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Rajcsányi László (WLS)

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Thank you very much for your music, which I used in this game:

Thank You! This feeling is exactly the praise of Namco. :)

I'm glad that you liked it and that made you happy with it. It's great that you present original games on your channel, but it's an extremely good idea to always include games made by hobby coders, not official companies, it's a great pleasure for them that you promote their games.

I thank you for your sign and your pleasure.

Every day I look at the games you make, all of them are unbelievably professional. It's rare that someone is as committed to quality work as you are. Programmers should also have an Immortals Club, I'd like to join you! :)

Hello. It's great that you wrote and it's great that you wrote this, thank you! Finally a knowledgeable person who can really appreciate that with 2.0 it is much, much harder to create these! I also saw your version, I even rate it 2 years ago, I remembered it when I did this!

Yes, the X-Rally looks very good, I think it can be implemented, although there are 1-2 things to think about. Well then, let's have a game like this as soon as possible. Pay attention to the number of subscribers! :)

First of all, thank you very much, I always have a great time. It's interesting what games people like. There are times when I spend weeks making a game and it is hardly viewed, and there are times when very simple games made in half a day are more interested. It's always interesting to me how well a game does, but thanks to you more and more people are seeing these rewrites. It's great that you do your channel with such intensity. However! I will also offer something if You have 1000 subscribers, you can choose a game that you really want, and I will try to make it for you if it's really possible on Gameboy. So choose something that is not impossible! :)

Hello. Thanks for the question. No difference. There is a small bug that I noticed has been fixed and the corrected one is already included in the collection, but this is not a difference that can be noticed, max. pixel errors.

It is a great game! I tried to reach you on Facebook, I wrote to you, but maybe you need to be allowed to see it. Thanks!

I didn't know when I transcribed the game, so I looked it up. According to Google, this is the name given to baby kangaroos.


Thank you very much. Yes, I had to modify the engine.json file to be able to do antigravity.

Very enjoyable game, sometimes I tear my hair out from the many mistakes I make, but it's good as it is! With 157 deaths, I don't think I'll make the top list, but I made it through. :)

Thank You! It was very difficult to time the piano and the notes had to be converted to the keyboard, but it's good that it's not a 4-hand piano piece. :)

That's great guys! The idea of having such a collection for GB Studio is great, phenomenal. Too bad I missed this. :( The graphics of 1-2 creators are extremely inspiring. Thanks to everyone and the organizers for the collection! I really liked it.

1. Thank you so much for taking so much time to present this great game on GBC, I really appreciate it!
2. It made me smile that the farewell video was made with the GBC GPC logo, a great idea, creative as always!
3. I really like that the game description on the original cassette cover goes in the scroll at the bottom, I think this is also a great idea.
4. I put all your game videos that you made about WLS games on my page under the appropriate game!

I hope you reach the magic number of 1000 subscribers as soon as possible!
Thank you so much, you made my day!

Thank you for everything, if you could write me your exact address to, that would be great, because unfortunately I mixed it up somewhere. :( And Winter (Xmas) is coming! :)

Hello. Thank you so much, you're incredible for spotting it right away. Let's say I thought you would find it soon, but I didn't think it would be so fast. I looked at the error where the game froze and the problem is not with the MISTer, but I forgot to put the button request for that little plant! :( I fixed it and the good one is out! You just ran into the error, but that's great because we noticed it right away. I'm always afraid that I'm not paying attention to something, but now it happened! It's nice to see the reactions when your logo appears! :) I really like that you play with something without practicing it before, but everything is new to you, this is one of the many positives of your channel. Thanks again, it was a pleasure to pixelate your face! :) :)

Thank you so much for trying and playing the game and sharing! I'm thankful!

I didn't know him, but now I looked it up on the net and yes, there is a video in which there is also an original version of this game.

Haha! I laughed the most at this game show. It's a brilliant experience to watch these, thank you very much for this continuous and always perfect work, I'm a big fan of your videos. I never understand why something that is so demanding doesn't have 3x more followers, but what's late doesn't matter, I really support it!

To make it much more understandable in the future, unfortunately what happens is that there is a character that is a 16x16 sprite. Say Hercules! Unfortunately, it does not completely fill the 16x16 window, so there is empty space to the right and left. The enemy fills the 16x16 space, so if they collide, it looks like you didn't go to them, but unfortunately you collided with the empty space. :( This is a feature of GB Studio 2.0 and in this case we cannot properly detect collisions. :(

Once again, thank you very much and soon it will be Christmas again, soon the post office will be knocking at your place again! :)

You are very kind, thank you very much for your comment. I wasn't familiar with Vixen, but I just watched it. In principle, it would be fine, my problem is that there are a lot of movement phases in it. Of course, this could be reduced and it would be just as enjoyable. I'll put your idea aside because I think it's feasible, I'll look into the original game a bit. I looked at what you did, it's a very good starting point. Is this with GB 2.0 or 3.1? I'm still using 2.0, I can try it, maybe you can send the phases and I'll check them to Hi.

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Hello. Did you try it on an original machine or an emulator? I tried it now on a BGB emulator and it's completely fine, but I couldn't test it on an original GB machine. In principle, it should be good, because no one else wrote it. :(

Let's say this screenshot is surprising me, because there is no such option to write this in the Mad Monster code. :)

What is symmetrical is beautiful, they say. Well that's it and it's really beautiful!

Love the graphics! Simple, great game!

Thank you very much, these are good experiences when you receive positive comments!

You are very kind, I am very happy with your comment, thank you.

Art, Animation, Music - all well done! Really enjoyable!

Thank you very much for trying the game and sharing it. I've made a lot of games, some of them are 100x better, but interestingly, everyone finds these very poorly done rewrites. :) But they also belong to us, thanks!!

Thank You! :)

Hello. Thank you for your signal, what you write is actually interesting, because such a mistake is in principle unimaginable. It is not possible that your time is up because you will still die wherever you are on the field.

Hi! :)

I am very glad that you are starting to develop gameboy games at such an age. I would be very happy to help you, but unfortunately I'm not using version 3.1, but version 2.0, which is much more challenging and that's why I like it better. I don't want to force 2.0 because 3.1 could be light years better, but I'm happy for you. I wish I could help!

It's been a long time since I've seen a similar game with GB Studio as yours. I really appreciate your technical knowledge, an extremely well composed game, congratulations!

Well, I don't have Twitter, Instagram, or any of that social media stuff. Only Facebook, but I don't use it much. Nice of you to share, regardless. It could be the WLS page if you really want to write something there. Thanks!

Yes, thank you very much, I think the mechanic goes well with the music.

Hello. Thanks! You can download the game from in .gbc format.

Thanks for the music:

Thanks for the icons: