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I've played and streamed it, it was nice. (note: twitch only stores streams for 2 weeks).

PS. I also finished the secret levels but intentionally didn't stream them.

PPS. It took me a while to find out things like how to undo throwing, and how to find the menu.

I've finally had the time to play and finish it. This was a really small sized metroidvania, that is pretty forgiving and a real joy to play. Thanks!

Nice short puzzle game. I like it.

This was a fun puzzle game. Thanks! :)

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I've only recently started playing the original Witchway and I like it a lot. Just finally finished it with all the bunnies and everything. Thanks for creating the game! Sadly this game didn't got the recognition it deserved, and therefore it doesn't get the sequel, but more people should play Witchway 1. It's great!

This was fun! I like turn based strategy/puzzle games, and this is really similar to many others in this genre, where you can think about a good strategy, and slowly and carefully, and using save/load to progress. I thought one of the interesting part of this is that, at some point, the world opens, and I suddenly noticed I skipped 3 chapters of the story. 

I've unlocked new game+ with that new item, and perhaps one day I'll try that version too.

It's not completely perfect (like the really slow walking if you want to clear out a monster in some other part of the world), but the strategy part is great and I love it. I'm also happy with the difficulty of the game, and that it became easier after a few chapters. Because with so many new choices open up, it would otherwise be too hard to choose a good route.

Very enjoyable if you like similar games in this genre, like Tower of the Sorcerer, or Desktop Dungeons.

Really nice game! All the feels of Mole Mania, too!

Anyway, I'm on planet 3 now, and I do wonder what that zone 2s on the second planet is for. You can't enter it until you finish the last level of the planet, but there's nothing you can do there other than take off. (You can't even go back left.)

Is that a bug?

The game is really enjoyable and I'll play more later. :)


Finished it. Nice puzzles and nicely done!

I've finally played the game and finished it (all the rabbits but not the palettes). It was really fun! Very inventive and nice puzzles.

Thank you!

That was really cute!

I've played the original 8 bit game and loved it, and this one is really cool too!

00:28:52 and 45/50... I've skipped that one room with 5 gems. :P

Thank you for remaking this on the gameboy. So glad this one isn't as hard as the original too! ;)

I got this game from the Racial Bundle, and I've finally finished playing and streaming it. It took me 5 long sessions to completely finish the game and it makes me feel very nostalgic back to the days before those pay-to-wait-because-the-game-has-no-real-content idle and management games. I was just like, hey, there's no buying gems for $1,999 in here! It also shows that game design is really important.

What I like the most is that while playing, I can feel the love the developers have for really good games. While the implementation isn't always perfect, I really enjoyed it.

My tip is, dead trees can also be useful too. If it has lots of branches, you can use those trees to set up many houses and leave the other trees alone.

Nice ambience and music! Also those backgrounds are really gold!

I like the idea a lot, but in practice it's just very tiring. There was a level that I needed to wait until the right weapon to come up and I was unlucky for like 20 turns.