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It needed more Asterix references

Oops, it's based on Dr.Livesey from a Soviet Treasure Island cartoon. It's a riff on one of his catchphrases.

...not really? It's just your OC being memeified further.

A straight shot of WiLness.

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is gud gem 4 short tym u med it in

You really nailed the sense of unease those parts of a house can bring on.

Aww =3

Please do one for calico cats =3

Yes, this sounds good.

I liked it! I enjoyed how the three main characters moved forward (so to speak) by the end of the game.

If Snorb provides a refresher on his story, then so will I.

Oh! I feel it! I feel the-

This was fun! It took a while for me to wrap my brain around how I needed to move, but it was an enjoyable experience overall.

I can provide a cheat sheet post-jam...

I enjoyed the surprise the installer gave me once I figured out what it needed! 

Muscle Goose will get his game, I promise!

The ZIP file contains a post-jam graphical update and should not be used for judging.

Trolling as an increasingly frustrating adventure game. It was fun!


Kitten Hallway III The Endless Runner The Game Colon Weave Game for Game Jam is fun, I could see this being a weird shareware DOS game I would have taken a shine to when younger.

Well done!

Convince me you weren't influenced by Cathy Guisewite in that last art board.

Thank you! The name's a giveaway on the influence.

'Remember' is misspelt 'rememeber' in the starting board's notice, but is it intentional?

Meow =3

Thank you for the heads-up!

Do you plan to expand the museum post-jam?

Oh, WiL.

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Thank you. It would be for offline play, as I prefer playing games from Itch offline whenever such an option is available. I would be interested in buying a downloadable full version in the future.

Do you plan to provide a downloadable version in the future?

What a cat!

I wanted to have words with the hairdresser by the end of the haircut.

I'm grateful the game didn't end with telling us how each of those applications ended!

This was fun, looking forward to seeing this game grow!

This was fun!

This is a good feghoot.

Masocore indeed. This was lots of fun.

No, you're right. Slowdown would make things tedious.

14:22 here. This was fun! Is there a way to make the movement less slippery?