings for my games, it's great.

Hah! :) What a great idea. Brilliant.

The idea of jumping on a bike and going to different places is brilliant, very clever! I've made an awful lot of GB Studio games, but actually the point of all of them was not to be a walking and talking game, there are already a lot of them. However, with the mini-games you can throw one of these up, this is also proof of that. We need more of these. :) Congratulations.

Great! Love it!

Done! Thanks!

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A long time ago, when I was a kid, I played a lot with Commodore 16 games of an English company called Tynesoft. Unfortunately, they have since fallen into disrepair, but their games remain for us. As the world changed, so did gaming machines, and as a generation grew up, it became possible to rewrite these games to other consoles. I would like to introduce these awesome games to the people who like the Nintendo Gameboy Color. Receive with great love, and have fun!


Thank you very much, let's face it, you are not the best turtle jumping player. :)

I don't usually play, I prefer to make them :) , but I'm stuck with this game. Brilliant !!!! Many thanks for making it, masterpiece! I found a bug in it, but maybe I'm doing something wrong ?

I'm always happy to see a video of one of my games in your comments. When you reach almost 50 years of age, like me, you want to watch exactly the kind of videos where the person presenting is sensible, calm, funny, and represents value. I'm very happy that my games get a video presentation like this, because when you do something, you have to make it in a way that you can be proud of years later, and I think your videos are exactly like that. Thank you!

Amazing timing for the release and the game is very nicely made. Although I don't like horror or scary games, I take my hat off to you!

Well that's a brilliant idea.

Finally another person who publishes the game in CIA format, not just me! Thanks!

Thank you very much! Ghostbusters would really be a good job, but unfortunately I don't know enough about the game to venture into it. I have often thought about what would be the best thing that would really move me, but the problem with large-volume games is that they take a long time to make and I don't have an affinity for them after 4-5 days. :)

Thank you very much for your kind comment, this is good for all programmers. Glad you tried it.

Hi. I know that this is an old game from you, but if you upgrade it, you can improve it by querying the location of the player and, depending on this, place an empty actor on the wall, in which the bullet hits, then the projectile will not go through on the wall. This is a really great transcript.

I have seen many games but this is a very interesting idea. I had a good time with it.

Great work, deserves a Gameboy Color port. :)

Thank you very much for your comment, there was indeed an error, I corrected it. In the EASY mode, unfortunately, there were not 10 but 0 opponents to defeat on these two tracks. But you wouldn't have faced this if you chose HARD mode. :) Thanks for it, your sign meant a lot!

The problem is that unfortunately I can't rate this game 2x five stars but i would if i could. :) 5/5 (2x)

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Yes. This is my worst transcript ever. :) During this period, when this was made, I was still getting to know the GB Studio development tool, but when I have some time, I will correct the errors, because I have gotten to know it a little better.

Thank you! Difficult games are easier for you. :)

How nice to see the game improve month by month. Let's say version 2.0 was much better, where we still had to fight for every idea to solve it, and in 3.0, almost everything was already given, even with this sound. :) Nice progress!

Thank you very much! I made the mistake of not including an option so that if you type "gentlemen's pixel club" on the gameboy's home screen, it will either 1. remove all penguins from the game, 2. set that only 20 objects need to be collected. :) But you were very clever, it went much better than the color version! In the game, there is a patform that does not prevent you from jumping and there is one where you hit your head. This also happens in the penguin section, where 90 times out of 100 you will make the mistake of cutting your head into the black platform. :) Thank you very much for this bonus video, it's a pleasure to watch your every gameplay.

Thanks. Yes, it is quite difficult to solve the big sprite with the old GB-Studio. But the game is cute, so we won't bother with that. :)

I think the graphics are fine. In the case of dialogues, I would set it so that it does not write out the text continuously, but appears immediately, so that it would not appear that you are drawing the avatars of the characters from a character set.Nice work!

Thank you very much for the recognition, the fact is that I have ideas, I can implement a logical one maybe, but I find it much more enjoyable to transfer these old games to gameboy, because here you have to keep some limits, and with my own, if something doesn't work, I'll solve it in another way and that's not a challenge. :)

It's just brilliant. It doesn't bother me that it doesn't have music, because I can't find anything in it that I don't like, it's a masterpiece.

There have already been many rewrites of this game, so it was time to rewrite the C16 version for GBC as well. Good luck collecting, winter will be here soon anyway. :)

 Spiky Harold

Spiky Harold game

Really? It's not programmed that way, it surprises me too. I thought I'd try myself to see if I could develop a game in 2 hours, and this is what I found. It's so easy that I didn't even think about running out of bullets. :) Your avatar is good. :)

Dear Gentleman! I am very grateful for the fact that in several cases you make videos of the games I made and promote the things I made with it. In fairy tales, it is usually the case that the good person receives his deserved reward (at least in Hungarian folk tales here in the "middle" of Europe). I would like to ask for your patience, because we are working on getting your worthy reward soon. :) Maybe it will come together for Christmas! Until then, I hope you will delight your audience with more such great compilations, which are constantly expanding. Thanks, and God bless you!

I really like it, it's really fun. A real super game. Thanks to the Gentlemen's Pixel Club video for bringing me to this game as well.

Great! The demoscene has arrived at GB Studio. :)

It's not exactly like the original, but I hope it will be similar and bring back the feelings a little.